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Pokemon Go Review

Review Pokemon Go

I am writing this review for the knowledge to let people know that Pokemon Go is not only a fun and interesting game but it allows you to get exercise and let you spend time together doing the game as a group. I really enjoy the variety of different pokemon that can be caught.

Me and my children can be out walking around different areas of town for hours having fun and enjoying the day with this game and I highly recommend it for family time.

You start the game out at a level one and slowly work your way up from there the top level at this point in time is a level 50. You level up through the game by doing quests, fighting pokemon in raids with other players and catching pokemon building up your collection.

After 3 years I am a level 45 right now with over a thousand pokemon of course I do have several of the same there are regular pokemon, shiny pokemon and sometimes more then one version of a pokemon. Than you have shadow pokemon you get when you battle shadow grunts and leaders, legendary and mythical pokemon you get from 5 star raids which usually takes at least 5 players battling at the same time to win.

There are also 1 star, 3 star, and mega raids which by battling in the different raids brings the better level pokemon. As you walk around you will find pokestop which you click on and spin in order to get objects you need for the game, there are also gyms which is where the raids will be when they are having them when they are not they will have a circle in the upper left corner to spin for free objects and also you will have the option if the gym is not your color you will be able to fight using your pokemon against the pokemon already in the gym, it generally takes 3 wins to beat 1 pokemon and depending on how many are in the gym will determine how many battles.

The gym only holds 6 pokemon at a time now if you come to a gym that has your color and has less than 6 pokemon in it you can put a pokemon in, why put them in is so that you can earn poke coins to buy things from the shop.

Over the three years that I have been playing with my kids we have found 3 areas that to us are best around town to walk around for pokemon due to the fact that there is a large number of pokestop and gyms and also a .lot of the times there are also many other players in the same area making it easier to get into higher level raids.

When walking around catching pokemon what you do is catch different pokemon each pokemon is a different level and what you are trying to accomplish is to get higher level pokemon making them better for battling in raids and for battling other players which is also something that can be done in pokemon go.

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Also occasionally if you are lucky while catching pokemon you could catch a shiny pokemon which not all players can seem to accomplish and build up a group of shiny pokemon which to me i love getting the shiny pokemon and am working on quite a collection now of them, Than you have legendary pokemon which you get from 5 star raids only I am also putting together a collection of them at this point in time I have 151 shiny pokemon and 115 legendary pokemon.

Next is the shadow pokemon which you get from battling grunts first you have to battle 6 grunts to collect pieces to make a radar than the radar will show you where to find shadow leaders Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo each one having different 3 pokemon you will have to battle and win in order to have a chance to catch a shadow pokemon from their group of 3 and occasionally you will get a quest to battle the main shadow boss Giovanni which is usually a pretty tough battle to beat and than sometime the reward will be a shadow legendary pokemon.

I love this game and would recommend it to anyone.

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