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Pokémon: Weedle Nicknames

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Nicknames for Weedle

Nicknames for Weedle

Pokemon #13: Weedle

Weedle is a bug/poison-type, hairy bug Pokemon. Its main survival mechanism is the horn-like stinger on its head. Whenever it is in danger, it releases toxins that are potent enough to ward off predators. It feeds on large amounts of leaves. Using its acute sense of smell, it picks leaves that are of the best quality for its own growth.

Common Nicknames for Weedle

Weed – Short for Weedle. You don’t say?

Wally – I don’t know how this nickname came to my mind, but it actually fits.

Squiggly – It squiggles all the time. It’s almost like it’s dancing or something.

Wacky – Please tell me that I’m not the only one that who thinks that its face looks really wacky.

Squirmy – It squirms, especially when you sprinkle salt on it.

Beedle – This is actually what the Japanese calls it.

Wee Wee – A cute name, don’t you agree?

Webster – Isn’t this a perfect name for a worm. For some reason, I think it is!

Wiggle – It wiggles, that’s for sure.

Names Based on its Horn and Stinger

Avoid Weedle at all costs if you don't want to get an injection...of poison!

Avoid Weedle at all costs if you don't want to get an injection...of poison!

Worm Needle – Come to think of it—Worm + Needle = Weedle! “Worm” and “Needle” are most probably the root words of Weedle’s name. It does make sense when you try to see this Pokémon and it very much resembles a worm and a needle.

Spike – A spike is a thin, pointed piece of material of any origin. It can be made of wood, metal, plastic, or anything! What’s essential is that it is pointy.

Unicorn – This mythical creature is known for possessing a horn. It is a horse yet it has a horn. Surely, there’s nothing wrong with that. It is a mythical creature after all. As for the worm with a horn—yup, we all know that creature as Weedle.

Stinger – With that stinger on both its head and butt, I’m sure there would be no objection with naming this creature “Stinger.”

Powerpoint – This critter may be weak, but a single sting from its powerpoint—the stinger on its head and tail—would surely hurt a lot. Also, “Powerpoint” is such a fitting name. I wonder if it can also present slides and stuff.

Sharpie – I think sharpies are those highlighters, pens, and permanent markers everyone uses for home, school, or office work. I wonder if you could also use Weedle that way. Grab it by its horn or tail and write away. And oh, if that doesn’t work, then maybe you should dip its endpoints in ink first.

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Syringe – Even if you already know, I’ll explain anyway. A syringe is a device used to inject or extract fluids. It has a needle on its end to facilitate the process of injection or extraction. I felt that this was a good name for Weedle because it is like a syringe in its own way. However, it doesn’t do extraction of any sort. It only injects venom into its victims.

Names Painting it as a Clown

Check that nose out! Boop!

Check that nose out! Boop!

Clown Face – With that bright, round, reddish nose, this worm critter sure looks like a clown. That’s why it is pretty apt to call it “Clown Face.” Don’t worry, it won’t get offended with that name.

Pennywise – Pennywise is the horrifying dancing clown from Stephen King’s “IT.” The reason why I put this name here is because this critter looks like a clown. Also, if you have read the book, then you’d know that Pennywise is actually an alien—just like how Weedle looks like.

Juggler – A juggler is someone who juggles multiple balls on his/her hands. Most of the time, a juggler is a clown in various party events. I’m all into naming Weedle “Juggler” not only because it looks like a clown, but also because its body segments look like balls that a juggler could juggle.

Buggy – A cute nickname for a bug.

Larva – It is a larva of a bee.

Worm – If we consider all the facts, Weedle is a worm.

Bait – Fishermen often use worms as bait for fishes. However, I’m not sure if this Pokémon would make a fine bait.

Grub – Another term for the larva of an insect.

Nicknames Signifying that its Horn Looks like a Party Hat

Party Junkie – I made this nickname based on the fact that the horn on Weedle’s head looks like a party hat.

Cone Head – The horn on its head is cone-shaped. I think everyone would agree on that.

Party Wiener – Its body shape reminds me of a wiener. Then, it also has a party hat-looking horn on its head. Combine those observations and you get—a Party Wiener!

Various Other Nicknames

Always be cautios of Weedle. It stings like bee quite literally!

Always be cautios of Weedle. It stings like bee quite literally!

Soon To Bee – Please laugh, it’s a pun! Because sooner or later, this little worm will transform into a majestic bee!

Weaver – It’s a weaver because it can weave strings into its own personal home—its cocoon!

Smoke Weed – It loves to eat leaves and its original name has the word “weed” in it. Mind you, those two things can both be smoked for funky results. Do not try at home though.

Replicator – If we’re talking about computers, then worms are one of the most annoying viruses you could encounter. Why? That’s because they just replicate like there’s no tomorrow!

Wormhole – I know, I know, I should stop putting names here just because they have the word “worm” in them.

Splat – If you accidentally step on a Weedle, then this is what happens. God forbid!

Crawly – A cute name for a creature that travels by crawling over long distances.

Vegan – It only eats raw leaves and vegetables.

Hairy Potter – Its description says that it is hairy all throughout its body. I wonder why it doesn’t look hairy at all. Actually, it looks smooth as a newly polished bowling ball.

Small Fry – It’s a small fry...for now. Wait for it to evolve and say that it’s a small fry again to its face. Don’t you dare tell me that I didn’t warn you!

Dreadnought – Don’t make it lose its patience on you. Once it becomes angry, there’s no turning back!

Chuck Norris – It may be small but it has a venomous needle that can send a Mammoswine to the Pokémon Center for days.

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