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Pokémon: Wartortle Nicknames


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The Pokemon Company, Nintendo, and Game Freak (Fair Use)

The Pokemon Company, Nintendo, and Game Freak (Fair Use)

Pokemon #008: Wartortle

Wartortle is a Water-type Turtle Pokemon. Folklores say that it can live up to the ripe age of 10,000. In fact, it's tail that looks like an ocean wave itself, is a popular symbol of longevity. In order to swim swiftly through any kind of water medium, it uses its ears and tails to maneuver itself. At level 36, it evolves into a Blastoise.

1. War Turtle – Believe it or not, Wartortle is a turtle suited for war. That is why you might as well call it War Turtle.

2. Warty – It’s not like it has warts, but it name starts with “Wart.” Add the letter “y” at the end and it becomes the cuter name “Warty.”

3. Kameil – This is its name in Japanese.

4. Bowser Jr. – If Blastoise is Bowser, then Wartortle is Bowser Jr. Don’t you dare mention anything about Squirtle now. Squirtle, as you know, lacks the fierceness factor.

5. Hardy – It’s shell is hard, that’s for sure!

6. Sheriff – Call it Sheriff because it seems like one. It’s the boss of you!

7. Aquaman – This is the most fitting superhero name for it.

8. Blizzara – Geddit? Blizzara, as in “Blizzard > Blizzara > Blizzaga” since we have “Squirtle > Wartortle > Blastoise” as well.

9. Tide Tail – It’s tail might just have the power to summon and manipulate tides.

10. Lieutenant – It looks like a soldier and a lieutenant at that!

11. Geyser – A geyser is a water sprout ejected forcefully from underground because of pressure and heat.

12. Percy – Percy is the son of Poseidon whereas Wartortle is the son of Blastoise.

13. Suppon Nabe – This is a turtle dish that is popular in Japan. It a kind of turtle stew. Tasty!

14. Tearjerker – Mess with this Pokémon and you’re in for a tearjerker. This Pokémon will definitely make you cry!

15. Thomas – For some reason, this Pokémon reminds me of Thomas the Tank Engine. Perhaps it’s the color?

16. Waterfool – A clever rewording of the word “waterfall.” Don’t argue with me now!

17. Bubble Ears – Its ears are so cute like bubbles.

18. Splasher – It splashes but not as soft as Magikarp. It splashes hard!

19. Blue Nile – Named after a river and its color.

20. Skullbasher – I don’t get why this Pokemon even has the skullbash move. I mean, it’s obvious that its shell is harder than its skull. So why?

21. Splashdoodle – Awww…such a cute name!

22. Bulldozer – Trust me, this critter will bulldoze you into oblivion if you’re not careful around it.

23. Water Wing – Its ears look like wings made of surf water.

24. Turtle Neck – This is a type of clothing, but since it has the word turtle in it, you might as well use it as a nickname.

25. Styx – This is the name of a certain river in hell.

26. Soldier Boy – Wartortle is a soldier! That’s why it even has its own military unit known as the Wartortle Squad. Okay, I made that up, but we’ll never know.

27. Flipper – Flip it and it will never be able to stand again. It ain’t a flipper then if you’re the one doing the flipping!

28. Mishell – Sounds like Michelle. Name it after a female Wartortle!

29. Leonardo – Leonardo is the leader of the ninja turtles—the one with the blue bandana and twin katana.

30. Cottontail – Just look at that tail. It kinda looks like it’s made of cotton. Ooooh, I want to squeeze it hard.

31. Peek-a-Boo – From time to time, it hides inside its shell and comes out shouting PEEK-A-BOO!

32. Fluffy – Its tail and ears are fluffy, what else?

33. Aquamarine – This is a color shade between blue and green. Also, it’s a gemstone with the aforementioned colors.

34. Aristurtle – This is a pun on the great philosopher Aristotle’s name. Genius!

35. Yertle – I remember encountering this word from a certain book of Dr. Seuss.

36. The Flash – Turtles are supposed to be slow, but this one is ridiculously agile.

37. Hitler – I see the word “war,” I associate it with Hitler.

38. Tank – It looks like a tank when it is down on all fours.

39. Umi – Umi is the Japanese word for “the sea.”

40. Stormbringer – With its water-type attacks, Wartortle will bring the storm to you!

41. Davy Jones – Davy Jones is a villainous entity of the sea. He is a captain and one who commands the fearsome Flying Dutchman.

42. Uranus – Uranaus is blue in color, and so is Wartortle.

43. Truffles – For some reason, I find this nickname apt for this Pokémon.

44. Stew – Boil it in water and spices and you get—Wartortle stew!

45. Kappa – A turtle-like demon from Japanese folklore.

46. Hard Hat – Other than its shell, its head is also hard just like a hard hat.

47. Walter – I can make out the word “water” in it. Perhaps that’s the reason why I like it as a nickname for this critter.

48. Tate – There’s some fluffy feeling with the nickname Tate that I can’t help but use it on Wartortle.

49. Blue Surfer – If Marvel has the Silver Surfer, the Pokemon has the Blue Surfer. C’mon, I’m referring to Wartortle.

50. Wartortle – If you can’t think of any other good nicknames, then I suggest you leave it be as is.


Jeremy Gill from Louisiana on January 03, 2018:

Nice! I remember as a kid I loved Spider-Man so much that I nicknamed my Wartortle "Doc Oc", which is ridiculously dumb, but hey, that's kids.

The Pokedex's statements about Wartortle's 1000-year life span are also pretty interesting.

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