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Pokémon: Venusaur Nicknames

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Nicknames for Venusaur

Nicknames for Venusaur

Pokemon #003: Venusaur

Venusaur is a Grass/Poison Seed Pokemon. Due to its ability to absorb sunlight, the flower on its back has bloomed to its fullest. It is now more powerful than ever with its big size and vast energy reserves. It is also said that the flower on its back is extremely poisonous yet very aromatic.

1. Venus – Obviously, it’s a word derived from the name Venusaur. Venus is also the name of a certain plant—the Venus Flytrap. Coincidence? I guess not!

2. Rafflesia – The Rafflesia is known as the largest flower in the world. If you’ve seen one, I’m sure you’ll see how it is related to Venusaur.

3. Fushigibana – This is what the Japanese calls this Pokémon.

4. Overgrowth – That thing on its back sure is a gigantic OVERGROWTH!

5. Venn – Short for Venusaur. I added the extra “n” for distinctiveness.

6. Jumbo – Who says this critter is not Jumbo? I’m pretty sure it’s not small in any way.

7. Caesar – Got this from the salad known as Caesar Salad. An apt name I must say—especially if it’s a guy.

8. Blossom – Guess what blossomed on this Pokemon? The flower on its back, what else!

9. Burrito – Doesn’t this seem like a good name for it? Okay, maybe it’s just me. Pft!

10. Big Salad – You see a Pokemon, I see a Big Salad! Drools!

11. Old Fart – One look and I can say it’s old—very old! It’s in the final stage of its evolution as well (not counting Mega Evolution).

12. Lotus – From the flower, Lotus. I know, I know, the flower on its back is not a lotus but still…

13. Bulbasaur – No matter how big it gets or how it appearance changes, it will always be a Bulbasaur to me.

14. Stinkweed – It has plants growing on it like weeds and it’s big. I’m sure it will stink so bad if it farts.

15. Gamabunta – Gamabunta is the big frog/toad summoned in the anime, Naruto. For some reason, it reminds me of this Pokémon.

16. Meanleaf – It’s big and it’s mean. Meanleaf is the nickname that’s best for it!

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17. Bruteroot – This is the nickname of one of the Venusaurs in the Pokemon series. I believe it’s the one trained by Corey. Also, I must say it’s a fitting name.

18. Groot – I am Groot! There’s no connection except for the “root” part. The letter “G” is just an extra. It could stand for giant though.

19. Manjushage – This is the Japanese name of the Hell Flower. Tell me, doesn’t the flower on Venusaur’s back look like a flower from hell?

20. Forest – If you put a certain number of Venusaurs togethers, then you get a Forest!

21. Plantosaur – It’s a plant and a dinosaur. This should require no further explanation.

22. Tropicannon – One thing’s for sure, the flower on its back looks like a tropical cannon. Thus, the name Tropicannon.

23. Brutus – This creature sure looks like a big brute. The name Brutus seems fit especially if it’s a male.

24. Maneater – I know it feeds on sunshine, but it surely is capable of eating humans.

25. Beanstalk – A beanstalk is gigantic, so as this creature.

26. Big Momma – It kind of radiates a motherly aura—a Big Momma aura!

27. Radiata – Believe me or not, it radiates light because it absorbs sunlight only to release it as a powerful solar beam.

28. Tree Rex – A witty name! Tree Rex is actually a pun for the basic word T-rex.

29. Body Slammer – Trust me, you won’t survive if this thing body slams you.

30. Gaia – Gaia is the name of the primordial deity of the Earth. Isn’t it a good fit for Venusaur?

31. Cyano Dino – I got the word “cyano” from “cyanobacteria” meaning blue-green algae. This creature is blue-green and it is also part-plant.

32. Fatass – I’m sure you know why.

33. Toadstool – This Pokemon is not a mushroom but its skin kind of reminds me mushroom. Also, its flower is similar to a red toadstool.

34. Wart Queen – Tell me those things on its skin aren’t warts. If so, then I might not go close to it.

35. Sunpai – From the word “Senpai.” This creature is a real Sunpai! Notice me Sunpai!

36. Zaur – A meaner corruption of the name Saur.

37. Solar Cannon – One of its most powerful attacks is Solar Beam. That’s why I nicknamed it Solar Cannon to avoid confusion with its move.

38. Arnoldii – This nickname is from the whole term “Rafflesia arnoldii.” I can’t think of any other name.

39. Pangaea – Pangaea seems very intimidating to me, just like Venusaur.

40. Venom – Many people forget that this Pokemon is also a poison type. Just look at that flower. Its color and shape are like that because it’s full of poison to warn off predators.

41. Bloomberry – No berries here but there’s a big blooming flower on its back. Also, it’s a cute nickname.

42. Plantasaurus Rex – Now this one takes the prize! Very cool and intimidating! No one will ever approach your Venusaur with a name like this.

43. Evergreen – It’s not like it chose to be green. But well, it will forever be green—even if it is a shiny.

44. Green Beast – You don’t say?

45. Baba Yaga – This is what they call witches in Slavic folklore. Venusaur does look like a big, fat witch for some reason. Its green color doesn’t help either.

46. Meatleaf – I was going to name it Meatloaf but Meatleaf seems better. I’m such a genius!

47. Quake – One step and everything quakes into oblivion!

48. Mother Earth – A very fitting name but not very creative.

49. Plantasia – It’s fantasy and plant combined! Fair enough!

50. Late Bloomer – This Pokémon needed 32 levels before reaching this evolution form. It sure is a late bloomer.


Jake on November 22, 2019:

You should call it herbert

jo on May 29, 2019:

Maybe venosaur because its a poison type

Shyron E Shenko from Texas on December 03, 2017:

Thank you Cheeky Kid for the Pokémon list.

This is really neat

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