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Pokémon: Squirtle Nicknames


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Nicknames for Squirtle

Nicknames for Squirtle

Pokemon #007: Squirtle

Squirtle is Water-Type Tiny Turtle Pokemon. It uses its shell as a defensive barrier from attacks as well as a tool that helps it resist water currents. It spits foam from its mouth to ward off enemies. At level 16, it evolves into a Wartortle.

1. Squirt – Not to whet your dirty, little mind but Squirt here just means squirt and nothing else. Also, it’s just the short term for Squirtle.

2. Squirrel – I’m pretty sure that the “Squir” on Squirtle’s name stands for squirrel. If not, then who cares?

3. Turtle – It’s a turtle for crying out loud!

4. H2O – It’s just the chemical formula of water. Now go on with your life!

5. Shelly – Uhmm…because of the shell and all? Also, it’s a really cute nickname.

6. Koopa Troopa – Ah, the turtle enemies of Mario. This Pokémon might just be one as well. Time to jump on it and hurl its shell around.

7. Bubbles – Its first water-type move is Bubble.

8. Waterboy – Do you have tired and thirsty athletes in your team? Hire Waterboy and it’ll do its job extraordinarily well.

9. Hermit – This critter only needs to hide in its shell for it to be in hermit mode.

10. Blizzard – For Pokemon, it’s Squirtle, Wartortle, and then Blastoise. For Final Fantasy, it’s Blizzard, Blizzara, and then Blizzaga!

11. Nami – In Japanese, the meaning of the word “Nami” is “Wave”. That’s why they have the word Tsunami in the first place.

12. Wet Pants – I know it is not wearing pants but it is wearing a shell, which probably gets wet all the time.

13. Spits – It needs to spit in order to use water-type moves.

14. Shellshocker – Its shell will definitely shock you if it ever hits you in a surprise attack.

15. Rip Tide – It seems like an intimidating name if you ask me.

16. Boba – You know those tapioca balls that pop in your mouth? Those are known as Boba. I don’t just seem like a fitting name for Squirtle.

17. Grunt – It looks like a soldier grunt to me because of the whole Squirtle Squad incident.

18. Extinguisher – Fire, beware! This critter can extinguish any flame with its arsenal of water-type moves.

19. Pop – Bubbles go pop!

20. Lakitu – Just so you know, Lakitu is the flying turtle that hurls spikes in the Mario games. Okay, it’s not actually flying but only rides a flying cloud.

21. Wave – Sounds like the sea.

22. Tsu – Short for Tsunami.

23. Agent 007 – Coincidentally, this Pokémon is #007 in the National Pokédex.

24. Splashberry – Now don’t argue with me on this! Splashberry is such a cuddly name.

25. Seafoam – Legends say that when a Squirtle dies, it turns into seafoam. Oh, did I get the wrong legend? Aha! It’s mermaids that turn into seafoam and not Squirtles.

26. Waffles – Why wouldn’t you want to name this critter Waffles?

27. Alara – This is the name of a water fairy in Turkish mythology.

28. Turdle – I just had to fit the word “turd” in there. What? It’s hilarious!

29. Ningame – This is a lesser known fact but Ningame is the name of Might Guy’s summoned turtle animal in the Naruto series.

30. Wett – Don’t make a fuss about it too much. It’s just the word “wet” with an added letter “t.”

31. Leonardo – Leonardo is the ninja turtle with the blue headband.

32. Rain – Rain is almost always made of water, and so is Squirtle’s water-type attacks.

33. OG – Stands for Original Gangster. Haven’t you seen it in the first season of the Pokemon anime series? It is totally a gangster!

34. Barrnacles – Not a turtle but a creature of the sea. I placed it here because it sounds quite cool.

35. Shellfury – What a way to intimidate foes with just the nickname. They’ll know that only a world of hurt is waiting for them if they dare mess with Shellfury.

36. Kamina – One of the epic characters of the epic Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann anime series. Kamina’s cool eyeglasses is very reminiscent of the Squirtle Squad leader’s eyeglasses.

37. Drizzle – A drizzle is a very light rain shower.

38. Crush – This is the name of the old turtle/tortoise in Finding Nemo.

39. Magic – Although it doesn’t know real magic, Squirtle can entertain you with some nifty water tricks.

40. Soup – Have you ever heard of turtle soup? It’s what you get if you boil a Squirtle for supper.

41. Nekkid – It’s pretty much naked under that shell.

42. Blue – Obviously, it’s because of its color, which is blue.

43. Speed – Turtles are supposed to be slow but whatever!

44. Turquoise – Based on the blue-green mineral that is often carved into a precious gemstone.

45. Master Roshi – Master Roshi is the pervy turtle grandpa in the Dragon Ball series.

46. Genbu – This is the Chinese constellation symbol for a certain mythical turtle/tortoise.

47. Larry – Larry may be a snail and not a turtle, but still it has a shell.

48. Splashy – It doesn’t know the move “Splash” but it can go splash on you anyway.

49. James Bond – James Bond is Agent 007, just like how Squirtle is Pokemon 007.

50. Squirtle – So that even if it evolves into a Wartortle and eventually a Blastoise, it will still always be a Squirtle.


Myron Higgins from Philadelphia on April 24, 2020:

In childhood, it was my favorite Pokemon.

Nintendo fan 764893 on March 03, 2020:

I like Koopa troopa (I’m a Mario nerd) and maybe another idea is Koopa or Troopa for short.

Tsunami on December 25, 2019:

Cause if He evolves he can use tsunami

jo on May 25, 2019:

how about soft shell because he is level 5 and soft

Cheeky Kid (author) from Milky Way on September 28, 2018:

@PunofAB*tch HAHAHA! That nickname of yours--James Pond--made me chuckle.

PunOfABitch on September 28, 2018:

James bond is clever but i cannot accept that. It needs to be more original. It needs to be changed to James Pond.

Whitney Wickham from Scottsdale, Arizona on July 31, 2018:

These are all great names. My favorite is agent 007.

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