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Pokémon: Kakuna Nicknames

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Nicknames for Kakuna

Nicknames for Kakuna

Pokemon #14: Kakuna

Kakuna is a bug/poison-type, cocoon Pokemon. It is not capable of movement. Its only way to protect itself is to use its signature move "Harden" and increase its defense until no predator can touch it. From time to time, it could also extend its poison barbs to deal excruciating pain against any creature that dares to try to devour it. The moment it releases a special warmth is the moment that it finally evolves into a Beedrill.

Nicknames Based on its Original Name

Kaku – Short for Kakuna. The word itself also means to write, to describe, to draw, or to compose in Japanese, although unrelated to the topic at hand.

Anukak – The reversed form of Kakuna’s name. If you didn’t get what I just said, just read it starting from the last letter.

If Kakuna was real, then it would possibly look like these cocoons.

If Kakuna was real, then it would possibly look like these cocoons.

Names Based on the Fact that it is a Cocoon

Yellow Pupa – It is yellow in color and is a pupa. Therefore, it is a yellow pupa!

Cocoon – A sheath made of fibers weaved by certain bugs as a home for their metamorphosis. It is usually tough as its purpose is to protect the creature inside as it undergoes permanent transformation.

Chrysalis – Another term for pupa and cocoon.

Brood – This is the specific term used to refer to the pupa stage of a bee. After all, Kakuna will soon evolve into a bee creature.

Nicknames that Clearly States that it is Hard

Harden – This is Kakuna’s signature move. It uses harden to increase its defense stat even more.

Hardy – A word that means robust, sturdy, vigorous, and tough.

Protector – Since the shell surrounding this critter protects it from external harm, we might as well call it—the Protector!

Impregnable – A word that means impenetrable, unassailable, and well fortified. Despite the name, Kakuna is actually not invincible. It could easily still be squished with the right amount of force.

Things that are Hard in One Way or Another


Flint – A variety of chert that is a sedimentary form of the mineral quartz. It is often found in a lacustrine environment.

Gold – A dense, soft, malleable, and ductile metal that is well-known for its shiny, yellow color. In a way, Kakuna is like not only because of its color but also because of how it can simultaneously be soft and hard. As you know, gold is soft at its purest form and hard when amalgamated with other elements and minerals.

Nugget – A naturally-occurring lump of gold.

Amber – A honey-yellow colored fossilized resin produced by ancient trees. It is treated as rare especially when it encases a small creature like a bug inside it.

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Diamond – A material made of carbon that is considered the hardest mineral on the Moh’s Scale of Hardness.

Hard Hat – A sturdy headgear often used in workplace environments like industrial and construction sites. It comes in many colors but yellow is the predominant color used by workers in building sites.

Helmet – An implement used to protect the head for external danger.

Yoroi – It is the Japanese word for armor.

Kabuto – It is the Japanese word for helmet.

Is Kakuna Wearing a Necktie?

Mr. Tie – If you look carefully at Kakuna’s thoracic cavity, you’ll notice that it looks like it is wearing a necktie. It’s funny how it wears it like it is ready for serious business.

Don – Dons are often seen wearing fancy clothes—necktie included!

Businessman – Another job class that often seem to wear neckties are businessmen.

Assorted Funky Nicknames for Kakuna


Alien – For some reason, looking at Kakuna makes me think that it is actually an alien. Just look at those jet-black eyes and its robotic build and tell me it doesn’t look like an alien from some sci-fi film.

Banana – It does have color and form similar to that of a banana. Plus, it is pretty squishy if you apply enough force to it.

Coming Soon – It is going to become a Beedrill soon so just wait and see.

Do Not Eat – I don’t think humans eat Kakunas, but some bird Pokemon sure does! Also, it is venomous and poisonous so eating it is certainly an unwise decision to make.

Failure – If you make it use the move “Harden” a couple of times, it will soon have maximum defense and will tell you “But it failed...” when you try to make it use the same move again.

French Fry – It never fails to disappoint me whenever crispy french fries suddenly turn limp once a certain period of time lapses. Of course, Kakuna is no exception. It won’t stay hard with its “Harden” move forever.

Hangman – This name is fit for a creature that enjoys hanging around on branches and whatnot.

Iron Maiden – The iron maiden is well known as a torture and execution device from the middle ages. It is a metallic enclosure said to fit humans inside with the purpose of impaling them with a big number of iron nails. Once inside, the person undergoing the punishment is punctured and is forced to slowly suffer death by bleeding.

KakunaMatata – Kakuna does sounds like Hakuna so just replace the letter “H” with “K,” add Matata at the end, and you get—KakunaMatata! I’m not sure, however, if that still means no worries for the rest of you days.

Pencil – A pencil is often hard and yellow in color.

Samurai – I dare you to observe Kakuna really close. Now tell me, doesn’t it look like a samurai wearing a golden samurai armor? Please, reassure me!

Statue – It doesn’t move. Therefore, it is like a statue!

Tartar – Eeek! Talking about tartar sure is disgusting. But then again, tartar is usually yellowish in color and super tough to remove. Doesn’t that remind you of a certain Pokemon? Yup, it’s Kakuna!

Woody – Kakuna has a woody-like cocoon around it, that’s for sure!

Other Cool Names with the Word “Hard” in Them





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