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Pokémon: Ivysaur Nicknames

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Nicknames for Ivysaur

Nicknames for Ivysaur

Pokemon #002: Ivysaur

Ivysaur is a Grass/Poison Seed Pokemon. The flower on its back collects energy from the sun and harnesses it as its own power. Soon, the said flower will bloom and make this creature more powerful. At level 32, this Pokémon evolves into a Venusaur.

1. Ivy – See what I did there? I named it Ivy for obvious reasons.

2. Rose – Check that flower on its back. Doesn’t it look like a rose to you?

3. Buddy – Ivysaur is your friend and it also has a flower bud on its back. Combine the two together and you’ve a Buddy!

4. Flowa Powaa – For a critter that stores energy in its flower bud, the monicker Flowa Powaa doesn’t need any further explanation.

5. Dino – Gracious, it’s a dinosaur!

6. Fushigisou – This is its actual name in Japanese.

7. Poison Ivy – Don’t touch! Clearly, this Poison/Grass Pokémon is based on this poisonous plant.

8. Saur – Short for Ivysaur if you don’t want to call it by that long name.

9. Budweiser – The flower bud behind it has nothing to do with this nickname. I promise! Or maybe not. Is Ivysaur a drunkard? Let’s find out!

10. Fatty – Is it just me or this Pokemon gets fatter as it evolves?

11. Palm – If you have seen the leaves of a palm tree, then you would know why this nickname is here.

12. Bloom – That flower on its back seems like it’s going to bloom very soon.

13. Frog Grass – It does kinda look like a frog with some grass on its back.

14. Teenager – For some reason, it looks like a teenager in its awkward stage.

15. Pollen – Soon, pollen will escape from its flower and spread Bulbasaurs everywhere on Earth.

16. Cranky – Doesn’t it look cranky to you? Perhaps it’s really pissed off at something.

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17. VegeMeat – It’s a vegetable and a meat. Do you what I’m saying? Tasty!

18. Herby – A cute variation of the word herb.

19. Peach – Is that a flower bud on its back or a red peach?

20. Razor Leaf – One of its attacks is razor leaf. Its leaves are definitely razor sharp. Do not make contact at all cost!

21. Not Bulbasaur – Of course it’s not Bulbasaur! It’s already an Ivysaur!

22. Notice Me Sunpai – With a nickname like this, the sun will definitely notice it! Notice me Sunpai!!!

23. DinoRose – Dinosaur + Rose = Ivysaur!

24. Banana – Just because the leaves on its back looks like banana leaves.

25. Basil – Basil is a herb that is green and leafy. It’s a cool nickname for Ivysaur if I must say.

26. Not Thorny – The flower on its back may look like a rose, but it has no thorns at all.

27. Salad – Doesn’t looking at Ivysaur make you drool. Ready your forks and knives and dig in! Kidding!

28. Spore – I won’t be surprised if it suddenly releases a lot of spores from the flower bud on its back.

29. Bruteroot – I remember a character in the Pokemon series actually naming its Ivysaur Bruteroot. Was it an Ivysaur or a Venusaur? Who cares!

30. Sage – With that kind of face, it just looks kinda old. That is why Sage is such an apt name. Also, there actually is a herb called Sage.

31. Venusaur – It will evolve into a Venusaur sooner or later, so you might as name it Venusaur already.

32. IV – This is as short as it can get when giving Ivysaur a new nickname. Who knows, its vines might also be able to act like real IV tubes. Creepy!

33. Knife – Well, it can learn “HM01: Cut” so Knife seems like the perfect nickname—especially if that is its only purpose in life.

34. Aroma – It’s guaranteed that the flower on its back will soon be able to release various aromas soon.

35. Cyanobacteria – Named after the blue-green algae that depends on sunlight to live.

36. Whiplash – It can use vine whip to lash out anyone into submission.

37. Leafcopter – I can totally imagine this critter spinning around the leaves on its back and taking off like a helicopter.

38. Ivysaur – This is already a perfect name. Why change it?

39. Light Bearer – It is said that it can keep light inside that flower bud on its back.

40. Pansy – What a fancy nickname Pansy is. Also, it’s a kind of flower.

41. Vegan – Vegan doesn’t eat other animal-type Pokémon. It only derives sustenance from sunlight or perhaps other veggies. That is its lifestyle!

42. Flora – For something that has a flower on its back, as well as green skin, Flora is a great Nickname.

43. Bulbasaur – Even if it grows up and leaves you, it will always be your baby Bulbasaur.

44. Planty – It’s a creature that’s part-plant. Explain no more!

45. Ivy Sore – Oops! If you touch this ivy, you’ll get a sore hand. That’s because of the poison.

46. Flower Girl – If your Ivysaur is a girl, then by all means give it the nickname Flower Girl.

47. Patchy – Those spots/marks on its skin gave rise to this name. Hello, Patchy!

48. The Pollinator – That flower on its back is about ready to pollinate.

49. Captain Planet – Just look at the color of its skin! It’s the same color as Captain Planet. Also, it looks like it wants to protect nature as well.

50. Poppy – A cute name for a creature that is plant and flower based. Also, the traditional color of poppies is red—just like the color of the flower bud on the back of this critter.


jo on May 25, 2019:

how about poison ivy because its ivy-saur

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