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"Pokemon Go" Community Day Guide

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Sigbog is an avid Level 40 "Pokémon GO" player and raider with lots of knowledge and experience to draw from.

Community Day Guide


What is Community Day?

Community Day is a special event that happens once a month in Pokemon Go where for a limited time a specific Pokemon or set of Pokemon will spawn at a dramatically increased rate. Normally associated with this is the introduction of a Shiny variation of that Pokemon as well as a special move that can only be learned during Community Day. Usually Community Day lasts for 3 hours and often has special bonuses that also run during that time such as making Lures last 3 hours instead of 30 minutes.

It's effectively a must-play event for any person interested in Pokemon Go. Parks fill with Pokemon Go players and lures pop up everywhere. The Pokemon that are featured for the event are often very desirable or effective for combat as well. If you only play Pokemon Go once a month, Community Day is when you should do it.

History of Community Days

For context as to why Community Days are so valuable, here is a list of all the Community Days that have run, what Pokemon was spawning, and what special move they could learn.

  • NEXT: February 16th 2019 Swinub (Special move when evolved into Mamoswine)
  • January 2019 January 12th Totodile (Hydro Cannon when evolved into Feraligatr)
  • December 2018 ALL Previous Community Day Pokemon for the entire weekend
  • November 2018 Cyndaquil (Blast Burn when evolved into Typhlosion)
  • October 2018 Beldum (Meteor Mash when evolved into Metagross)
  • September 2018 Chikorita (Frenzy Plant when evolved into Meganium)
  • August 2018 Eevee with Last Resort
  • July 2018 Squirtle (Hydro Cannon when evolved into Blastoise)
  • June 2018 Larvitar (Smack Down when evolved into Tyranitar)
  • May 2018 Charmander (Blast Burn when evolved into Charizard)
  • April 2018 Mareep (Dragon Pulse when evolved into Ampharos)
  • March 2018 Bulbasaur (Frenzy Plant when evolved into Venusaur)
  • February 2018 Dratini (Draco Meteor when evolved into Dragonite)
  • January 2018 Pikachu with Surf

For clarity, the special moves that are learned when a Pokemon is evolved into its later forms can be done so from any of the earlier evolutions. They do not necessarily have to be caught during Community Day, just evolved during the Community Day hours.
NOTE: Fast or Charge TMs will NOT grant the exclusive move.

Community Day Timing & Bonuses

Community Days do vary a little bit, but most often follow a recognizable formula so everyone knows what to expect.

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  • Normal Timing:
    The Americas: 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. PDT or PST
    The Asia-Pacific region: 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. JST
    Europe, the Middle East, and Africa: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. UTC

  • Normal Bonuses (Normally 2 of the following):
    3-Hour Lures
    Bonus Catch Stardust
    Bonus Catch XP
    Reduced Egg Hatching Distance

Preparing for a Community Day

Community Day is the single most critical Pokemon Go day of the month. Given its level of intensity and importance, it takes some effort to properly prepare. Here are some tips to help you get ready:

  • Stockpile Pokeballs! The higher the rarity the better. If you use a POGO Plus, you can easily run out of regular Pokeballs, so it helps to stockpile several hundred.
  • Clear your item inventory. You need Pokeballs and berries, and you'll be busy so it's best not to waste time managing your inventory during the event. Dump whatever potions and revives you can afford to get rid of, any berries you won't be needing, and any other items that take up too much space (Consider using your Rare Candy in advance)
  • Clear your Pokemon box. You can catch hundreds of Pokemon during Community Day. Again, it's best not to be wasting time on appraising and transferring. Do that all in advance.
  • Find a location. Public parks or downtown areas tend to be ideal. Usually they will be fully lured up and packed full of Pokemon Go players and Pokemon.
  • Bring supplies. Whatever you need, battery pack, water, snacks, etc.

It's important to remember this event lasts 3 hours, and even if you don't plan on playing all 3 hours, it's still going to be more involved than a casual walk around the block.

Playing During Community Day

While playing Community Day, it helps to have a strategy for accomplishing your goal.

  • Use consumables (Lucky Eggs, Incubators, Star Pieces, Incense) - It's a good time to start using your items because so much is going on. Often times there will also be a special Community Day box available in the store that is a good deal on things you'll want to use.
  • Assume you have a good chance to catch 1 or 2 Shiny Pokemon per hour. The drop rate of a Shiny is roughly 1 in 25. You could get more, you could get less. If you feel like you absolutely need to get the Shiny, it's safe to give yourself at least 2 hours. Remember Shiny Pokemon are local spawns, so if someone else catches one, the same one won't necessarily be Shiny for you.
  • Keep moving: Don't stand in one place, the game is designed to be played while moving (this is why I prefer parks over downtown areas). Incense spawns more Pokemon while you're walking, you'll earn more buddy Candy and Incubator distance, you'll also be able to snag new spawns. If you sit on one area you will be missing out.
  • If you use a POGO Plus, they will last the entire duration of the event. Normally they expire after 1 hour but Niantic turns up that limit to all 3 hours.
  • Keep your eye on your research. They will often have special research tasks that you can get during Community Day. Usually it will be to catch 3 of the Pokemon that is spawning. It's a good way to grab some more items but it can be easy to forget.
  • Work on your throw. Remember, Curve throws add a 1.7x multiplier to your catch rate. You could also use the glitch that allows you to skip the catch animation to catch Pokemon faster. For more details, check out my guide on maximizing your catch rate.

And of course, be respectful and mindful of your environment. Don't litter, do pay attention, and have fun!

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