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Pokemon Go Hot Cheats and Tricks

Outdoor Adventure with Pokemon

Taking the World by Storm on the Go with Pokemon

Taking the World by Storm on the Go with Pokemon

Pokémon Go Good for Gamers Health

This reality adventure game was released around the world in July 2016 and has become a trend amongst gamers as they try to hunt Pokémon in their home towns where teenagers make use of GPS and camera compatible I Phones and Android devices.

This game is out of this world and it gets the gamers outdoors which is a rare thing to do as players are able to capture and battle the creatures as well as train them.

The mobile game was developed by Niantic and has become one of the most used apps to date.

Avatars on Android Devices

Avatars for the game

Avatars for the game

Creating the Pokémon Go Avatar

Players open a game account and create an avatar that is created with styles and outfits, hair colour, skin and eye colour as well as inputting their location which brings up a map of the gamers surroundings. The game includes Gyms and numerous Poke stops which gives the player items to equip them for their encounter of Pokémon. These places are found in the players town particularly in places of interest and once the Pokémon is found players are able to throw Poke Balls at the Pokémon but in this game the mission is not to fight but to capture them giving the gamer ownership of that character.

Players can view Pokémon with AR which can be found on the camera of the device that is being used or they can take screen shots to view him as if it were in the reality.

To catch the Pokémon players need to be in the right place at the right time using the right ball and the various characters can be found anywhere and water Pokémon's will be found near water for example.

After finding a Pokémon players are awarded with two types of currencies and the avatar moves along a game map which gives the player an opportunity to move around and meet other gamers that are looking for the same thing and players can earn experience points too.

Try This Pokémon Go Plus

Cheats and Tricks for Pokémon Go

If you are an avid gamer and you have been desperately trying to reach level 30 but have failed to do so then there is some good news but it does not include some random mathematical calculation and nobody has been able to capture a legendary Pokémon or "Zapdos" which sadly is not in the game!

The game is amazing and as long as you think before you act and consider what is best for the long run level wise then you are A for away and you will be heading for the top level in no time at all.

Don't feel like you need to give up because there are a few tricks and cheats that can help you move forward and become the Pokémon Go champion and all you have to do is start with Pikachu. That is right little old Pikachu that can be seen in the very beginning of the game if you are lucky enough to have thought out and planned ahead of the others by thinking out of the box.


Catch Pikachu in Pokémon Go

You could get him in the very beginning of the game but if you haven't found this little creature yet then all you have to do is ignore and disobey Professor Willow when he asks you to pick up a Pokémon. He will offer you one of three and you have to ignore his request and keep moving until Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander vanish. They will come back onto your screen and you need to ignore them four times. The little devils will respawn and this time they will appear on your map with Pikachu and all you have to do is select him instead of one of three and he will be yours!

How to Train to Another Level

Trainers need Power

Trainers need Power

Level Up Your Trainer and Evolve

The best way to find the best Pokémon is to be on a higher level and an easy way to do this is to level up your trainer and the best way to do that is to recycle so that they evolve. Your trainer will be stronger and able to win without powering up. How do you do this? Easy! Each time you get a Weedle or Pidgey you receive a few candy and by evolving them a payout is given and you are able to hand them to Professor Willow for bonus candy which allows for more evolution. Don't forget you can do this with Rattata too.

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Use your lucky eggs and Incense they double up your XP and will most definitely maximise your evolution.

Saving the Stardust

Stardust and Candy are rewards on Pokémon Go

Stardust and Candy are rewards on Pokémon Go

Avoid Stardust until Level 15

Stardust is given freely for almost everything you do on the Pokémon Go and it is not necessarily a good thing to use until you really need it as you should save it to help lift the power level of your top Pokémon because the lower level ones are left behind as your trainer increases its power but the top level one needs a boost and the stardust is needed more on higher levels so save it for as long as you can until you really need it.


Curveball Bonus

Curve ball bonus's are rare and you have most definitely seen it one or twice. When you are in the middle of capturing the Pokémon tap the Poke ball at the bottom of the screen, drag it forward and then twirl it quickly into a circle until sparks fly which is when you throw it diagonally towards Pokémon and you will soon be lucky enough to get those great bonus's on each capture.

The best way to get the highest bonus and more XP is to throw it into the tiniest yellow, red or orange circle.


Pokémon Loves a Crowd and the Night

If you want to find Pokémon then being on the go is what it is all about and you will find lures wherever there is a big crowd of people playing the game. Figure out where they are going to look for them and you will most definitely find lures as you notice a couple of Poke stops that are grouped together. Wait patiently as the lures will pop up and some awesome Pokémon will be in sight.

Expand your area and also try gather a big group to explore at night because often Pokémon is wondering in a different area after sunset.

Pokémon Go Think Outside the Box

Every gamer thinks the same and assumes that Pokémon is the best way to go to reach a higher level and using all your tools before you get to a level hard enough to send you home will put you at the back of the line when it comes to this game.

Avoid using all your ammo before you really need it and try to keep as much as you can until you get to at least level 10. The higher the level the harder it gets and the more resources you will need so stash until you really have to use your collection.

Evolution is the key so anything that will help you evolve quickly will get you to a higher level and if your friends are desperately trying to catch a land Pokémon near the water when you know that it does not belong there then plan a different route and remember to think outside of the box and always plan ahead because trainers need to be strong by the time you reach a good challenging level.

With that said, planning a trip means investigating the route and you will find that the more is merrier when it comes to Pokémon showing up as lures will appear where there are crowds of people and often in the easiest spots.

Night time gamers beware of the dark but Pokémon loves the lights and they do enjoy people in the parks.

Hot Cheats on Pokémon Go

How to Cheat on Pokémon Go

Cheating is in no way a good idea but if you have been sitting in your room in the dark for almost your entire teenage and school career then getting out of the house to play a game that requires you to move around and use your fingers as well as your legs, a little cheat is a great way to give you a boost and encouragement to be outdoors experiencing the great adventure that is Pokémon Go.

Have a look at the YouTube video as this guy will give you some useful tips.

Pokémon Go and Cheat Sheets


GalaxyRat on May 24, 2017:

I personally think the game is dangerous, but, as long as you look both ways before crossing the street to catch that Pokémon, you're fine.

Natasha Pelati (author) from South Africa on August 02, 2016:

Thanks yes it has become an epidemic or cult following but at least it gets them all some sunshine

Dianna Mendez on August 01, 2016:

I know several people playing this game. They have get together to hunt pokemons and then have dinner afterwards. I'm sure many will find your tips useful.

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