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Pokémon: Charmander Nicknames

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Nicknames for Charmander

Nicknames for Charmander

Pokemon #004: Charmander

Charmander is a Fire Lizard Pokemon. The fire on its tail indicates its health and mood. If it burns brightly, then it is in perfect condition and totally happy. If it burns weak, then it is in a fragile condition and somewhat sad. At level 16, it evolves into a Charmeleon.

1. Char – Short for Charmander. It is simple and very cute to say. Now say it with me—Char!

2. Salamander – This critter is actually a salamander—an amphibian that has reptile-like characteristics. However, in this case, we have a flaming hot salamander!

3. Little Fire – It’s small and fragile. And oh, look at that flame on its tail. The fire is so little it just proves my point.

4. Rain Go Away – Naming it this chant heightens the chances of rain to go away. Now there’s nothing to extinguish its fire.

5. Cuddles – Awwww…just who wouldn’t want to cuddle this adorable creature?

6. Lit – It’s lit. I know, you know, everyone knows!

7. Hitokage – Apparently, this is what it is called in Japan.

8. Charmaster – In full term, this would be charm master! Don’t you get it? Charmander is a certified charmer. Hence, the master title!

9. Agumon – This is not that bad of a nickname especially that it actually resembles Agumon from Digimon. For your information, Digimon is accepted by many as the rival of Pokémon—especially in the past.

10. Charlie – This name suits it really well for some reason.

11. Rednamrahc – Just what jumble-rumble of words is this?! Well, look closely! It’s just the word Charmander in reversed form.

12. Adele – If it is a girl, then the name Adele would be nice. But why Adele? No intelligent reason. It’s just that one of her songs is titled “Set Fire to the Rain.” Charmander can do it but I don’t think it can beat the rain.

13. Patootie – All because this critter is a cutie patootie!

14. Mander-ine – This is a mixture of the words mander and tangerine. Tangerine, as you might know, an orange citrus fruit. Charmander is orange in color so this nickname is very acceptable and witty.

15. Hotdog – Not a dog, but it’s hot.

16. Friday – Friday is Fry day! And do you know what Charmander is good at? You bet—frying!

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17. Lighter – Charmander is your all-purpose lighter!

18. Axolotl – An axolotl is a Mexican salamander that is always a baby in its life due to the fact that it is a paedomorphic animal. Charmander is kind of like the same.

19. Dead – This is what Charmander would have been if Ash didn’t manage to somehow save it in the early parts of the anime.

20. Waterproof – Okay, it’s not actually waterproof but you could trick your enemies into thinking that water is not effective against your Charmander that is nicknamed Waterproof.

21. Baconator – This critter is your bestfriend when it comes to turning things into bacon.

22. Charmanduh – Well, duh!

23. Tomato Head – Doesn’t it look like a tomato? Just look at that head.

24. Crisp – It will burn anything to a crisp.

25. Good Boy – Surely, this creature is the goodest of all good boys.

26. Mandy – Great name for a girl! Oh, Mandy!

27. Inferno – Perhaps it’s flames like now are not as hot as an inferno, but let’s wait and see.

28. Torch – It’s tail can be used as torch to lead the way in darkness.

29. Chimney – Sounds appropriate. You do know what a chimney is, right?

30. Chase – A nice nickname for anything cute.

31. Toothless – In one special Pokémon series, I remember a Charmander being bitten by a Squirtle despite it being the one with teeth. Well, it might as well be toothless because it rarely uses them.

32. Ember – This is its first fire-based move.

33. Firestarter – It can start fire in a mere instant. That’s because its tail is already on fire.

34. Scorch – C’mon, I know I don’t have to explain what scorch means.

35. Charizard – It’s going to turn into a Charizard soon enough, so why not name it as one right now?

36. Spew – Just because it spews fire!

37. Zippo – Zippo is a popular brand for lighters. Charmander is like a lighter per se. Also, Zippo is such a cute name.

38. Pyromancer – A pyromancer is someone who plays with fire. This Pokémon is certainly one!

39. Baby – Ain’t this critter a baby? Awww…I want it to stay a baby forever.

40. Katon – I keep hearing this in Naruto whenever they’re using fire-based ninja techniques.

41. Hickory – Hickory smokes!

42. Match – A match is a match stick—a thing used to start a fire or light a candle.

43. Fred – I don’t why but this does sound like a name for Charmander.

44. Prince Charm – I was going to name it Prince Charming, but the character count is too long. That is why I shortened it to Prince Charm.

45. Yoshi – If you paint Yoshi with orange paint, then it might look like a Charmander.

46. The Chosen One – For obvious reasons, Charmander is the most favored pick as a started Pokémon.

47. Waffles – This is such a cute name. Perhaps this critter can help me cook some toasty waffles.

48. Spitfire – It spits fire, ‘nuff said!

49. Smores – Its tail is a convenient tool for making nicely toasted marshmallows.

50. Charmurder – It’s cute, yes, but deep inside it wants to murder you. Looks can be very deceiving.


Bro Bo on March 02, 2020:

I want to name my Squirtle and Charmander Waffle now! These are names that I will view every day!

Bobby on February 01, 2020:

I live these names

Banana boy on January 09, 2020:

I think the name should be Charlittle

Rose ping on August 04, 2018:

i used scorch and smoky for my charmanders that i hatched! thanks for the nicknames hehe~

Cheeky Kid (author) from Milky Way on July 28, 2018:

@Jeremy Gill Yup, Ritchie's Charmander is nicknamed Zippo. Good 'ol times.

Jeremy Gill from Louisiana on July 28, 2018:

As I recall, didn't Ritchie (from the original anime series) have a Charmander named Zippo? Got some nostalgic power in that name.

Wendy on May 17, 2018:

Another nickname for Charmander is Flametail

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