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Pokémon: Caterpie Nicknames

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Nicknames for Caterpie

Nicknames for Caterpie

Pokemon #010: Caterpie

Caterpie is Bug-type Worm Pokemon. Although it's weak, it grows faster and evolves more quickly than the others. It is usually seen as food by many predators. However, when it comes to eating, it's appetite knows no bound. At level 7, it evolves into a Metapod.

Nicknames Based on its Original Name

Cat Pie - A cat eating a pie...or cake!

Cat Pie - A cat eating a pie...or cake!

Cat Pie - Ah, the first three letter and the last three letters! It does sound cool, in my own honest opinion.

Caterpie – Nothing screams “original” better than its original name.

Caterpillar – It’s a caterpillar. I bet you knew that all along.

Catherine – A decent name for a female Caterpie.

Cutie Pie – Some would disagree, but I do think this critter is cute. A real Cutie Pie, it is!

Katie – I retained the first letter and changed it to the letter K. Then, I added the second and third letters and the last two letters to make—Katie! Genius, right?

Pie – You should know by now where I took this nickname from.

Names from Famous Characters/Personalities

This is Absolem from Alice in Wonderland.

This is Absolem from Alice in Wonderland.

Absolem – A fictional character from Lewis Carroll’s book Alice in Wonderland. Just as you have guessed, this character is a caterpillar.

Alfalfa – A young boy from the movie “The Little Rascals.” Alfalfa is cute and has a pointy thing on his head—just like Caterpie.

Heimlich – A chubby caterpillar from the cartoon movie “A Bug’s Life.” Heimlich is a really funny character. You see, when it finally became a butterfly, it didn’t change much! It retained its chubby appearance with only a small pair of wings as a bonus.

Hookah – This is not a character but I’m referring to the hookah Absolem uses to puff and smoke.

Khalifa – Based on Wiz Khalifa. He is a rapper, singer-songwriter, and actor who smokes a lot of leaves. Come to think of it, you could hear the word “leaf” in the name Khalifa.

Stoner – Again, this is not a character. It’s a word to describe someone who is laid-back and smokes leaves all the time. In this case, it’s another reference for Absolem the caterpillar.

Descriptive Names for Caterpie

Crawly – It crawls, duh!

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Gargantua – This is another term for giant. Caterpie is tiny so this name makes everything so funny.

Hungry – It’s definitely hungry. Why would it not be hungry? It needs a lot of energy in order to grow big and strong.

Larva – A term used for young animals, especially insects. This is akin to the baby stage in most creatures.

Leafeater – It eats leaves to nourish itself. As a matter of fact, it devours leaf material several times its size in preparation for its next stage of metamorphosis.

Silkweaver – If this Pokemon can use the move string shot, then I’m sure it can weave silk.

Silkworm – A silkworm is the larva/caterpillar of the domestic silkmoth known as Bombyx mori.

Softie – Squish it, I dare you. Don’t squish it too hard though because it’s going to die. It’s really soft, trust me.

Stringer – If the nickname “Stinger” is for Weedle because of its poison sting, then “Stringer” is pretty reasonable for Caterpie because of its string shot.

Tiny – It’s tiny, that’s for sure. I would be terrified if I ever saw a gigantic Caterpie.

Weakling – Yup, it’s a weakling. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t discourage you from training it. Strong Pokémon, weak Pokémon—these are just notions. You should always try to win with your favorites.

Worm – If I didn’t know it was a caterpillar in the first place, then I would say it’s a worm.

Emerald – A tone of green that characterizes the gemstone emerald.

Feldgrau – A shade of green that was used as the color of the German army field uniforms from years 1907 to 1945.

Jade – First used by the Spanish as a color named Piedra de Ijada in 1569. It is a representation of the green color of the gemstone jade.

Cute Names for Caterpie

Buggy Nibbles Squirmy







Various Other Nicknames to Consider

Bookworm – A bookworm is a person who likes reading books.

Fabricator – As intimidating as it sounds, Fabricator is just based on the word “fabric.” Fabricator, in this context, means “someone who makes fabric.”

Gluttony – Caterpillars are known to be gluttons. They eat voraciously several times their own weight before they proceed with the next stage of their metamorphosis.

Green Weedle – Weedle is another Bug-type Worm Pokemon, albeit yellow in color. I just though Weedle would look quite similar to Caterpie if it was green.

Satin – A type of fabric that is soft to the touch and lustrous to the eyes because of its peculiar sheen.

Squashed – This is what you would get if you stepped on a Caterpie.

T-Rex – A T-Rex is a dinosaur that is usually green, big, and mighty. Too bad Caterpie is only green.

In a way, the name "T-Rex" kinda makes Caterpie intimidating.

In a way, the name "T-Rex" kinda makes Caterpie intimidating.

Taylor – Oops…I meant tailor! Taylor is not that bad of a name though.

Train – This Pokemon is long and slender, just like a train.

Marijuana – Just curious, what would happen if Caterpie consumed this plant?

Worminator – Adding the suffix “inator” to words never fails to make them seem dangerous and deadly.

Vendetta – You see that thing on Caterpie’s head—it kinda looks like a letter V. And as many people know, V is for Vendetta.

Y – If that thing on Caterpie’s head doesn’t represent the letter V, then it must be a letter Y!


Poppy from Enoshima, Japan on December 04, 2018:

I think Catherine is a very sophisticated name for this delightful Pokemon, especially when it turns into Butterfree.

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