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Pokémon: Bulbasaur Nicknames

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Nicknames for Bulbasaur

Nicknames for Bulbasaur

Pokemon #001: Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur is a Grass/Poison Seed Pokemon. It has a bulb on its back that grows along with it. It is said that it stores energy inside its bulb and uses it to survive and live. It evolves into an Ivysaur at level 16, and a Venusaur at level 32.

1. Bulby – It’s a cute term perfect because of the bulb on its back.

2. Bulba – Just because saying the whole name is such a drag!

3. Saur – It is dinosaur and Saur is as short as the nickname can get.

4. Seed – When one says leech seed, Bulbasaur is the one that automatically pops in the mind. That’s why Seed is such an apt nickname.

5. Fushigidane – In Japan, they call this Pokémon this.

6. Green – Pretty much self-explanatory. Bulbasaur is green!

7. Sprout – I feel that the thing on its back is going to sprout soon.

8. Vine – Yup, it has vines and can use vinewhip.

9. Midori – This is the Japanese word for green. Go figure!

10. Salad – Meat + Greens = Perfect Appetizer!

11. Caesar – From the food popularly known as “Caesar Salad!”

12. Onion – The bulb on it’s back looks like one.

13. Bob – I can’t think of anything shorter.

14. Vegetable Juice – Legends say that creature can grant anyone with eternal life by drinking its juice. Okay…not eternal life but long life.

15. Sunny – This critter sure loves the sun because it is a plant!

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16. Number 1 – All because Bulbasaur is the number 1 Pokémon in the Pokédex!

17. Mistake – Oh, you accidentally picked this one instead of Charmander or Squirtle.

18. Thomas Edison – Since the bulb on its back lights up during the use of solar beam, I’m nicknaming it Thomas Edison—the inventor of the light bulb!

19. Cabbage – Is that a cabbage on its back?!

20. Nae Nae – Now me vine whip, now watch me nae nae~ Okay, I’ll stop.

21. Slave – Just look at that thing it carries on its back all the time! It’s a basically a slave to its own life.

22. Bulba Fett – If you know who Boba Fett is, then I’m sure you get the pun.

23. Bulba Seer – I know it’s not a psychic Pokémon, but seer seems so close to saur. Who knows, maybe this Pokémon can actually see the future.

24. MeatDiscard the veggie parts and grill the meat. Yum!

25. Sir Bulba – I tried twisting the name around but Saur Bulba didn’t sound quite right. And then I thought “Saur” sounded like “Sir.” Thus, the name Sir Bulba!

26. Pea – Pea is a veggie. So is the brain of this critter.

27. Viridian – It won’t be surprising to learn that this species lives in the Viridian forest. Also, viridian is a name for a blue-green pigment.

28. Lettuce – Would someone actually mistakenly pluck the thing on its back thinking it’s a lettuce?

29. Pervysaur – Some people just can’t help imagining that it will use its vines for some pervy act.

30. Loner – Since people don’t usually pick this critter as a started, it just stays its poké ball…on Professor Oak’s laboratory table…forever!

31. Bulba’s Whore – Who would have imagined this Pokemon is actually a pimp running a pimping business.

32. Sauron – Who’s Sauron? The one from Lord of the Rings! See how it has “Saur” in his name? That’s the reason why this nickname is here!

33. Weed – Watch out Bulbasaur! Stoners might smoke you if they catch you!

34. Osteoporosis – With how heavy that thing on its back is, I’m sure it’s going to catch Osteoporosis in the future.

35. Burglar – Some people have spotted this creature breaking into houses and keeping stuff in the bulb on its back.

36. Vulvasaur – Not the most wholesome nickname, but it’s fault it sounds like that.

37. Tree Hugger – It sure loves wrapping its vines around trees.

38. Herbivore – I guess it only eats plants because it looks like a vegan dinosaur.

39. HM01 – If you’re only using this poor thing to cut trees, then you might as well just name it HM01.

40. Alpha – Since Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, it just makes sense to name Bulbasaur Alpha since it is the first entry on the Pokédex.

41. Forest – It’s dream is to become a forest one day. Too bad it’s only going to become a giant flower.

42. Ditto – You can’t trick me Ditto! I know you’re just posing as Bulbasaur!

43. Solar Panel – It absorbs sunlight and uses it as its own energy.

44. The Chosen One – Hooray! You actually picked this Pokémon as a starter.

45. Torrent – A good fella. Always leeching and seeding if you know what I mean.

46. Charmander – You can give Bulbasaur this nickname, but it will never amount to a Charmander.

47. Alien – According to its Pokédex entry, researchers are unsure whether it’s an animal or a plant. Therefore, it’s an alien!

48. Emo – Because it’s carrying such a heavy baggage on its back…emotional baggage!

49. Bulbapedia – This is actually the name of popular Pokémon website. Since that website is named after this Pokemon, then why not name this Pokemon after that website? I’m such a genius my mind hurts!

50. Bulbasaur – Too lazy to pick a nickname? Then leave it as it is!


Poppy from Enoshima, Japan on May 04, 2018:

Nice. Fushigidane means “Mystery Seed.” :D A cute name for a Pokemon.

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