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Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 walkthrough, Part Nine: Castelia City


Two gym badges down, six to go. And guess what! You just arrived in a town that's home to another gym! You won't be able to snag it just yet, though, as there are things to be done first.

As soon as you get off the boat, Hugh will give you Xtransceiver number and run off to hunt Team Plasma. So impulsive. You needn't be in such a hurry, however - there's lots to see and do in Castelia City before you begin a manhunt in the name of poke-justice.

Start to the south of the boat. On the opposite side of the dock is a Heart Scale. Go north from here and you'll be stopped by a harlequin (clown) who announces the Castelia Harlequin Hunt, offering a prize to anyone who can find the three harlequins spread through the city. He'll give you a Bicycle to aid in the search. A rather ridiculous gift for a newcomer, but the Bicycle will speed up your travels significantly.

Start by entering the building to the harlequin's left. This is the Battle Company, where you can duke it out with trainers who should be working. An old man in the lobby will give you an Exp. Share, which is great for weak pokémon you want to raise, then go upstairs. Before following him, talk to the blue-haired girl to your right; she'll ask which starter you chose and give you a move-boosting item that corresponds to its type, either a Miracle Seed (Snivy), a Charcoal (Tepig) or a Mystic Water (Oshawatt). You don't have to answer honestly here if you want a different item, and since you're going to get one shortly you don't really need the Charcoal. Next, talk to the harlequin as part of the contest, then use the elevator to go to the 47th floor.

There are trainers to battle here. The first is to your left when you come in.

Clerk Clemens

  • Growlithe, level 16

Reward: 640 Pokedollars, Quick Balls

The second will approach you from the right, from behind a wall.

Clerk Gilligan

  • Pidove, level 17

Reward: 1360 Pokedollars

The third is beside the wall, staring at the elevator.

Clerk Warren

  • Marill, level 16

Reward: 640 Pokedollars, Timer Balls

And the fourth is in the bottom-left corner of the office.

Clerk Britney

  • Budew, level 16

Reward: 640 Pokedollars

Beside Britney is a Guard Spec., and if you talk to the bespectacled man on the other side of the office you'll get a Scope Lens. Head up to the 55th floor.

Aside from the Ether near the elevator, there are only two people of note here: the old man from the lobby and a boy behind a desk. Approach them and the boy will challenge you.

School Kid Neil

  • Eevee, level 17
  • Herdier, level 17

Reward: 340 Pokedollars

These pokémon are tougher than others in the building, but still relative pushovers if you could come this far. Once they're done, leave the building and head down the west side of the street.

Check the next pier you come to. A woman walking around will give you a Destiny Knot. Head back to the street and keep going west; you'll find a third pier. It has no items, but it offers ferry service to Liberty Island. The location is purely aesthetic at the moment, and thus, no use to you.

Go inside the building between these two piers. This is the Passersby Analytics HQ. They will, in essence, give you items in exchange for doing surveys on a variety of questions. This will be further addressed in later walkthroughs; for now, talk to the woman in the top right for a Poke Ball, and talk to the harlequin by the door. One to go.


Go back out onto the street and take the left road. You'll be on a wide path lined with buildings. On the right side is the Castelia Gym. Talk to Clyde out front and you'll learn that the gym leader, Burgh, is away at the moment. Figures. A girl named Iris will rush up, learn of your intention to track down Team Plasma, and rush off to find them herself. She went to the Pokémon Center; follow her when you're done looking around.

The next building on the left, the Medal Office, contains several NPCs of note on the ground floor. They include:

  • The Name Rater, who judges the names of your pokémon
  • The Massage Lady, who will massage one of your pokémon each day and greatly boost their affection towards you
  • The Feeling Reader, who will gauge the happiness of your pokémon

Enter the elevator and check the second floor. The last harlequin is right beside the elevator door. Inside are people who will discuss the Medal Rally with you, if you're interested in collecting Medals. On the third level is the office of Fennel and Game Sync, which will allow you to enter the dreams of pokémon. More on that in later walkthroughs. Suffice it to say that there are no items here.

Head back to the street and return to the harlequin on the front street who entered you in his contest. He'll give you a Rare Candy for your efforts. Accept it graciously, then backtrack one more time and go down the alleyway you haven't checked, to the left of the Battle Company. A man here will give you TM70 Flash as you pass by him. You'll also find a small cafe; talk to the barman to receive a Moomoo Milk.

Go north from the contest harlequin. You'll find a crowded street. On the left side is a vendor who sells Casteliacones. On the left is an art gallery; inside you'll find a man who will give you items if you show him the right types of pokémon. It's easier to come back to him much later to pick up the items he carries, as you probably won't have what he wants.

Return to the harlequin and go east. Iris will be out front of the Pokémon Center, and she'll tell you to come to Thumb Pier. Continue to ignore her and check the pier to the south of the Pokémon Center. You'll find the Royal Unova, a cruise ship where you can battle trainers for items - but only in the evenings. Another walkthrough for another time.


Go up the street to the east of the Pokémon Center, near where you'll see Iris for a third time. Enter the elevator of the first building to the right on this street; you'll emerge in the Game Freak offices. Snag the Revive off the floor, then talk to the men around the table at the bottom of the office to get into fights.

Game Freak Noshino

  • Clefairy, level 16

Reward: 1280 Pokedollars

Game Freak Morimoto

  • Pansage, level 14
  • Panpour, level 14
  • Pansear, level 14

Reward: 1120 Pokedollars

You can fight these guys once each day. If you come back after beating the game, they'll be insanely powerful.

Enter the next building on the left side of the street and enter the elevator. In the next office you'll find a woman with a guitar who will give you TM44 Rest, a very handy healing move. Return to the street after getting it and go north to find the city fountain. There's nothing here right now, so keep going north to another street.

Enter the building on the right. You'll be frisked, then allowed to go up the elevator to a party. Talk to the masked woman in the next room for TM45 Attract. Leave, then enter the next building on the right. The man by the elevator will give you an Eviolite if you've seen at least 40 kinds of pokémon. Enter the elevator and check the top floor for Charcoal. Back on the street, check the left building and talk to the old man in the lobby for an Amulet Coin.

Go north to the tunnel. Once inside, Bianca will catch up to you and give you a Dowsing MCHN (Dowsing Machine). Beyond here is Route 4; we'll come back to it in another article.

You're now done with exploring Castelia City! Yeesh. Head to the Pokémon Center if you took any damage fighting earlier, then head to Thumb Pier - the last pier to your right - to see what Iris is on about.

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