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Poke Stops and Gyms in Ashtabula, Ohio

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Pokemon Go Pokestops in Ashtabula, Ohio

Pokemon Go is the latest trend! My 12-year-old daughter is a huge fan of Pokemon and downloaded the app as soon as I determined it was safe for her. Despite living in a rather suburban location, we have quite a few Poke Stops in our area. Here is a list of the Pokestops we have found so far.

Pokestops in the Harbor

If you're in the Harbor, you'll be glad to know there are several Poke Stops, gyms, and wild creatures.

  • Point Park on Walnut Boulevard
  • Ashtabula Lift Bridge
  • Harbor Topky Library
  • Ashtabula Arts Center
  • Richard's Barbershop (It's the barber shop on Lake Ave. next to the Harbor Post Office)
  • Ashtabula County Medical Center Emergency Room (It's recommended to avoid this area as parking is limited and ambulances use the drive)
  • Ashtabula County Regional Cancer Center (can be accessed from Lake Ave.)
  • Smith Park

Pokegyms in the Harbor

The Harbor has a wealth of Pokemon Go fun to be had. Some of the Pokegyms we have found have been close together.

  • Ashtabula Marine Museum (close to Point Park)
  • Squire Shoppe Bakery
  • Harbor Topky Library

When you're on Bridge Street, look at the map. There are several Pokestops located in the side streets near Mother of Sorrows church. It's mostly churches or buildings that use to be churches.

Pokestops in Downtown Ashtabula

As soon as my daughter and I hit Main Ave., wild Pokemon, Pokestops, and Pokegyms started popping up everywhere. Here's a list of the Pokestops we found.

  • Ashtabula Public Library
  • Christian Faith Academy
  • Church across the street from Christian Faith Academy
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • Ashtabula Police Department (it's the monument next to the main entrance)
  • Ashtabula Fire Department
  • Chestnut Grove Cemetery (follow the signs to the Train Disaster Memorial)

Pokegyms in Downtown Ashtabula

The downtown area offers many opportunities to join gyms, collect items from Pokestops, and catch creatures. Gyms in the downtown Ashtabula area can be found:

  • Ashtabula Post Office (Station Ave)
  • Veteran's Monument across from North Park (Main Ave)

Pokestops in Plymouth

After you've visited all the Poke Stops and Gyms in downtown, it's a quick trip to Plymouth. Plus, the stops in Plymouth are fun to see too!

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  • Smolen Gulf Bridge (walk towards the sidewalk, you can access the gym near the beginning of the sidewalk)
  • Blakeslee Log Cabin (located on 7 Hills Rd. in Ashtabula)
  • Church of Latter Day Saints (also on 7 Hills Rd)
  • Plymouth United Methodist Church
  • Plymouth Volunteer Fire Department

When you're at the bridge, make sure to travel to the bottom too. You'll be able to see the new walking covered bridge, and if you drive around the parking lot, you can usually find a few wild Pokemon such as MagiKarps, Psyducks, and Poliwags down there.

Pokegyms in Plymouth

A Pokegym is located near the Pokestop at Smolen Gulf Bridge. To access the gym, go to the visitor's center at the top of the hill above the bridge. Another PokeGym is located at Plymouth United Methodist church.

Pokestops in Ashtabula Township

  • Warrior Sign on Rt. 20 across from CVS
  • Lake Shore Park (many Pokestops in the park)

Pokegyms in Ashtabula Township

  • Peleg Park (in front of Braden Middle School)
  • Lake Shore Park (near the playground)

Pokestops in N. KIngsville/Kingsville Twp.

There aren't many Pokestops in N.Kingsville/Kingsvile, but if you head towards the library, you'll find many pokestops in one area.

  • Cemetery on Rt. 84 X2 (just before you get to the post office)
  • Kingsville Volunteer Fire Department
  • Monuments in Kingsville Park (in front of public library)
  • Church across the street
  • Covered Bridge pizza (Rt. 193)

Pokegyms in N.Kingsville/Kingsville

There are three gyms close together in N.Kingsville/Kingsville. The first is located at the Kingsville Public Library, the next is close to the two Pokestops on Rt. 84.

  • White building across from cemetery on Rt. 84
  • Kingsville Public Library
  • North Kingsville Post Office (Rt. 20 and Rt. 193)

Pokestops in Geneva-on-the-lake

Geneva on the Lake is a great way to spend an afternoon and is also full of Pokestops and Gyms. Pokestops can be found near.

  • Pasta House
  • Fire Department

Pokegyms in Geneva-on-the-Lake

Everywhere you go at GOTL is scenic and fun to look at. Did you know they still have one of the original Ferris Wheels? They do! Find the Ferris Wheel and you'll find a Poke Gym. It's near the lake and has benches for you to enjoy while you battle other Pokemon.

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