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Pogo Cheaters and Poor Sports

Pogo's Got Game!



Club Pogo is an online game site, gaining popularity with adults at a rapid pace. The site has a huge selection of games from cards, word games, arcade, casino, and puzzles, all with cool graphics and sounds. Members from around the world play against one another with the option to chat as they play. Playing and winning moves a player up or down in rank and earns "tokens". The tokens can be used to enter drawings for cash and prizes or to upgrade their avatar's appearance on the site.

Club Pogo's Avatar, the "Mini"

The player's avatar in Pogo is called their "mini" and players can shop in a "mini mall" for their mini's clothing, hairdo, face shape, eye color, sunglasses and even pets! I guess that may sound a bit silly to some, but if you have ever played in Club Pogo, I'll bet you have a wardrobe of clothes from the mini mall in your mini's closet. Even the men succumb to their alter ego and dress their mini in sports uniforms, leather jackets, Elvis haircuts, and sexy smiles. The Minis actually flirt with one another at times!

Overall, the website and all it's features are very fun. Once you are bitten by the Pogo bug, you wll be checking into the site nightly and making friends. But one warning, not everyone is there to make friends. In fact, I don't really know WHY they are there!

Pogo Poor Sports Get Mad!



If You Have Played Games in Pogo......

Some Pogo Game Players Can't Handle Losing!

There are so many games to play, but eventually one or two games will become your favorite and you'll start working on your rating, which goes up and down regularly. It's only natural that the more you play the better you want to become, but the main goal for most is to have fun.

However, there are some players that are unreasonably agitated if they lose a game or if you have a streak of good luck. They chat ugly things and send nasty faces in the chat box. After you have a good hand and smear them, they make a rude comment or leave in the middle of the game. if you beat them and then leave the room after the game is over (maybe because you have a real life and the roast is burning?), they enter the group chat room with a grade school mentality and start calling you a chicken or worse. REALLY! These are grown adults who are acting like babies and throwing a fit. How sad that they can't just play a game and have fun, win or lose.

Pogo Game Cheat Programs

Some opponents hate losing so much that if you get a ton of wilds, or stick them with a bunch of points or just win, they accuse you of cheating! The player was perfectly happy when he was winning, but as soon as the tables turn, he starts the cheater, cheater pumpkin eater attitude. First time this happened to me, I thought the other player was kidding. After all, how could anyone cheat when playing an online game? There's no way to hide cards up your sleeve! Cheating is impossible in an online game, right? Wrong. I have heard so many players rant at each other in the group chat rooms that I went online to see if there really WERE cheat programs, and guess what? There are!

There is one site named where they boast, "BadgeHelp has the largest selection of pogo cheats and club pogo cheats in the world." They go on to ask, "Do you play games on POGO.COM? Do you lose a lot? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to zip through those games and get that pogo badge real quick or rake in those tokens like all the really good players do?"

So I guess if you are a bad player, you can buy the program and go about your life while the program plays for you. You can even go to sleep and it will play all night! Costs $10.99 per game, or $150.00 to buy the program for all the games. I'm told that Pogo can detect such a program, and will suspend your membership if they do, so this might be money wasted anyway.

What I have to ask is: WHY? Why would anyone want to do this? Isn't the whole idea of playing games to PLAY? Why would the idea of winning or earning a badge, which doesn't have any real value, matter so much that you need to pay money to have a robot win it for you? And what about winning those tokens? Again, I ask, WHY? It's not like you can pay your mortgage with them!

The concept of paying to have a cheat robot play for you so you don't have to play is preposterous! Why bother at all? Why not just watch television?.

Check Game Room Timers Before Playing

Other Pogo Ploys to Watch Out For

In addition to the Cheater, there is the sneaky guy or Sneaker, who doesn't quite qualify as a cheater, but is best to avoid.

He will set up a game room with a very short timer so he can win the game if the timer runs out. This isn't really cheating, but most players set up reasonable time limits so that the other player doesn't take forever in between plays. But Sneaker sets up an unreasonably short timer and sits waiting like a vulture for the timer to run out and then Bingo! He doesn't extend for you and wins. Most players will extend as a courtesy, if you will reciprocate.

The opposite ploy is also used. Sneaker sets up a room with a really LONG timer, or no timer at all, and then plays so slowly that you want to tear your hair out. In the case of no timer, I actually had someone leave and never come back. He does this so that you will give up and leave, whereby he can finish the game against the robot who is fairly easy to beat. He wins the points and you lose because you left. I figure this type of person can't afford the cheat program so they resort to this pathetic action. To avoid the Sneaker, check the room setup before you enter and play.

Most Pogo Players are Fun



Pogo is Worth it

In spite of the Cheaters and the Sneakers, Pogo is the best game website I have ever played in. The fun is addictive and most players are friendly and interesting. If you join up, at least you now know what to watch out for.  And if you run into a cheater or a sneaker, you can just laugh right to their little mini faces!


Bonnie Beck on April 01, 2018:

I was on pogo one night and I guess the ladies thought they were on private chat but not so. I seen them chatting saying " theres money to be made here tonight. but some stay up all night. the other lady said well I'm not. " so my question is how can I make some money? I have emailed pogo about that and they never responded. So..I love to play the games. but would like to make some money too. Just don't know how or who to contact.

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DocScrotum on April 20, 2015:

For the people that say that people do not win, that it is just a Pogo rippoff. Years ago when Pogo was giving $50 to a player per day, EA also was giving $50 a day to a player per day but hardly anyone knew about the EA $50 a day. I had about 6 pogo accounts and in less than a month, I won and got sent checks of over $800. So I am still playing on Pogos and EA's money today. Sure one of these years I will finally break even and have to start paying my money to buy the Club account but Pogo does give out money. I have a page full of won wallpapers and then almost a page full of $50 winners. Oh, I did win $20 from Pogo after EA quit their giving out money. About the cheaters, I bet that 1/8 of Pogo players use cheat programs. I would play Bingo and be almost through with the game and someone would come in the room with just 3 or 4 numbers left and beat me at calling Bingo and win.

Lois Ryan from Upstate NY originally from Long Island on October 23, 2013:

Great article. Usually when I play a game against another I usually set it up where I play against a robot-unless if I have to play a rated game-playing against another player tends to be a lot slower. I can understand why some people use a cheat like badge help to play. Some of the weekly badges are enough to send a person screaming. One time I had a challenge where I had to play so many wilds in TriPeaks Solitaire and I played two hours before I got my first one.

ameia gomez on August 28, 2012:

i was playin mikeyb64 scrabble, and i made a 7 letter word that had 2 blank letters in to my understanding there are only 2 in the whole tell me why suddenly he makes a 7 letter word with a blank tile? That also happened last night with someone else...what's up with that?

vincent on June 02, 2012:

to eveyone who likes pogo but don't like being cheated or hacked and know pogo ea sports will not do anything about it solution do not renew club pogo and let them know about it till they smarten up and start booting cheaters and hackers from site no money hurts boycotting is our solution they might listen if theres enough of us

none on May 27, 2012:

a lot of ppl are filing complaints against the company with the bbb and the ftc and state attorney general for fraud they're taking ppl's money and refusing refunds despite the fact that a large # of their games don't work at all for a lot of their paying customers not to mention the privacy issues with these new formats that were spitting out ppl's names and private email addresses in certain browsers

none on May 27, 2012:

pogo sucks their new embedded games don't work and instead of putting things back to something that actually worked all they want to do is pretend there is no problem and shut ppl up from complaining about it and steal ppl's money by taking money for a service they can no longer provide

DAVE on April 11, 2012:


In response to luvmycotons, I also won $20.00 and I clicked on the redeem prize button immediately. They said I was too late. I told them they better send me that $20.00 check or I will tell everyone how you don't really give prizes. I got my check about 2 weeks later.

cap on February 17, 2012:

bearsfan is the No1 pogo program user has loads of accounts in same name just differnet numbers on end of it

patti on January 22, 2012:

I just joined this week and when i was playing in lottso Two times I was in first place with ONE BALL TO GO.. AND GOT BOOTED OUT OF ROOM... My daughters yearly is due next moth and we are done playing

yoyo on October 30, 2011: place

terminater3550 on October 27, 2011:

pogo supports cheaters when they changed the way tokens are taken from competing players for example when you play hearts the rating affects all 4 players when it should only affect winner and loser leaving middle players heutral not effed i wrote pogo about this they refused to change rules appairently it was just loser winner effected at one time this change would stop double browsers and cut dwn on cheats im sure it must be that way in other card game rms if more then 1 player wrote them refusing to buy into club pogo they might just listen money talks and that how they work bs walks and that's what pogo has become all about

Sue on October 14, 2011:

we have a player who puts himself in boggle bash and uses a program to find every single word which doubles and triples the scores other player can make. This is so unfair. And yes no one see their profile it is hidden. we have all reported this to pogo and nothing is being done. They take our fee for membership and we cannot play in this member only room because of this cheater. It is so unfair and pogo need to listen to the majority and not give in to one who is basically abusing their said rules.

cgess on August 26, 2011:

its conventant but too much talkers just cut the the cheat timers and no talking it would be fine

just test it and see

DRBrandt on June 18, 2011:

In my case the sneaker was baaaabaaaab in backgammon no timer.

DRBrandt on June 18, 2011:

When a member tells u about a sneaker why don't u check and if true kick them off pogo.

luvmycotons on March 26, 2011:

oh people win in pogo...pogo just doesn't send you what you won. I won a $20 prize a few years ago, and when 30+ days went by, I contacted pogo to ask where my check was and they said i was ineligible to win a prize because i used a cheat program. i have never used one, and when i tried to ask them what made them think that, they said they couldn't divulge that information. pogo jackpots are a scam

Catader on March 19, 2011:

Pogo is awash with people running cheat programs. You can still play solitaire games and some others like poker. Otherwise Pogo does nothing to stop cheaters. They say they will review a players account for signs of cheating. That is hysterical, I have played over 10 years and never won anything so that's an utterly useless deterrent. You can report an obvious, blatent cheater that is running a cheat program everyday, all day and regardless of weeks of reporting nothing ever happens. Save your money, find a good poker site and play the solitaire games that came on your computer. Pogo used to be fun but I don't know how they can last when it is just a cheaters haven.

Zig on February 04, 2011:

I have had it with Pogo. I have been a paying member for 3 years and was suspended after calling a player a "douche bag" because this person accused me of playing speed chess wrong, apparently I moved too fast. Pogo then suspended me for improper language. Getting slammed is ok by Pogo, you just can't call anyone names. They will never get another penny from me.

buddy on August 24, 2010:

I seen a persons profile page and ratings for scrabble there record is 308-0 LMAO THAT'S SO STUPID why don't people like that get a life

soccerbetting on May 31, 2010:

If you hate it why don't you try online betting and there are no of online betting system available which is very helpful in this game..

POGO SUCKS on April 16, 2010:

Pogo is ripe with cheaters, espically in the casino side. Pogo has done nothing you remove the cheaters. I have listed more than 140 as friends and they are all still active. How do I know they are cheating, simple, I log the game as screenshots proving they are picking up mucked or folded cards. Pogo has been told numerous time and nothing. I guess they are more interested in keeping the club pogo idiots than policing their site

PogoRocks on February 16, 2010:

This isn't cheating, but if you like free pogo tokens - I'd suggest you not pay for them and just bookmark this page :

UGLINESS on January 30, 2010:

Ive also can say this as well. pogo will take your rank down if you arent a yearly member. i know this i was a yearly and boy was my luck going gr8. for those wohm select option as free or just monthly your rank goes down close to your last week. and also after you renew membership on monthly you'll win like hell after 2 weeeks and then back down again. ive added each player that has won money on here and most private block on accounts and not only this you'll never see them on if you add as friends. POGO IS JUST AS ANY OTHER MONEY MAKING SITE SCAms you out of money and also just plain cheat you out of your money. you may get to enjoy playing cards rct, but remember this it's a business to make money off of you.

teto on November 23, 2009:

Pogo can tell which members are cheating fairly easy...but when you consider the number of Pogo makes finding them rather difficult. Cheat programs always play at a set speed and that leaves a rather obvious trail for Pogo. For a player, it is harder to tell (and then prove) which players are cheating. One way is by the consistency at which a player wins -- if they always get high scores in a game where most players are averaging considerably less.

Another way people cheat is by double browsing. A player will use two browsers--one with a real account (the player's) and a dummy account which they use to give themselves and extremely unfair advantage in card games. It is real easy to gain ranks and win when you know your partner's cards. Another way they cheat with double browsing is to sit at a table and use the dummy account as an opponent to throw the game (make bad plays) This way, the real account will always win. How can you tell if you're playing with a cheater?

It is very difficult and unless you can get them to admit it...pogo won't do anything if you report them. The only plus side for honest players is the fact that cheaters cannot win prizes...but considering honest players can't win them either...I'm not sure if that helps any. :-) The best thing to do if you suspect a cheater is to go to a different table.

Cat on November 14, 2009:

How can u tell for sure they are using a cheat program?

audra on November 09, 2009:

yep im a member since 2001 with 500 or so badges.. never won a cent

Pat on July 21, 2009:

I agree with Debra! I have been a member since 2004 and only got wallpaper. I wish Pogo would stop the cheats, because if you say anything about them cheating they say you can't but I've looked at the list of cheats and they have most of the games listed. The New game Boggle Bash people are getting 200 words in 1 round and no onecan type that fast. I said something to a guy that was getting 150-200 words each round and he laughed and told me to buy a pogo cheat. I play for fun not to win talking to the people is better then winning.

debra on May 27, 2009:

pogo cheats all paying players it seams like only guest win jackpots .ive been a paying customer since 2003 and never won anything but stupid wallpaper i have so much i could wallpaper my house so me and a lt of other people think pogo cheats because we think winner are pogo people and we would like it checked out thank you

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