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Play and Earn App Review: Is It Legit?

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Play and Earn | earn money online

Play and Earn | earn money online

How I knew about Play and Earn app

First off, I do not work for Givvy, nor am I being compensated by them for this content. I am just a satisfied app user who would love to share my experience. The pandemic due to coronavirus affected a lot of lives and a lot of adjustments were done to prevent any further spread. As for me, from working on a corporate job as customer service, we had to be on a work-from-home setup. During the lockdown, I became bored of the daily routine so I decided to find mobile applications that I will enjoy playing or using.

That is when I came across Play and Earn from Givvy. It is a mobile game app that allows users to earn while playing casual games they have on the application. The application itself is pretty self-explanatory as it is user-friendly. You just need to create an account then continue with the games that the app offers. Just to set your proper expectation, if you are looking for an alternative to your job that pays your bills, this is not what you are looking for. This app is just for someone who likes to play during their break time or if you got a few minutes to sit and play.

Play and Earn | Games | earn money online

Play and Earn | Games | earn money online


There are three different type games that you can enjoy and all of it is simple and easy to play with. You have six hearts to use in each game. Once you used up all of them, you will have to wait for them to be replenished. Each game you win, you will be rewarded with gold coins that you can convert into dollar currency.

Puzzle Game You will be given ten seconds to memorize the picture. Then, right after that, you have one minute and twenty seconds (1:20s) to fix and match the jumbled pieces. Each time you complete the puzzle in a given time frame, you will be rewarded with four coins.

Balloon Game Bubbles The goal in this game is to collect thirty balloons by popping them. I personally love this game as this does not require much effort. You just have to avoid the balloons that have bombs in them as it will cause you to lose the game. Same as the puzzle game, each time you complete the mission, you will receive four coins which you can convert.

Dot/Line Connect the dots to make squares and win. It may sound easy but I personally find it tricky. You will have to compete with the other players in this game. The goal is to dominate the board with squares. The one who creates the most squares wins. Just like the other games, you will be given four coins each time you win.

Other Offers

Aside from playing the game, you will also be rewarded for doing tasks.

Survey Once in a while, there will be surveys available on the app. You will be given a number of gold coins that you can use to convert later on. Rewards on taking a survey are higher than playing the games.

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Daily Calendar You will be rewarded for logging in daily. This ranges from 1 gold coin to 16.

Stay in the mobile app Yes! just by staying on the app for few minutes you will be rewarded with an amount of gold coin.

Ranking Compete with others by getting most of the coins and rank high on the leaderboard. you will receive additional five hundred 500 coins.

Invite Friends Invite your friends to register and play the app. You will get bonus coins once your friend reaches the minimum points.

The app allows you to cash out once you reach the minimum of $0.29. These tasks sound easy to do but like I mentioned. this is not an alternative to your job. This can only be a passive income you will receive by simply taking tasks or playing games. What is good about it, is that they actually pay. I tried the app for several days, mainly just to see if it really works and legit. I just simply open the app and log in but there were days that I played the games and taken surveys. Then after several days of using the app, I got paid.

Have you ever tried using apps like this? Let me know in the comment.

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