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Plants Vs Zombies Survival Endless 200 Flags and Beyond | Cobless Setup

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Survival Endless Ultimate Strategies

Once you've seen this page, it means you're either a game pro or one that would like to be one. Here's the just the ultimate strategies for you to Terminate Plants Vs Zombies' hottest mini game: Survival Endless. In this post, we talk about the advanced strategies in Survival Endless only. If you wanna be a pro about this, just read on.

Freshest & Hottest

Plants Vs Zombies Survival Endless 200 Flags and Beyond

Plants Vs Zombies Survival Endless 200 Flags and Beyond

Laura Shigihara Has sung many songs for PC Games.

Laura Shigihara Has sung many songs for PC Games.

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  • Zombies On Your Lawn

Plants Vs Zombies Theme Song by Laura Shigihara. 

  • Uraniwa

Japanese Version for Zombies On Your Lawn

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Warning to Newbies

 If you are a newbie to this game, I suggest you take a look at this Hub first to know 101.Never ever take this game as a child's game.

Plants Vs Zombies Strategy (For Starters)

Preface of Survial Endless Ultimate Strategies

When You are reading this hub, I presume you have read the hub Plants Vs Zombies Strategyalready, or you probably cannot fully understand what I am saying. I have talked much about that on that hub. This hub is just created for Passionate Players who'd like to survive 200 flags and beyond. That's why I dedicate days to prepare for this hub. I strongly suggest you read that hub first.

The Show Begins.

Setup Discussion

The Best Setup I figured out so far.(click to enlarge)

The Best Setup I figured out so far.(click to enlarge)

My Story

It's been weeks for me to figure out the best way to survive as many flags as possible. Everything has been tried except one strategy, Using Cob Cannon as the main weapon. I thought it's feasible for it's doom power. My friend Empty just made me even more confident about this. I love this kinda challenge which makes me passionate.I love this kinda feeling.

How to Survive 200 Flags and Beyond

FAQs About This Setup

  • Why use 8 cob cannons?

According to the experiment, this is the minimum amount. Of course, you can plant more than this number.

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  • Why use 2 Gloomy-shrooms on the second line from the left?

2 Gloomy-shrooms could take care of all the Digger Zombies, necessary.

  • Why use Cattails?

My friend Empty once told me that Cattail is unnecessary, while to me I think it's still necessary. As the game goes on, more and more Balloon Zombies are coming up. Cattail could take them down at the very beginning. Moreover, it takes good care of Imp.

  • Why use Gold-magnet?

Of course, you don't have to use that. While to me, I can't just let the coins disappear.

  • Why use Spikerock?

It could slow down Gargantuars and other zombies as a good defense line for cob cannons at the front.

  • Why Winter Melon Pult rather than Gatling Pea?

To survive 200 flags and beyond, the damage by Melon or Pea doesn't matter since they are not the main weapon. What really matters is that the winter melon pult to slow down greatly the enemies with a heavy massive damage. Very ideal subsidiary weapon.

Strategies Against Special Zombies

Strategies Against Special Zombies

Strategies Against Special Zombies

Remember, these are all feasible strategies best fit only in Survival Endless.

Actually, there're only three types of zombies that can threat your survival. That's what we are gonna talk about.

  • VS Jack-In-The-Box Zombie

You might wonder why this thing is on the list. Yes, it's a threat. When accident happens, it could blow away many of your Gloomy-shrooms at one time. You should eliminate them using Cob Cannons with no mercy when they just appear.

  • VS Bungee Zombie

They are very annoying ones. For the limited slots, we can't plant umbrella leaf. The only safe way is to terminate them by cob cannons as soon as they place their butt. Always launch the mission on time, remember!

  • VS Gargantuar

For normal Gargantuar with white eyes, we just need 2 cob cannons to finish. For a crazy one with red eyes, we need 3 cob cannons. Not big deal actually. As long as we have at least 8 cob cannons, it'll be no problem dealing with gargantuars.

  • Special Attention

Always remember to use a lmitater to copy a pumpkin to subsidize the overall defense of all the plants except cob cannons. Using two pumpkins recharging at the same time, replace the damaged ones as soon as possible to make a invicible defense.

A Snapshot of my playing 58 flags

Flag 58 with ease

Flag 58 with ease

Whoops!I only survived 80 flags for the first time I applied this setup.

Whoops!I only survived 80 flags for the first time I applied this setup.

I Only Made 80 Flags!

 Can't believe it! I only survived 80 flags for the first time I applied this setup. Probably thanks to a false click. I am now working on a new game of Survival Endless.Wish me good luck this time.

Defect about this setup: 8 cob cannons sometimes seemed not sufficient, we might need you use cherry bomb or something to subsidize that. While, if you can manupulate your mouse as well as Empty, it won't be a problem. Unfortunately, I am not that good.

About Dr. Nhan's Setup

About Dr. Nhan's Setup

About Dr. Nhan's Setup

Thank you, Dr Nhan, for sharing us your modified setup.I have studied it for a while. Let's talk about the Cons & Pros.


  • Good defense against Digger Zombie
  • Good defense against Bungee Zombie
  • Good defense against Catapult Zombie
  • Good defense on the first and last lines.


  • Dr Nhan, I actually don't worry about anything problem mentioned above. The crucial point is the problem of insuffcient Cob Cannons to make a continuous attack.I found only 8 Cob Cannons are not enough. 10 would be better.Maybe it's because I am not fast enough using the mouse. For that setup, the 80 flags seem the up limit to me. I am now working on a new setup to go further easily.

To conclude, it seems to me it's definitely better than my original setup. I probably could use your setup to go 100 or more. Maybe I'll try it tomorrow!

442 Flags —— Passerby's Strategy

Let's see Passerby's Strategy

Let's see Passerby's Strategy

442 Flags So Far

442 Flags So Far

Thanks, Passerby! Passerby has explained in details about the pick up strategy in his comment.

  • Check his pick up.Ice-shroom,Doom-shroom,Jalapeno,Cherry Bomb, Copied Cherry Bomb and Sqash.Than's just enough.
  • Of course, I believe in Empty's setup, while the only thing that bothered me is 8 Cob Cannons are not enough to make a continuous attack. I used to pick Cherry Bomb and Jalapeno to defend. It turned out still not enough. Thank you Passerby for waking me up.
  • While there's still a question. We can see that Empty's setup, only Cherry Bomb, Jalapeno and a Squash. How did he make it to 222 Flags? Passerby, can you explain? Or let Empty explain it. I'll try Passerby's pick up later.

JP's Modified Setup Version

JP has survived 252 flags for now. How do you like his strategy?

JP has survived 252 flags for now. How do you like his strategy?

 Thank you, JP, a pal from Chicago, for bringing us your modified version. I've uploaded the snapshot above. Here first I quote his words down below:

"Spikerock in the back kills digger zombies before they can hurt anything, Gloom Shroom kills imps, and umbrella protects those important plants from the bungees. Maybe it's even better to switch the umbrella and gloom shroom position there. If some plants get destroyed (jack-in-the-box accident, too many imps and can't replace pumpkin yet, etc.) and sun gets low, replace gold magnets with sunflowers as necessary.

I passed flag 252, and I think it can go forever if I don't mess up too bad."

Here's my comment:

  • It's wise enough to use spikerock to defend Digger Zombie. Nice move!
  • Indeed, as you said, it's better to switch the position between the Umbrella Leaf and the Gloomy-shroom.
  • In my opinion, it's a good alternative to Passerby's strategy.

Zorya's Survived 500 Flags

Is there anything human can't do?

Is there anything human can't do?

500 Flags Completed

500 Flags Completed

Survival Endless: 500 Flags and Beyond

Thank you,Zorya from Hong Kong, for bringing us your great setup.

  • It's brilliant to put ice-shroom into a slot for backup. Why not use 2? Would that be better?
  • 4 Umbrella Leaves can perfectly defend Bungee Zombies and Catapult Zombies since we can freeze the whole zombie legion at any time.
  • I'll try it right now.

890 Flags —— Crusher's Miracle

Can You Survive 890 flags with this setup?

Can You Survive 890 flags with this setup?

Crusher claimed to have survived 890 flags with this setup

 Thanks, Crusher. I spent couple of minutes to visualize your setup according to your verbal illustration with MS Excel. I didn't add the Pumpkins. But we know that. OK. Let's talk about this.

  • We don't know what plants Crusher Pick Up. Hope he can give us more info on that.
  • Yes, 4 Twin Sunflowers is the minimum to make the fund sufficient.
  • 8 Cob Cannons are the minimum as the main weapon.
  • So many Spikerocks, how do you deal with the Zombonis and Gargantuars? How to destroy them as soon as show up? If we can't, the Spikerock dies easily, can we afford the expensive replacement?
  • Only 2 Gloomy-shrooms, can they beat the huge amounts of Digger Zombies?
  • How do You Deal with the Bungee Zombies? The Position of the Umbrella Leaf seems not very ideal to make the best cover.
  • I have so many questions about this setup, can Anyone uncover all these?
  • We need your help, Crusher! We want to survive as many flags as you do.

My Best Setup & PickUp So Far

My Best Setup So Far

My Best Setup So Far

My Best PickUp So Far

My Best PickUp So Far

The Ultimate Setup So Far?

 I figured out this setup, with this I survived 100 flags so far. I don't have much time on games. If you are interested, please give me your test result about it.

  • All the plants are covered by Pumkins except the Cob Cannon and the SpikeRock.
  • The most interesting thing is I use two Ice-shrooms. It's very powerful and cheap indeed, while it takes longer to recharge, so I use an imitated one. You can check my pick up.
  • The First Three Plants of my pickup you can see above are to subsidize the Cob Cannon for a perfect cycle. Passerby had suggested that we use a copy of Cherry Bomb. While it seems to me impractical. It's gonna easily be squashed by Zombonis.
  • Four Umbrella Leaves can take care of all the air strikes.
  • Four Gloomy-shrooms can take care of all the Digger Zombies.
  • Blovers can be very useful to eliminate a legion of Balloon Zombies if sometimes your Cob Cannon does not cover all the Ballloon Zombies.
  • Ice-shrooms could be the ultimate super weapon to slow down the Gargantuars. We shall know what the value it is.
  • Give me your comments on mine.

200 Flags By Duncan Now

100 Flags By Duncan

100 Flags By Duncan

200 Flags Now

200 Flags Now

 Thank you, Duncan. I've just get his setup posted for you guys.

  • No offense, Duncan. I don't think your setup is better than mine just above.
  • Is the sixth line from left a little bit weak in defense?
  • Anyway, it's a very good setup. Maybe I'll try it when I get time.

My Super Setup —— the Freshest

Do You Like My Super Setup?

Do You Like My Super Setup?

OK. It's the setup I recently figured out. Right now I am just in the 20th flag. You're welcome to comment on it.

Well, things are not going smoothly as I thought. I am in 30th flags. While it's easy for super Gargantuar to destroy the Gatling Pea's lines.

Something that looks good doesn't mean it's gonna be good.

My Setup July 13th

Do You Like My Setup?

Do You Like My Setup?

 I newly figured out this setup. I know the Cob Cannons on the 5th & 6th line from the left in the pool are fragile, but I can fix it by using Ice-plant. When there's a red alert, just use a Coffee Bean to activate the ice-plant. It's done.What do you think of it? Leave your comment.

My Setup July 14th

Do You Like My New Setup?

Do You Like My New Setup?

My Setup July 15th

My Setup July 15th

My Setup July 15th

500 Flags By Bobby J.

U Like Bobby J.'s Setup?

U Like Bobby J.'s Setup?

A Milestone, Cobless Setup Born!

By Draco, you're great!

By Draco, you're great!

A World Without Cob?

 What can I say? Nothing. Why can't we figure out a cobless setup? Human Intelligence is no doubt unlimited. Here's the proof. Let's celebrate for the coming the milestone of Survival Endless —— A Cobless World. Congratulations, Draco!

Draco's Cob Setup (2 Versions)

Draco's Cob Setup 1

Draco's Cob Setup 1

Draco's Cob Setup 2

Draco's Cob Setup 2

About Draco's Setup

First let's talk about Draco's Setups with cob.

Draco is right, to use three Gloomy-shrooms is better than two Spikerocks. We have imps to take care sometimes on the second and third line from the left. I prefer the setup 2. We all know that the fifth and sixth line from the left is safe for Cob Cannons.

Since we have the Cobless setup, I'm gonna talk less about Cob Setup from now on.I hope we all change our focus.

About the Cobless setup.

Why I call it a Milestone? Because we all believed that no setup could survive 50 flags and more Coblessly before this setup was presented. I had hoped there was one. But we all aborted our pursuit, while rushing to the seemingly only setup mode with Cob Cannon as the main weapon to survive hundreds of flags. We were wrong. Draco is the one to accomplish the mission impossible. I am speechless. Who sets the limit on ourselves? It's us, ourselves that set the foolish limit. Anyone that breaks that limit or ignores that so-called limit will make great achievements. Draco is one.

Draco has made it clear enough the importance of the two Fume-shrooms. That's where the magic hides. I'll try it soonest to witness the essence of this magic. What's your idea?

Since this page has been overloaded, I made a separate hub Exclusively discuz the Cobless Setup. Welcome!

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I find the best to always place two sleeping ice-shroom. I just wake them up when there is too many zombies.

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Adam on January 16, 2013:

I have survived for 20 flags even I have been using Sunflower power

321yip on December 05, 2012:

Forgot to say you can replace the sunflowers in the pool with tall-nuts.

321yip on December 05, 2012:

wARtist said 8 cobs are not enough. What about my 10 cob setup. Why is wARtist not writing comments anymore?

321yip on December 05, 2012:

10 cob setup







w=winter melon g=gloom-shroom t=twin sunflower cc=cob cannon p=spikerock i=ice-shroom s=sunflower m=gold magnet or ice-shroom