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Rpg Planescape Torment Review on Resolution Mods From Black Isle One of the Best Pc Games Ever!

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Planescape Torment RPG Classic Computer Gaming

Planescape Torment originally released in December 1999 remains a classic computer game. Planescape Torment is a style of computer game known as an RPG (Role-Playing Game). The game-play within this addictive, detailed and compelling world features quirky insights into how an effective RPG PC Game should play. A RPG computer game allows you as a player to assume a style of playing that suits your current predisposition.

An RPG also allows you as a player to choose which type of character you want to become. Traditional characters such as a mage, fighter, thief, or a priest still exist as classes available in Planescape. The game was developed by a company known as Black Isle Studios and released by Interplay Entertainment. It takes place in a place called Planescape. Planescapes set within an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) fantasy campaign world. The game's engine exists as a modified version of the Infinity Engine. Black Isle’s RPG called Baldur's Gate also utilized this engine.

Although the game is dated a dedicated fan base keeps modding fresh content to work on newer PCs. So with higher resolutions there's never been a better time to venture back into this unusual thought provoking role playing PC game.

How will you play your RPG Character in Planescape?

Planescape Torment Poster Art

Planescape Torment Poster Art

The Creators of Planescape Torment Black Isle Studios

Black Isle Studios has an incredible games pedigree when looking retrospectively at their back catalog. Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale, and Fallout (all groundbreaking games in their own right) have an affinity with Black Isle Studios. With such a strong gaming heritage Planescape Torment remained highly likely to standout as a very special game worthy of distinctive attention.

Planescape Torment's inbuilt dark humor

The element of humor combined with an excellent story driven narrative remains two of Planescapes outstanding elements. Each character has a unique way of viewing the world of Planescape; each interaction brings a rewarding dialogue of banter combined with a humorous slant. This unique dialogue really adds to the overall atmosphere of the game as you progress deeper into character creation.

The 2-dimensional rendered graphics remain pure works of art, creating such a remarkably unique world. Each area of the game’s rich with delightful graphical representations generating a feeling of immersion into the game’s world.

Is Planescape Torment similar to Morrowind?

Discovering who you are provides a perfect start for any RPG, akin to Obsidian’s Morrowind or even Fallout, what type of person do you want to play? Yet Planescape goes beyond this gaming convention, as you really have no idea what happened in your past. Certain elements in game reveal more about your nature. It really remains a highly original start to any game, but Planescape pulls off a highly authentic beginning.

It all begins in Sigil.... Original Big Box artwork for Torment

It all begins in Sigil.... Original Big Box artwork for Torment

Planescape Torment PC Gameplay

The story’s driven from a flashback style, where certain actions and characters reveal the past. You awake on the second floor of the mortuary in the area known as the Hive. Incidentally anytime you die in the game you will return to this slab. The game features a unique tutorial system in the form of a floating skull named Morte. He becomes the first addition to your party.

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Morte’s the master of back-chat and always has something funny or revealing to say about the various people, zombies, and events you encounter as you progress through the game. Traditional combat features less as a main theme within the game, while the focus remains on the story itself. This isn’t to say there’s no combat, but in comparison to Baldur’s Gate it remains significantly less. This reduced emphasis on fighting may seem to offer less action, however it actually adds to the overall importance of the dialogue and therefore character involvement and interactions.

Planescape Torment Resolution Mods

The modding community continues to support the game. A new mod introduced new resolution changes allowing the game to play on modern systems with huge resolution changes from the 800 x 640 original. Now with the resolution patch resolutions of 1600 x 1280 become possible.

Atari/Black Isle Studio have re-launched the game through web downloads. The web based game allows Planescape to run on XP/Win 7 machines run systems. These changes enhance the game, opening it up to those unfamiliar with running DOS based games on modern machines.

Unfortunately Planescape did not meet with huge financial success upon its initial release. You see Plan escape exists as a game so far ahead of its time; perhaps beyond the sensibilities of most gamers at the time. This failure remained partly due to its highly unusual setting with emphasis on a story driven narrative. Yet the game despite being ahead of its time remains a firm cult favorite nearly 13 years after its initial release.

Planescape Torment has a multilayer complexity that seeps into every aspect of the game. There’s no real concern with gaining XP, although XP remains essential to level up. Playing Planescape remains more about enjoying the dialogue, the story, the quests, meeting new characters, and exploring the fascinating games world. You’ll want to see further into the game and understand in greater detail the highly abstract world you have awoken in. With the availability of Planescape for modern machines there’s no reason to miss out on this truly unique game.

Torment ingame play

Planescape uses the same game engine as Baldur's Gate

Planescape uses the same game engine as Baldur's Gate

Planescape Torment Walkthroughs for PC

Torment Downloads

Planescape Torment Walkthrough

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