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Pickers Adventures In Rust: Finding the Best Picks


Picker Adventures in Rust, is a hidden object game in which the goal is to sift through 12 different locations looking for rusted gold. After completing 22 days of the 30 day challenge you’ll unlock all the locations, but to make it easier to plan your best picks, the following list will give a brief description of each location and the best items you can grab from that location.

Ray Akins’ Bus

The first location you will probably visit in Pickers: Adventures in Rust is Ray Akins’ Bus. This location has a decent assortment of Automotive and Motorcycle, Hardware, and Military Memorabilia items. The best items you will find in this location are:

· Red Motorcycle + Matching Seat

· Penny Farthing Bicycle Frame + Big Wheel

· Old Slot Machine + Slot Handle

· Large Meteorite

· Green Pinball Machine

· Triceratops Skull (needs stand to complete combo)

· Red Gas Pump

Carlisle Antique Shop

This quaint little antique shop will most likely be your next stop on the Picker’s 30 Day Challenge. If you’re searching for Signs and Signals, Toys, and Decorative Collectables items this location is your best bet. The best items in this location are.

· Gramophone Base + Gramophone Horn

· $1.30 Air Stamp + 65 Cent Air Stamp

· Scarlet Letter Book

· Liberty S Coin (need Liberty D Coin to complete set)

· American Flag

· Watch Face (need Watch Band to complete set)

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· Movie Projector (Trophy Item)

Lizzie Davis Home

This location opens up after Day 2 on the Pickers’ 30 Day Challenge. Lizzie Davis carries Sports Memorabilia, Appliances, and Decorative Collectables items. The best items in this location are:

· Lamp Base + Lamp Shade

· Cruiser Bicycle + Bicycle Basket

· Antique Fridge

· Stained Glass Window

· Red Food Scale

· Baseball Glove

· Red Rug

Miller Storage

Miller Storage opens up on day three. This location has a ton of “Sports Collectables” items you can score, but the real treasures are:

· Flintlock Pistol (Need second pistol to complete the set)

· Movie Screenplay

· Ship’s Wheel

· Blue Record Player

· Floor Safe

· Printing Press

· Keyboard

H.R. Salvage

Day four of the Pickers’ 30 Day Challenge will unlock this huge junkyard. Naturally you’ll find a ton of Automobile & Motorcycle items, but this location is also good for Appliance and Kitchenware items as well. The best picks are:

· Fortune Teller Machine

· Slot Machine

· Steering Wheel

· Motorized Scooter

· Fire Extinguisher

· Vintage Gumball Machine

· Piece of Eight Coin

Baxter Farm

The Baxter Farm will become available to you on Day 6 of the 30 Day Challenge. It’s full of Hardware items and a good assortment of the other item categories. This location has some whopping treasures including:

· Black Motorcycle

· Calliope

· Abraham Lincoln Presidential Speech

· Gold Pocket Watch + Gold Chain

· White House Rug

· Mechanical Bull

· Loom

The Broderick Fagan House

Day 8 of the 30 Day Challenge will unlock The Broderick Fagan House. This house has a creepy looking guy for an owner, and a bunch of creepy Relic and Maritime Memorabilia items to pick. The high ticket items for this location are:

· Shakespeare Manuscript

· Greek Vase

· Suit of Armor + Knight’s Sword

· Osiris Artifact

· Jade Tiger Relic

· Guillotine

· Phonograph

McGuire’s Gas Station

Day 10 will bring you to this junky little gas station packed with Picker goodness. Automobile & Motorcycle items are buried in every corner, but the absolute best items to score are:

· Classic Motorcycle

· Wooden Slot Machine

· Mutoscope

· Acoustic Guitar

· Red Pinball Machine

· Spanish Doubloon

· Dictation Machine

Thaddeus Clark’s Smalltown Antiques

This jewel of an antique shop gets unlocked at day 12 of the 30 Day challenge. Explore this location carefully, because there are a lot of treasures here. The main categories you will find are Office Equipment, Maritime Memorabilia, and Decorative Collectables items. There are many hot items you can find here but the absolute best are:

· Violin

· Grandfather Clock

· Ship Masthead

· Barber Chair

· Poker Table

· Stock Ticker

· Antique Gramophone

Patrick Merman’s Apartment

Patrick Merman strikes me as a spoiled rich kid who earns way too much allowance from his parents. He overcharges for everything, so don’t be afraid to use the Ask the Experts button every time. This apartment has everything a kid could want including Toys, Sports Collectables, and Carnival & Concessions items. Naturally a rich kid will have some high ticket items which are:

· Autographed Guitar

· Cosmonaut Suit

· Japanese Sword

· T Rex Skull

· Houdini’s Straight Jacket

· Baseball Card

· Hockey Card

Esther Dowdy’s House

There is more to this sweet little old lady than meets the eye. If you let her she will gouge your eyes out with her expensive prices. Ask the experts on everything you purchase from her and you’ll save a fortune. Esther has some near priceless collectables in her house so you better make sure you have plenty to spend, because this is a mega pick. She has a ton of Decorative Collectables and Clothes & Accessories items. The crowning jewels of Esther’s collection are:

· Antique Mirror

· Lincoln Stamp

· George Washington Letter

· Jefferson’s Wig

· Antique Carousel Horse

· Antique Music Box

· Pearl Necklace

Sharp’s Warehouse

After Day 22 the hot category you want to see is Military Memorabilia or Relics, because Sharp’s Warehouse has major big dollar items in this category, but beware Mr. Sharp is major price gouger. Ask the experts whenever you buy a big dollar item from him and you will save thousands of dollars. The big dog collectables in this location are:

· WWII Code Breaker

· Emerald Crystal

· Cannon Barrel + Cannon Carriage

· Mammoth Tusk

· Musket + Powder Horn

· Saber-tooth Skull

· WWI Machine Gun

Now you know the different locations Pickers Adventures in Rust has to offer. There are hundreds of valuable collectables just waiting to be found, but if you want to buy the absolute best antiques Pickers has to offer, you can’t go wrong with this list. It will be difficult to grab these valuable treasures, so you must take care to keep your cash flow up at all times, or you might miss out these guaranteed profit makers. May the picking gods shine on you, and bring you great fortune as you look for rusted goal.

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