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Ideas for a Photography Party

CC BY-SA 2.0

CC BY-SA 2.0

Party Ideas-Photography

Taking photographs has been an obsession for several years now. I am continually thinking of new projects and new ideas to photograph. I soon found myself thinking of party ideas;photography themes came naturally to mind. So if you are in need of party ideas why not host a photo party?

So a few months ago, I started preparations for hosting a photography party while attending a Halloween party and picking up ideas from it. The following year I did just that. I carefully choose a friend's house complete with a large back yard and pool.

Refreshments and finger foods were made available to everyone. Guests were told what the theme was, (photographing Halloween), pointers were given as well as some rules(no nudity). Each guest had to bring a camera, some props , masks, costumes etc.

Once the party started, guests were free to take whatever photos they wanted to and to use props as they saw fit. Everyone spend most of the night taking photos of each other, groups, costumes, etc. Several props were used with masks as the most popular. A small prize was given to the most original,most outrageous, best costume/photo also best situational photo, themed photo, you get the point.

After literary hundreds of photographs, most of them digital, they were uploaded into a member's website for everyone to see and share.

The event proved to be very exciting for all in attendance and soon others wanted to host their own, not just for Halloween and Christmas (St. Patrick's is currently the most popular,maybe it's the green beer) but for almost every other holiday, including weddings, birthdays, social gatherings etc.

Toga parties were done, cooking parties, sports and many other ideas soon popped up. Among ladies, Boudoir photo parties are becoming popular (no men allowed...)

As you see, almost any excuse can be used to host a photography party. Guest were told that although the event was free, between friends and guests, model releases should be signed just in case, and to this day no one has objected.

As the events grew larger, more elaborate set ups were created, such as cardboard props, muslin backdrops, use of photo reflectors and so on. Soon parties were being held at parks, beaches, and empty warehouses, during day & nights.

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The common attraction is that almost everyone likes to have their photo taken, and when given the opportunity to showcase themselves, the idea naturally takes off.

The parties were not created with the idea of making money, simply to share good times with friends and to include photography for the sake of it. However, with careful planning and with your guests' knowledge and permission, money can be made.

Several of my parties' guests have set up their own sites, blogs etc and are making some money from them. After all if your photo was posted on a web site, wouldn't you show it to everyone you knew?

Don't forget the kids. Having a photo party with kids in mind is just as fun as having one for adults. Costumes and everything else remains the same except kids often provide more un-expected and hilarious moments as well as poses than adult do.

CC BY 2.0)

CC BY 2.0)

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CC BY-SA 2.0

CC BY-SA 2.0

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