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Pen Collecting - from the Perspective of a Pen

I am a Simple Pen


Wait and Hurry Up

It's the story of my life. I am a Pen. Not just an ordinary pen, but a haughty, self-absorbed pen. I'm somewhat of a Goldilocks as well.

For the most part, I am always raring to go. Ready to make my mark upon any paper surface I am placed near. Since I am a writers pen, I am often used for incessant scribblings.

I think my owner isn't very focused. She doesn't seem to keep my ink flowing in an organized, concise manner.

Nope. She will start with a perfectly good piece of paper and I am forced, sometimes quite against my will, to scrawl a lot of seemingly meaningless drivel. Sometimes I am cruising along, and I'm lifted in the air. Ugh. I cannot always reach the paper.

My Health

I'm not always healthy.

I have had times when I have been sick. My allergies kick in every now and again. Perhaps even a touch of the influenza. (Pretty good vocabulary, for a pen, eh?)

Yes. I have made a few large messes when I have been sick. Sometimes, I feel sick and nauseous when in a dark, enclosed space - like a pocket or a purse. I'm sure I am the only pen that has these issues.

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I Was Adopted

She waited until I was older to tell me about it. Of course, that's how we all arrived at this address. There are a few other pens here. Pens lurking in drawers, cups, pockets, purses and vehicles.

Yes. This seems to be an "orpenage" so to speak.


Hmmm. That's interesting. Spell check did not try to change that word to its proper spelling.

Yes, that's one think about the good old days of pen to paper. There was no spell check. We had to either start over, by throwing the piece of paper away, or trying to remove the offending ink with ink eradicator.

Ink Eradicator

For years, I thought ink Eradicator was a miracle cure. Not exactly. It's just a chemist version of an eraser.

This was the ink dissolver. It would chemically change the ink, to gone. Apparently, it was made from acetone and did not remove the ink at all. It would simply have a chemical reaction and turn the ink clear.

Fingernail polish remover has such a substance.

Family Photo

That's me in the front!

That's me in the front!

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