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PUBG A Video Game


The Last Man Standing

He stood donning a grade IV Kevlar vest,complete with a sleek black combat helmet equipped with military grade night vision goggles. He crouched down in the dense foliage and proceeded to inspect the hilly landscape before him. From his high vantage point on the peak he had a bird's-eye view of the whole terrain.Far across the distance, he could make out the radioactive wave of death slowly but inevitably closing in for the kill; It was herding in the killers like cattle ripe for the slaughterhouse.

He was scanning the densely packed trees below him when he saw an object flit between two of the trees out the corner of his eye. He tensed,gazing with rapt attention at the tree.He slowly raised his rifle,the HK416,chambered in at 5.56x46 mm.At this close range,he could shoot the hair off of a balding man. There was a slight rustle behind the tree and the man took off running at full sprint. The assassin,who had had his iron sights trained on the target the whole time, let loose a controlled burst of death.The man fell face-first into the dirt, dead as a door-nail.


He approached the deceased man and just when he was stooping down to check his supplies, a bullet whizzed past his head, missing him by a couple of inches. He dived behind a nearby rock for cover, whipping out a high-tech ballistic radar from a holster on his hip as he did so.The radar had registered the shot to be coming from the north. He realised that the only cover for a gunman due north was a tree. He grabbed a fragmentation grenade from his belt and taking its pin out,chucked it right towards the general direction of the tree. .


The resulting explosion sprayed dirt and debris everywhere. His ears ringing, he peeked around the rock to see the splayed carcass of the sniper.He then proceeded to loot the mutilated body, picking up his Karabiner 98 Cruz bolt-action and an 8x CQBSS scope.Attaching the scope to the rifle,he started moving towards higher ground.
Now perched high above the whole remaining safe zone, Player Unknown calmly surveyed his surroundings. He checked his radar again, knowing already what it would show. A single enemy remained to be killed. He suddenly spotted the unfortunate solider running across the plain,unaware of the silent sniper watching him. Player Unknown picked up some dirt and slowly let it trickle down from his palm,noting the direction of the wind by observing the way it fell. He took some deep breaths and peered at the target through his scope

His finger tightened on the trigger as he started compensating for the wind and bullet velocity. He inhaled, and just when he started exhaling, squeezed the trigger. The bullet sped towards its target at a speed of 2500 feet per second, tearing through the man helmet as if it was butter. The man collapsed as blood poured out and pooled around his head,painting the grass beneath him crimson.
Player Unknown heard the roar of the plane before he saw it. Floating downwards on a tiny parachute,was a small box. It landed right in front of him.He approached it and pried it open. Nestled inside it,looking shiny as ever,was the juiciest rotisserie chicken he had ever seen.

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