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Dead Rising [2006][PC]

Dead Rising Cover for PC

Dead Rising Cover for PC

Dead Rising was made by CapCom in 2006. It is a game that can be played over and over again, and truly, wasn't meant to be played or beaten just once.

In this article I will explain the ins and the outs of Dead Rising and leave a Review of the Game.

What Kind of Game is it?

Dead Rising is a game in which you start off as a reporter that is chasing his next big story...
The story as it turns out involves a zombie outbreak which has not been released on the news. Being the first reporter in the area, Frank West chases his lead into a shopping mall filled with zombies.
In this game, you have three days to save as many survivors as you can, without dying and while completing the main story missions.

Picture of Frank West arriving at the Mall

Picture of Frank West arriving at the Mall

What is Unique about this Game?

As the reporter, Frank West searches for Survivors in the mall and stays on schedule with the main missions while the time is counting down; he finds himself using anything he can use within the mall to fight off the zombies.

But the zombies aren't the only enemies in the mall...
Some of the survivors have gone crazy and used their skills, not only to kill zombies but other people... You will have to save survivors while fighting other survivors.

In this game, you can pick up books or magazines for special perks, skateboards to get around fast, food to heal and you can craft new weapons from tools you find in the game.

Another unique part of this game, is the fact that, as you level up, you get stronger. When you die, you have to start the story over, but the stats continue from where you left them.

Dead Rising Xbox 360

Who are the Main Characters?

The main character in Dead Rising is Frank West, who is a reporter in the mall trying to get a lead on a story.
Brad Garrison and Jessica McCarney are two DHS Agents inside the mall making an effort to get a rescue chopper which is due to arrive 3 days after the game starts.

There are also a total of 49 saveable survivors that can be found in different parts of the mall within different time frames.

DHS Agent, Jessica McCarney

DHS Agent, Jessica McCarney

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How do you beat the Game?

There are actually five different story endings to this game, and, depending on the player, there may be more than one way to beat the game.
There is the main missions you need to complete in three days.
If you beat it successfully you will unlock the main story ending.
Once the three days have passed, the game will end but seeing as how we invested time into it, it doesn't truly end until you die.

After the three days for the main mission, you will enter overtime in which the military along with psychopaths will try to kill you.

You cannot save any survivors at this point, but you can still play the game...

How do you beat the game?
Have fun playing it your way... if you don't want to play the main missions, you can play for the experience or to save survivors.

Picture of Dead Rising Gameplay

Picture of Dead Rising Gameplay


Dead Rising is the first of it's kind to not only have a story mode but also have a side story if you choose to seek your own path.
You can save survivors while you fight to survive the many psychopaths within the game that have gone crazy from the stress.

One thing I liked most about this game is:

When you first start off, you will be level 1 and you will only be able to carry 3 items at a time...
In total, you can get from Level 1 - Level 50 which will unlock new fighting moves and more inventory space.
I personally played this game over and over again and got to level 37 before the game really started getting interesting.


Do I recommend buying Dead Rising?

Yes, 100%
Buying Dead Rising would be a purchase well spent in my opinion...
Although you will either need an Xbox 360 to buy it or you will need to buy it on Steam for PC.

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  • DEAD RISING® on Steam
    You are Frank West. A hard-edged photojournalist hellbent on investigating the mystery at Willamette Mall. It's swarming with zombies. You have 72 hours. Chop 'till you drop!

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and I hope I have inspired you to begin playing this Game for yourself!

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