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Overwatch 2: Hopes and Fears

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Today a long time Overwatch player is going to discuss his brightest hopes, and darkest fears regarding the upcoming release of the long awaited sequel Overwatch 2!


As someone who has played Overwatch for 5 years, (started playing a year after release) I have many hopes and dreams for the long awaited sequel to my favorite game of all time! After some 800+ hours of playing the same game, as much as I still love Overwatch, I am ready for something fresh. Here are a few of the things that I am most hopeful for regarding the upcoming release of Overwatch 2.

  1. PVE If you have played Overwatch you know that the game has 6 events that occur every year. In these events there are special game modes that are only available during the event. Some events have modes that are co-op PVE. PVE stands for Player Versus Environment and describes a player playing against AI and not other real in time players. Overwatch 2 has confirmed that the game will carry much more of an emphasis on the PVE aspect of the game, and PVE will be a regular mode will full fledged missions to play all year round. Introducing this kind of gameplay is great for the types of people who may have a hard time playing in tough online matches with 13 year old sweats who haven't showered in 4 days. PVE is also great for the players who would like a more relaxed Overwatch experience playing along side a friend.
  2. 5v5 Overwatch is known for its' team based 6v6 competitive mode. The absolute biggest change to Overwatch 2 is that the game will be 5v5. Contrary to the two tanks, two support, and two DPS compilation that we are accustomed to, Overwatch 2 will have only one tank accompanied by the regular two support and DPS. This is a humongous change to the game we all know and love. Although this change is different it could be a very good thing for the game. Taking away one tank out of the fight provides the opportunity for much faster and more action packed gameplay. The times of just sitting behind a shield without a care in the world will be gone, and this will be a greater time for 1v1 fights, and more intense overall brawls.
  3. Fresh There have been multiple changes announced already and many more are soon to come. Overwatch 2 will have many new looks to the characters we know and love along with new abilities altogether. The overall freshness of the game will be great, as regular Overwatch players have been craving new content that just has been lacking in the past few years. There is one rumor floating around Twitter that I am particularly excited for. It has been rumored that Overwatch 2 will have water as a part of the terrain along with a hero who can swim in the water. That just sounds like so much fun DOESN'T IT???


I would say, overall, my optimism for Overwatch 2 outweighs my pessimism, but that does not mean that I do not have fears. As somebody who has played the game a lot and seen the good times, and the bad times of Overwatch I know that Blizzard sometimes makes some bad calls. Here are my fears surrounding Overwatch 2

  1. 5v5 Yes, yes I understand 5v5 was one of my hopes, but just as I am hopeful for the new 5v5 format I am also fearful. Playing 6v6 for years has given players a good sense of how things work. Now that all changes. ONE WHOLE TANK IS GONE! How well will only having one tank in play even work? Will the game turn into just trying to kill the one tank as fast as possible? How much pressure would you have as the one singular tank on your team? Will the tank even be able to protect their team? It is going to be hectic learning a brand new style, and it is just scary changing such an integral part of the game. But hey who knows right.....
  2. Changing too much While the new hero designs and ability changes are super exciting, they are also a bit scary. How much will Overwatch 2 be different from Overwatch? One change for example is that Mei will no longer freeze enemies, her freeze gun will only damage and slow them down. Now I get it, Mei is annoying and literally the devil, but that is such a key feature to take away from a character we have played for 7 years. I just do not want Overwatch 2 to do TOO much changing that makes it a game that Overwatch fans don't recognize.
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Sum it up

To make my many words few, I am cautiously optomistic for Overwatch 2. I think it will be a great game and I am sure I will pour way to many hours of my life playing it!

What do you think?

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