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Overland : What Is It?

First Glance

The first thing I will say is to not judge this book by its cover. It will not be what you're expecting. This game is set up like a turn based strategy game that is played out on a hexagonal grid. To some that may sound horrible, but if you are a fan of turn based strategy games that include movement you should give this a go. Like I said earlier you absolutely cannot just look at this game and pass it off as something low quality. I can tell you it has high production valve and attention to detail. This game will make you think more then most RTS games.

"Simple looking but it's not simple at all"

When you first start the game you are alone and need to find supplies and gas to get your car running. This beginning sequence allows to to get a custom with the games controls and mechanics. You will start to realize that ever action you need to take has a point cost and each character as a limited amount of points per turn. For instance, your character has 6 points and needs to pick up a gas can. If you take 2 steps and pick up the item that counts as 3/6 points used. This is simple at first until the game starts to throw in enemies, and then it goes to a different level. This game is by no means easy, it may be simple looking but it's not simple at all. Point management becomes vital to survival especially at the later stages when you are managing multiple party members.

Minimum Requirements for Overland

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4400E
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Graphics Card: Intel HD 4000
  • File Size: 1.46 GB
  • OS: Windows 7

Road Trip

As you make your way across America you will encounter many different maps that are all procedurally generated. After you escape a map you are given a choice of were to travel next each having there pros and cons. One area may have lots of as available but also many enemies, the other may have a new vehicle. It is up to you the player which path you want to take. The one thing that must always be considered is the premise of permadeath because it is very real in this game. Once a character dies they are dead and all items they were carrying go with them. Much like the characters, if your car gets to much damage it will blow up and you will lose it permanently. Since some cars can have upgraded storage and racks that could be devastating. All your items and gas gone in the blink of an eye...I know punishing but fun.


My Thoughts - Should you Play This Game

At first glance it may seem like a game that isn't worth your time, however if the time is spent it is a challenging experience. The game is hard but there is no time limit so planning out your moves is key. No matter how difficult it seems it is still fair. Enemies also work on the points system when completing turns so you won't get ambushed all at once (Most of the time). The graphical stylings of the game are such that it will not looked dated for the foreseeable future. The difficulty may scare off some, but too fans of this genre it is worth the play. I do recommend giving this game a shot. It can be bought on the following platforms:

About Finji

Finji was originally founded back in 2006 by Adam and Rebekah Saltsman and then "Reborn" in 2014 as they put it. The studio is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan and has a main team of 7 people. What is cool about the company is that they enforce good quality of life meaning that they don't crunch which is a huge issue in the industry today. They are a studio who cares about the games they make and the people they employ, what else could you want? The games they have created include: