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10 Best Outdoor Toys for 3-Year Old Boys under $20


One of the best parts of summer arriving is realizing that you have a whole new world of entertainment for your toddler!

The season of cabin fever is over and it’s time to get them outside and tuckered out.

There are endless things for your little guy to do outside, but it certainly helps when you can add some fun to the mix...especially without having to spend an arm and a leg.

All of these toys are huge winners in our house and can be found for under $20 (some are way, way less). Nowadays there’s just no reason to spend more!

Bubble Machine

Toddler Lawn Mower

Activity Truck

Balls, Balls, and More Balls

I know what you’re thinking - Duh! But I’m telling you, no matter what you buy, it’s hard to beat a ball. My son’s favorite ones are the giant balls that you see at the grocery store or Target that usually cost $2-$3. Soccer balls are also a favorite. But honestly, ANY ball will work! 3-year old boys LOVE balls!

Washable Sidewalk Chalk

Gardening Set

Toddler Sprinkler


This was a surprise discovery, but it has provided hours and hours of fun! My son loves when we throw the frisbee for him and has a blast trying to throw it himself. Yet another old classic that you may not even need to go out and buy! If you dig down deep enough, you’ve most likely already got one in the garage.

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