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Origins Zombies Surviving Where to Train and Build Hordes Strategy Guide for Black Ops 2



In this guide I will discuss how to make it to high rounds on Origins Zombies. I will talk about the staffs, weapons, and how to have the best chances of survive high rounds, I will also attach a video of me making it to round 40 on origins zombies to show that it is possible without having an ultimate staff.

If you have questions please comment below or ask on xbox @ MKS JohnR.. Also If you enjoyed my video do not forget to subscribe as I will also post a lot more videos showing tutorials on Origins, Black Ops 2, Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, Grand Theft Auto 5 and many of the other videos that come out this year.

What is Origins Zombies

Before I talk about the guide let me refer to what is origins zombies. Origins zombies is supposed to show the story of how it all began. The zombie maps we have all been playing for so long is supposed to be explained in this map. We are supposed to learn where it all began, and set up the zombies maps that began on World at War, Black Ops 1, and NOW Black Ops 2.

This map at the end of the Easter Egg shows a little girl who is Samantha playing with her friend before the zombie apocalypse begins. You learn the other side of where it began, and sets up all the other Easter Eggs we have completed. Overall i was not surprised with the final cut, but also did not enjoy it. I also believe Treyarch will continue to post new zombie modes on future Call Of Duty games, or release a new zombie game altogether simply based off of the fact that Zombies was a HUGE success and money maker for the company itself.

The Weapons to Survive High Rounds

Overall you are going to need certain weapons in order to survive high rounds. So let me talk about those first.

The first weapon that is going to be necessary to survive high rounds is a staff. You are going to need some sort of staff to help you in case you get trapped, or to help slow zombies when you are going to follow the strategy that I talk about. Personally I suggest the fire staff. While it may not be the best staff when talking about ultimate staffs, i survive to round 40 with just the fire staff, and a pack a punched MP40. These two weapons will help you out the best in the long term, and will make it very easy for you to survive. While you can use any staff you would like I personally suggest the fir staff, because even at high rounds it may not kill the zombies, but it will stun them so you can move by them without getting hit when creating a train.

The next weapon is the MP40.. While this is not the most powerful weapon, once pack a punched you can quickly and easily buy ammo off of the wall, and allow yourself to survive longer. The ammo will cost 4,500 and if done right you will make more money than that on a full clip. So I HIGHLY Suggest buying the MP40 off the wall in the beginning.

A third weapon with mule kick is up to you. Usually I will wait until I can get the free Scar-H Pack a punched as a reward, or whatever weapon they give you for free as my third. But also the Ray Gun Mark 2 is also very effective. Just keep in mind that most of these weapons you will need a max ammo to replenish which is why I ALWAYS suggest the MP40 first. BUT with mule kick you can get a third weapon which I suggest the reward item, Ray gun Mark 2, OR the MG08 or a weapon of your choosing. Either way, you are going to want this weapon to be a secondary ot the MP40 in case that runs low, or as a third weapon to assist you.

Strategy for surviving HIGH Rounds

The strategy I will suggest for surviving high rounds is as follows. I suggest you create a train, or a horde of zombies, and then run them in a circle. Once they are built up, you lay into them with one of your weapons, and you will slowly take out the zombies. In the first 30 rounds or so with any pack a punched weapon you will kill them fairly easily. As the rounds get higher, this will take significantly more effort, but is not impossible. I still suggest using the MP40 because you can easily buy ammunition off the wall at MANY locations through the map and many of which are right on the way that you would run your horde anyway. So I will talk about below the many locations and areas where you can run your train and survive for high rounds.

The first location and in my opinion for running a train is near jug or generator 4. As you can see in my video below this is where I run my train and survived to round 40 with no problem. You can easily go much higher at this location even with the boss zombies that come every few rounds. BUT for this location it will be essential to have a staff as when you get near the crazy place sometimes you will need to shoot the fire staff or similar at the ground in order to freeze those zombies so they don't hit you, or block your path. Either way this is a great place to run, and will allow you to survive. ANOTHER favorite part of this place, is IF you accidentally go down you can easily pick up jug in order to survive for the rest of the round and go get your other perks. Many of the other locations you can train, if you go down accidentally you are going to problem die within that round, but at least at generator 4 you still have a chance of getting jug and surviving until you can get the rest of your perks.

Another good location that you can run to and build your horde is by the excavation site. While this has a more narrow area to run, this is a perfect circle for you to build up a horde, and run them in a circle. I typically will use this location along with the Jug/Generator 6 area when I need to buy more MP40 bullets as this is easier than running into the footprint area behind Jug.

Then next good location to run your horde, and build a train is at generator 5. This location allows a big enough area with the footprints, and openness that you can run the zombies, and be near the MP40 to buy more ammo. I have ran this rea plenty of times when I am playing with a teammate who prefers to run the generator 4 / jug area.

Lastly the next BEST place to run is at generator 3. If done right, and you pack a punch the AK down below, you can survive at this location for high rounds as well. While the MP40 is not on the wall I would suggest pack a punching the AK if you are going to use this area. Keep in mind if you choose this area I would suggest staying in this area, otherwise you will run out of bullets and no be able to buy another AK off any walls. But the AK allows you to simply survive here for high rounds, and survive for a good amount of time.

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So overall if you use these three locations you will be able to survive for high rounds without much trouble. These are great for you to survive and will help you in the long run. I personally use all these locations when I play with my friends, and we typically have no problem getting to round 40 at the minimum.

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Overall following those locations will help you survive high rounds, and I suggest using those areas. If you have any questions please feel free to message me on xbox @ MKS JohnR, or comment below here. Also if you enjoyed the video don't forget to subscribe on Youtube as I post A LOT of gameplay, and will be doing a LOT more in the coming weeks/months.


Slimshady on February 22, 2015:

I am the biggest fan of black ops and I started the origins with a ksg and a ray gun. I don't know what happened but this was amazing. I survived to round 79 and I could not trade out the weapons however I could packapunch and get perks. My gamer tag is btdmaster

Rick_Hunter on December 09, 2013:

So the Playstation Network is currently under maintenance so I'll continue my Origins tips. John is right when he writes on the importance of making money early in this map. One of the things that makes Origins so challenging is that there are 4 doors between the starting area and Jugger Nog, and 2 of those doors are very expensive. If players don't know what they are doing, or if they aren't working as a team then you are in for a bad start. I can tell a lot about the kind of game to expect just by seeing what people do in the first level. For example, if a player is stealing zombies from another player's windows, than that player is just trolling your game. I hate to quit, but you can count on the zombie thief to quit in the first 8 waves. Since you won't get credit for the game when the zombie thief inevitability quits, you might as well quit as soon as you see him start to steal zombies and just find a better lobby. If you choose to stay in the game, that's fine, but here is how it will play out. The zombie thief is not as intrested in making points as much as he is trying to keep everyone else from making points. He will try to shoot or grenade all zombies as quickly as possible so that nobody else has enough points to start Jenny 1 or open any doors. He will piss off all the players and put the team on the bad path of staying in the starting room till wave 5 or higher. People will be less inclined to open doors since they will all be waiting for the zombie thief to do it. Unfortunately, the zombie thief has no plans of opening anything. By the time the team finally gets Jenny 2 going, it will likely be wave 5 or 6 and the Templar will be too difficult for some since the area around the Generator is tight and nobody has Jugg yet. There is a higher than average chance that the player who was nice enough to spend 800 points to activate the Generator will get double tapped by a Templar and lose his 800 points. This is all because some zombie stealing idiot in round 1 prevented the team from getting to Jenny 2 in wave 2 or 3. Now this is just 1 of several things I notice at the start of a game. You want to be really aware of how your teammates are spending their points in the first 5 waves because ultimately it will mean the difference between you shooting the wave 8 Panzer Soldat with a staff or shooting at him with a non upgraded MP40.

Moving forward, I want to discuss a couple "do's and dont's", plus I want to weigh in with my opinion on when it's time to worry about filling the 4 Thunder Fist Chests. First of all, do not hit the mystery box unless everything is open and you have the money to burn. If I'm playing with a group that knows what they are doing, I will typically just buy the M14. It is inexpensive to purchase and if you are properly bullet counting prior to slashing with the knife than you stand to make a ton of money by wave 7. The secret to making big money early in the game is by hoarding up 8 or more zombies in a tight train in waves after 5 and then shooting all of your Mauser bullets into the hoard. Because of the bullet penetration points, you can earn around 3000 points just by shooting 90 Mauser bullets into your 8 or 9 zombies. This is of course as long as some other team member doesn't come over and shoot your train with his MP40 for a measly 900 points. If I'm playing with unskilled players, which is usually the case, I will typically purchase the MP40 instead of the M14. It will put you an extra 850 points in the hole, but it will save your ass when other noob players are doing stupid things. The next thing players should avoid doing is touching the Nuke Drop. It's understandable that the Nuke will sometimes get accidentally touched when it drops on someone who is knifing a zombie, but other than that do not touch a Nuke Drop unless your life absolutely depends on it. Hitting the Nuke before the Elemental Staffs are built is the number 1 way of destroying a perfect game. Thousands of points get lost when the Nuke gets touched and what's even worse is that Origins is the one Zombie Map where a lot needs to get done before you get too far. Hitting the Nuke in wave 6 or 7 is the worse thing any player can do because the first Panzer Soldat appears at the beging of wave 8. If you are hitting the Nuke in wave 6 & 7 then be prepared to fight the Panzer Soldat with your MP40. If you are not careful then you could find yourself fighting the Panzer Soldat with your MP40 through more than 1 or 2 waves. This is a huge problem because not only are you wasting time that could be better spent on building the staffs but since all your bullets are being fired at the Panzer Soldat, you are using ammo without making any points. The worst is when you tell the other players not to kill the last zombie in wave 7 and you are not only ignored but the Panzer Soldat lands by you and not the idiot who ended the last wave. If players are being smart with their points and not touching Nuke Drops then the team should at bare minimum have the wind and lightning staffs before wave 8 starts. I have seen games where the multipliers have been so nice and the snow conditions have been just right that the team had Wind, Lightning, and Ice Staffs along with 1 Packa Punched Boomhilda before the First Panzer Soldat landed. Those are players who know what they are doing.

When I come back from a break, I will continue with "Do's/Dont's & when to fill the Thunder Fist Chests.

John Reid-Roberts (author) from Boston, Massachusetts on December 09, 2013:

I must say I agree 100% with your points on people not understanding how important money is in the beginning.. You make many VERY good points, and that you must be someone who has been successful on zombies. The only thing I would say, is, that as you may know, playing with inexperienced players causes problems because they tend to think in a way that focuses more on what they think will be successful for what they call the long run (which may be 20 rounds), but money is the key to survival especially when going down at mid level rounds.

Rick_Hunter on December 09, 2013:

Hey John, nice post. I agree with almost everything you said. I use your same solo strategy in the beginning. Just to expand upon it a bit, whether you are playing solo or multiplayer, don't be afraid to start the generators. I play with so many people who don't play smart when it comes to activating that 1st generator. Let be break it down. Every player starts with 500 points. In a Solo game it is 200 points to activate the generator, 400 points in a 2 player game, 600 points in a 3 player game, & 800 points in a 4 player game. When a generator is activated by a player, that player's points are not taken unless the player falls during the activation process. The player's points are briefly held until the generator is fully active, at which point the player's points are returned along with an extra 100 points. In other words, If you are playing a Solo game and you start the generator right away then you will have a minimum of 600 points before the first zombies start breaking through the windows. It's also important to note that you earn 10 points for killing each of the first 10 Generator Templar. The best Solo strategy for round 1 is to instantly turn on Jenny 1 so that it is a 1 stab kill to take out the Templar without being bothered by the zombies yet. You will have plenty of time to earn your extra 100 points from stabing Templar before the first zombies have broken through. You should have 700 points total before even touching a regular zombie. You may be wondering, "Why is all this math so important?" Well the answer is that many players get off to a bad start in Origins because you will be playing a 4 player game where no zombies come to your window in wave 1, meanwhile at least 2 other players are at or above 1000 points but they are too stupid to start the generator before wave 1 is over. It's like they think they are going to lose points when in reality they would be earning 100 extra points. So as the scenario continues, you end up having to kill a couple of zombies in wave 2 so you can be the player to start Jenny 1, only now everybody has forgotten that the Templar take 2 slashes instead of 1. At least 1 or more players start going down all because some idiots thought they were going to lose points by starting Jenny 1 when they should have. The next piece of advice I have, and don't worry John, none of this is directed at you. This is all for the benefit of players who would like to improve the finer points of their game. As I was saying, the next piece of advice is that in a multiplayer game, the richest player should not be expected to open the first lab door unless that player has nearly triple what all the other players have. The reason is simple, the second door is always more expensive so the second richest player should always get the first door. Now let me talk about the 4 early game strategies and tell you why 1 is better than the rest. I have played with every kind of player and I've found that every single one of them has been very opinionated when it comes to which starting strategy they prefer. The problem is that some starting strategies are just wasteful and detrimental to the team. The worst of the 4 primary starting strategies is the one where the players decide that they want to open the lab door that gets them to the mystery box fastest. This strategy means that the responsibility of opening all the important doors will likely fall on the only person who didn't hit the box and then it will likely be wave 6 or 7 before anyone can afford Jugger Nog assuming any one lives that long. The 2nd dumbest starting strategy is the one where the players decide to waste their points opening doors getting both Jenny 2 & 3 before starting Jenny 4. There is no reason why players shouldn't get Jugg first and then double back for Jenny 2 or 3 as points allow. The second best early game strategy is the one where players take a gamble that the Jenny 3 side Zombie Shield part is only behind 1 extra door instead of 2 extra doors. If the shield part only requires 750 points to aquire then you haven't hurt the team too badly, however if you must open both doors to Jenny 3 in order to get the last Shield part, then you have stupidly prioritized getting the Zombie Shield over getting Jugger Nog a wave early. The best early game strategy is to go Jenny 1,2,4. That way you can get the most stuff for the least amount of points. (Blue Record, Air Strike Tablet, Shield Part, and money for Jugg instead of money for doors to other Shield Part. I'll add more strategies later.

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