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Origins Zombies How to Unlock Easter Egg song Archangel with green stones ( BO2 Teddy Bear )



In this guide I will talk about how you can unlock the Easter Egg song Archangel on Origins Zombies which requires unlocking the three green stones. This song is the first of two Easter Egg songs and is very easy to accomplish, and can be done through the normal gameplay of opening each part of the map up.

If you have any question how to unlock this song, or questions about origins, feel free to message me on Xbox @ MKS JohnR, or to comment below in the comments. I have also attached a video of me playing on Origins, and will post many more videos so if you enjoy that don't forget to subscribe ;).

What is origins zombies

I always start with an intro of what is origins zombies, so let me talk about that first. Origins zombies refers to the last installment on Black Ops 2 which attempts to explain how everything started. Set during World War 2 Origins zombies will take you through the trenches, and allow you to experience where the zombies started out. This is supposed to be a map that will set up the first zombies map on World at War and Black Ops 1. I do believe that Treyarch will continue to make future zombie maps for later game whether is be Black Ops 3, OR a Zombies game itself.

Either way the easter egg songs is something that has been in almost every one of the zombies maps since its beginning. Usually Treyarch would use some sort of Teddy Bear system in which you would need to locate all of the teddy bears in order to find the song and activate it. In this latest installment instead of using teddy bears, they used an emerald looking rock which you can use to unlock the song.

The Three Boulder Locations

The three locations of the boulders are always going to be in the same place. In order to activate them as always you need to hit the action button on your console or PC which for xbox is the X button. Once you hit the action button you will hear a noise to let you know that you hit the correct rock, and you can move onto the next one. Keep in mind that sometimes you may need to move around and keep hitting the action button in order for it to register. Sometimes these can get touchy, but I find the first two tend to work easily and the last one seems to sometimes need to be hit more than once for the rock to activate.

The first location... The first location of the rocks is going to be in the spawn location. In the spawn go upstairs, and look to the right of where the chest is located. This is the easiest of the rocks to locate, and will allow you to start this easter egg. Once you hit the action button on this rock we can move to step 2.

The Second Location... The second location is going to be in the building that is needed to get to the excavation site. Whether you go here from generator 2 or generator 3 you will need to go through this building to make your way to generator 4/5/6 and to the excavation site. Once you are in this building go upstairs, and before you exit the door upstairs, you can look behind you and it is on the floor underneath one of the shelves. It is fairly easy to locate because it is going to be glowing green, and is the only thing upstairs that will be glowing green.

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The third Location... The third and final location is located by the excavation site. You will need to go up to the excavation site, but do not pay the 2,500 to open the main area. If you run past the first block where you need to open up, you can go around to the back of the excavation site. Here you will find the third block which is semi-hidden behind some boxes. All you need to do is hit the action button on this block and you will start the song. Now as I said above this once may be a bit touchy, and you may need to move around and continue hitting x in order to activate this emerald block, but this is the final location in order to unlock the final location for the Easter Song Archangel.

Overall this is a cool song to unlock, but still is not my favorite of this map. my favorite of this map is unlocking the avenged sevenfold song Shepherd Of FIre which I have written a guide about, which you can go to my profile and see how to unlock that or click on the links below for my other origins guides.

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So there you have it. How to unlock the easter egg song requiring to hit the three green blocks on Origins Zombies. if you enjoyed this guide, or enjoyed my video please subscribe to my channel as I post many tutorials and gameplay on that channel. Thanks for watching... ;)


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