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Origins Zombies HIGH ROUND Strategy Guide on Black Ops 2 ( BO2 )



In this guide I will teach you AND Show you how to make it to high rounds on Origins Zombies. I will also attach a video of me at round 40 playing origins zombies. I will talk about the guns, staffs, and many aspects to help you better your gameplay for the future.

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What is Origins Zombies

Origins zombies is the newest and last installment of the DLC that Treyarch has provided for us. The setting is set back to where the zombies first started, and this map will surely provide the most difficult experience yet. When you are playing origins zombies there are many obstacles to deal with from the three giant walking robots who always follow the same path, the boss zombies that come out every 7-8 rounds or so in armored suits, and lastly the electric zombies needed to power each generator. While I will talk about many aspects of completing the steps to get to high rounds, I will also talk about what to do once you are set up in order to beat each round easily and quickly. Overall you will need at least 1 staff, either fire or air, a pack a punched weapon, and 4-5 perks. I will talk about all this below, so lets get started.

For the first 10 rounds.

The first 10 rounds are going to be where you get sompletely set up. In my video I attached below I had my fire and air staff built by round 8, and a pack a punched MP40 by 10..

First off on round 1 start the generator and knife the electric zombies, do not waste ammo. Also knife all the zombies in the round. If you are playing solo then you will have a free 2 times points for round 2. Use that once the zombies have come in the window, shoot each zombie 4-5 times and knife them. At the end of round 2 on solo you should have around 3,500 points. This is enough to open the doors to generator 2, AND buy an MP40 off of the wall. This will be enough for you to survive until you can build the staffs at round 8. I would suggest powering the generators next around round 5-6 while keeping a walker zombie following you. Do not make a crawler as they will die out, and do not run to fast and keep the runner/walker zombie within 10 steps of you to make sure he doesn't die.

When you are starting generators past round 1, I personally suggest not killing the electric guys, and just running them in a circle. Once they have all spawned, you will be able simply run them in a circle and no new ones will spawn, PLUS this prevents you from accidentally shooting your walker who will get mixed up with the electric guys.

Tips for mid level rounds 11-25

When you are playing these rounds you should already have built your equipment, and should have everything set up. Ideally you want to have a pack a punched weapon, and you want to have a staff in hand. I can make a guide for making the staffs, and videos if you guys need it, but I will leave that out of here since this is more a strategy for high rounds.

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Once you have your equipment set up, you should pick your camping spot. I personally suggest the Juggernog area as you can see in my video, buy you can also do the generator 3 area running in a circle, or running in a circle around generator 5, OR lastly you can run a bigger circle around the area below pack a punch. I prefer not to use the pack a punch area past round 15 because a lot of the walkways are to narrow, and will get you stuck in the long run. So I tend to stay at the Jug area.

Remember not to run after the generators if they begin being attacked during a round. It is just as easy to run back after the end of a round, kill the guys, and repower them with 1 walker instead of an entire horde chasing you.

PERKS- When you are deciding on the perks to choose it depends on how many people you are playing with. IF it is JUST you then you should have this setup. Juggernog to take more hits, quick revive to pick yourself up, Mule kick to get a third weapon in addition to the MP40 and Staff, Sleight of Hand for faster reloading, and eventually Double Tap when you get that for free from the rewards box. IF you are going to use the wunderfizz (I believe that's the name ) device then be careful. I do not suggest taking PHD Flopper, or Deadshot, OR Double Tap as these perks are inferior and double tap you get for free.

High Level Survival 25+

When you are going to survive high rounds I suggest that you run in a circle. What I mean by running in a circle, is using the locations I described above, and following in a path that creates a train. By creating a train you will stack the zombies up behind you, and make it very effective to shoot the zombies as they build up. Considering the amount of ammo it takes to kill 1 zombie at level 40 you will want a train to take the damage down on every zombie, and as you go in a circle for some time you will eventually be helping yourself kill the trains.

DO NOT GET ZOMBIE BLOOD. Zombie blood makes the zombies scatter, and this will ruing your chances of surviving. If it is in your path, and you can avoid it, do so at all costs. Another reason is that with the amount of ammo it takes to kill a zombie using zombie blood is not an effective means in which you can kill the zombies, and be able to end the round. The best way of surviving is simply keeping all the zombies in one big train which will let you survive higher rounds.

Remember to use a staff AND always have the MP40 pack a punched. The weapon is not effective at high rounds, but using the Jug strategy there is an MP40 on the wall behind Jug, and a MP40 on the wall in the main circle that you can run. Using these two locations will allow you to keep replenishing ammo at high rounds, and you will have more than enough money to continue saving money over time.

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So overall this is very simple. You simply run in a big circle, and this will allow you to build a train, and survive high rounds. It is tricky to get used to for some players, but anyone who is legitimately on a high round uses the train strategy simply because it is effective, and will allow you to get further than trying to camp somewhere.


Emmanuel Button on November 23, 2016:

I do not see how deadshot is inferior. It gives you a higher critical multiplier for shooting at the head, which it aims at anyway. Although I definitely agree with PHD Flopper.

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