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Online Typing Games For Kids

Experts recommend teaching children how to type when they're between the ages of 5 and 7.

Many kids will learn how to type in computer class at school, but there are other easy ways they can practice their keyboarding skills at home.

Browser-based games are a great alternative to paid software, and there are plenty of typing games that are both fun and free.

This list looks at four games that will keep your little ones busy, as well as improve the accuracy of their typing.


Typing Factory

Typing Factory is a great place to start for typing beginners since it is more slow-paced than similar games.

During gameplay, letters will scroll across a conveyor belt in a factory. Players need to type these letters correctly in order to advance to the next level.

If you're feeling lost, there's a helpful voice over that will tell you what to do next. For beginners, it's pretty simple to tell if you are succeeding at the game. If you type the letter correctly, it turns green. If you type it incorrectly, it turns red.

Of course, the better you get at typing the letters, the harder the game becomes. As the levels progress, more and more letters will be added to the conveyor belt, and they will move more quickly across the screen. Still, the game's difficulty level increases at an even pace, so Typing Factory remains an appropriate choice for children.


Keyboard Ninja

If your child likes the popular Fruit Ninja game, then they should try out Keyboard Ninja.

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This game has a very similar premise, and even the graphics are almost identical. Just as in Fruit Ninja, pieces of fruit sail across the screen at various speeds. Instead of using a blade to destroy them, players input letters to slash the fruit. Bombs will also pop up on the screen, which players need to avoid.

I like Keyboard Ninja because it is easily customizable for beginner players. You can choose the letters that appear in the game according to the top or bottom row of the keyboard. There are also three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard.

Easy mode provides an appropriate challenge for grade school children. but Hard mode is considerably more difficult. I recommend starting out on the lowest setting and increasing the difficulty level only when children feel comfortable with their typing.


Baron von Typesfast

In Baron von Typesfast, players take on the role of an ace pilot who must defend a city from enemy blimps.

During gameplay, various words will appear on the screen. Type a word correctly, and your fighter plane shoots down the blimp associated with the word. If you don't destroy the blimp before it reaches your plane, then the blimp will launch a missile that hits the city below.

The city has a finite amount of health and once it reaches zero, the game is over. If you're having trouble destroying the blimps in time, you can adjust the difficulty setting on the game's main screen. There's a standard level difficulty, as well as a word list difficulty, so the game is highly customizable.

It's helpful to know that you can also press Enter or Return to cancel typing a word during gameplay.


Fast Typer

Fast Typer is more challenging than many other browser-based games. I would recommend it to children and teens who are more experienced on the computer.

This game asks players to type out full words at a rapid pace, rather than one or two letters at a time. The Fast Typer words initially have only three letters, but if you're good at the game, they'll quickly increase to six letters or more.

Players have only 30 seconds to type as many words as possible before the game is over. If you can manage to input 10 words in a row correctly, you'll get extra time added on to your score.

Fast Typer would be a great way for older children or even adults to test their typing speed and accuracy. Due to its dynamic nature, gameplay is never the same, so it's a great game to revisit over and over again.

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