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Game Review: Old Man's Journey


Are you someone who thoroughly enjoys and relishes peaceful and and relaxing experiences? If you are that someone - and you probably are, else you wouldn't be reading this article...but I digress.

If you are down for a relaxing mobile game that will pull you away from the daily stressors of life and into an engulfing world filled with pleasant surroundings and non-threatening gameplay, "Old Man's Journey" may be a great fit for you!

Along with offering a cozy and calming gaming experience, it also delivers a delightfully rendered artistic environment and a heartfelt narrative.


Old Man's Journey is a puzzle game about, well, exactly old man's journey. The game begins as the titular old man receives a mysterious but urgent letter.

While you do not know the content of the letter, you do know that it requires him to pack up his belongings and set out on an epic journey.

Your mission is to help the old man successfully reach his destination by helping to clear his path and moving him along the way. He wanders through a gorgeous landscape filled with lush rolling hills, bobbing boats and old lighthouses.

He starts out on foot, but then makes his way partly by truck, air and boat. As you make this journey with the old man you get the sense that he is determined to get to his destination at all cost.

The "puzzle" of the gameplay comes into play as you maneuver the old man through the hilly terrain, which includes waterfalls, animals, trains, etc.

You accomplish the goal of "maneuvering" the old man by way of pushing, pulling and rearranging obstacles and sometimes the landscape or even re-positioning the old man until the "puzzle" pieces of the terrain snap to fit.

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While there can be mild frustration in getting the puzzles to fit just right for the old man to be able to make his way, there is nothing in present that would cause you as the player to experience anxiety and there is no particularly difficult challenge to the game - it's all very simple and relaxing.

The gameplay evokes a surprising amount of emotion and the old man's introspection makes him feel human...for better or for worse.

Without a doubt, the very best part of "Old Man's Journey" is the story and the aforementioned beautiful artwork comes in at a close second.

As the old man makes his way through the gorgeous landscape and off to his destination, he stops at times to reflect on his life and the decisions he has made throughout his lifetime.

Through the old man's flashbacks we are afforded the opportunity to learn the narrative of his life. At times his story is sad but then at other times it is also endearing.

The gameplay unexpectedly evokes a surprising amount of emotion and the old man's introspection makes him feel human...for better or for worse.

The gameplay offers a sedate experience that at times is sad, but then at other times it is most endearing.

So, if you're ready to chill-out, go grab a mug of something warm and sweet, curl up on the couch, grab your phone or tablet and hit the download button to get swept away into a pleasant experience with and old man (well, that didn't quite sound right, but I think you get the picture...).

Old Man's Journey full gameplay lasts 1.5 hours and it is available on:

  • iPad/iPhone
  • Android
  • Steam
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Humble Store
  • Playstation 4
  • Xbox One

Old Man's Journey is a game created by in collaboration with Salon Alprin with music by SCNTFC and made possible by Indie Fund and Vienna Business Agency.

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