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Old Coins to Collect

I have been reading a lot of articles about older coins and collecting coins. It seems a lot of people will go to eBay to collect their valuable coins. I like to find mine in pocket change and I believe my readers do to. Here are a few coins that I am on the look out for. Good luck on the hunt!

I keep finding coins that are so close to being valuable and some that are just really cool looking and so I keep them also, maybe one day they will also be worth something. It seems that anything that is old enough begins to become more valuable.

My favorite coin I have is my 1918 buffalo nickle. It is worn and has seen better days, however that is what makes it so much more valuable to me. It tells a store of where it has been the last 100 years, and that is incredible.

1970 Quarter

This quarter is amazing and has an incredible story to tell. It appears that in 1970 these quarters where printed over some 1941 Canadian Quarters. That is an incredible mistake, I would love to find one of these. There was recently one listed on eBay bidding went to $35,000 last I had heard.

1934-D Lincoln Wheat Penny was sold on eBay for $10,500. So this coin is not really cool, but the particular one sold was very scarce being that it was never in circulation. The grade of this particular coin is MS67+RD. This is why I keep all coins that look nice and clean and is older then myself.

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