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pokémon x and y review-Is pokémon x and y worth buying?


With millions of searches made about pokémon x, pokémon y, nintendo 3ds pokémon x and y, pokémon x and y features etc........ the main question comes to your mind is: Is pokémon x and y worth buying? I love the pokémon games and the whole concept.

Just stick around this page till the end where we answer that question and don't forget to vote in the poll. Then what are we waiting for, lets find out, shall we!

See Full Features of Game, user reviews and Pricing

Please visit here to check out the features of the game point wise, user reviews and the latest pricing of the game.

Below we have elaborated all the features and provided a complete review of the game.

The Storyline

It’s a role-playing video game having adventurous elements in it. The story goes a step backward right from Generation V. The earlier generations had attempted the concept of freeing pokémon from human captivity but the pokémon X and Y goes back to the old concept of domination. Some might think that these games are more for children but breaking away the shackles of this old concept there is attempt to attract in older fans.
You control a young trainer(new in town) who is on a mission to catch and train pokémon and winning fights against other trainers. The player meets many other rival characters who thrive and grow alongside. There is a bond of friendship as one of the main themes. The more you defeat others the more the experience trainer gains thus increasing their stats and gets badges. The player meets with the team flare whose aim is making the world a better place to thrive but unluckily this team a set back from the earlier team plasma. The player by winning battles in the team gets the eight regional gym badges making the player eligible to challenge the pokémon league and gets the opportunity to become champion. Besides this sometimes your pokémon evolves into more powerful one. You can also catch wild pokémon you come across by defeating them in battle and using poké balls to catch them and adding them to your collection. You can battle and sell pokémon with other players using their nintendo 3ds's connectivity features. Just like in the previous versions of game in the series certain pokémon are only available in either X or Y. This encourages players for trading with others to get all pokémon from both the versions.

pokémon x and y starters

pokémon x and y starters

Where to get it cheapest

You can buy pokémon X from stores at 40$ to 50$ or get it online much cheaper at amazon.

You can buy pokémon y from stores at 40$ to 50$ or you can get it much cheaper online at the Amazon store.

Game Features & Mechanic Changes

There are several new mechanics added and many older ones modified. Besides this there is huge number of small quality of life changes that help in adding up to the long run.

1) Mega Evolution

It is an enhanced stage of evolution via using “Mega Stone” that can be found throughout the Kalos region. These evolutions are quite interesting addition because they have changed the scope of battles. But presently just single mega evolution is allowed for the team at one time in order to preserve balance in game. The visual transformations are just awesome. Unluckily game freak has biased by giving a few selected pokémons the ability of having version specific mega evolutions. It is yet not fully known whether all the evolutions have been fully discovered presently or if a downloadable content will be provided later on.

Mega evolutions

Mega evolutions

2) Fairy type

It is also a new feature. This eighteenth type, the newest since Generation II, addresses some of the balancing issues and gives both new and older Pokémon this new typing to balance out the game. The dragons in earlier generations were a tad stronger than what many of the competitive battlers would have liked but this new introduction balances everything. The mascot of the new Pokémon X is a fairy type with a fantastic beast.

Fairy type pokemons

Fairy type pokemons

3) Character customization

It is also another fresh and fun feature. This gives you the power to modify your avatar's appearance so as to make it unique and fantastic. These are possible because of many shops throughout the kalos region allowing you to purchase clothes.

4) Pokémon-amie

Without this we can no way complete this discussion. It allows the players ability to form stronger bonding with their Pokémon. By using the touch screen the players can feed,pet, and play with the pokémon that is currently on their team. You have the ability to interact with the pokémon by feeding or petting by using the touchscreen or by mimicking their movements with the help of the camera. With three new options available for the player viz. play, friendliness and hunger. Large Pokémon, for example Snorlax and Tyranitar will cover up both screens. Playing with a Pokémon increases its friendship with the player, and allows it to avoid attacks and land critical hits more often.
These affection benefits will avail you many battle bonuses viz. you are able to land critical strikes more frequently than before. Other benefits include experience point bonuses, evading of many attacks etc. It is surprisingly a pleasant game addicting feature.

Pokemon amie

Pokemon amie

5) The new "EXP"

The addition of the new “EXP” allows you to gain training experience more easily. Rather than sticking to just one pokémon, you can keep it in your bag and provide extra experience to your complete team but note that pokemons that have fainted would not gain you this EXP. So make sure that you have many revives in hand and always keep all your critters up and about otherwise it's just a wasted experience.

Another small mention I want to make here is that if you are playing with a friend and suppose you both have charizards then its better to trade them to each other. This will fetch boosted experience on the top of the new exp.

6) Fossil pokemons

We would not consider a Pokémon game without having some fossils Pokémons making an appearance. Just as usual you will have the option between the graceful Amaura and the tiny T-Rex dragon Tyrunt. They both have very strong final evolutions but the trick lies in the timing of the evolution. Tyrunt evolves into Tyrantrum during the day from level 39 but you will have to train Amaura at nighttime until level 39 to convert it to Aurourus.

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Fossil Pokemons:Tiny T-Rex Dragon Tyrunt and Amaura

Fossil Pokemons:Tiny T-Rex Dragon Tyrunt and Amaura

7) Breeding

Trading plays a big part in the game but I bet you that you would not be ready to part with your cute Jigglypuff yet. So what to do? Its simple breed them all. The simplest way for that is catching a Ditto. Besides the fact that it appears like a sex toy, with its dynamic DNA feature you can breed almost any Pokémon with a ditto(except only a few stubborn ones).

Ditto and Brock

Ditto and Brock

Visuals and graphics

It’s the first time ever these new Pokémon X and Pokémon Y shine above the previous games. With the whole game done in 3 D environment gives spectacular results. They are just breth taking and I don’t think that any pics here can do justice. The environments are immersive, fluidy plus allow you eight directional movements. At least for the Pokémons franchise the game had never been that more realistic.

The battle environments are changing and dynamic. There are specific battle background for each battle. If battle is in a cave then the background becomes that of a cave. The pokémons do natural and fluid movements. They also display emotions when they attack or when they are hurt. The camera is ever moving thus providing better views of each Pokémon. Our discussion won’t be complete without the mention of “Stereoscopic 3D”. Unfortunately there is a noticeable lag seen in the battle animations but nevertheless the effects are still spectacular moreover you can perfectly play smoothly without the 3D.


The new soundtrack in the game features orchestrated music. Some tunes are brilliant but some may be ackward and make you raise your eyebrows. Nevertheless the tunes are very much different from the past ones thus deviating from our normal expectations. Each and every track is as charming as it could be plus it fits the region around France showcased in the game.

Game replayability

After getting crowned the Pokémon League Champion, there are still many things you can do. You may wait eagerly for the new Transporter apps and the pokémon bank to appear on the Nintendo eShop. This enables you to transfer your old pals from the 5th generation to the new game. This is like storing pokemons on the cloud. By using the new Super Training method you can bring pokémons up to a whole new competitive standard. There are many other challenges including the battle tower facility. It enables return from previous generations. You can also capture roaming legendary pokémons and fulfill the aim of completing the Pokédex. You can go for searching the mega stones hidden around the kalos area. With a lot of end game content you should not be bored so early after becoming Champion.


It’s the first time ever that pokémon is more of a MMO or a social game. It is possible via the pokémon player search station which has features viz. the global trade station (regretfully I have to say that ridiculous trades are plaguing the station already) , trading, sending power ups to friends, battling, creating profiles, sending shout outs, sync your game with the pokémon official website etc. You can play online from anywhere.

Wonder Trade

Another awesome new feature in which you trade your pokémon with another player from somewhere in the world. The exciting thing is that you can’t know which pokémon you’re gonna get until the completion of trade. There are no time restrictions or limits.

Is pokémon x and y worth buying?

Definitely yes!!! With the announce by Game Freak ten months ago only and the launch on 12th oct,2013 over 1 million copies were preordered. The long wait was actually more than worth it. This game is highly recommended and will surely be a powerhouse for the Nintendo 3DS. With all the new changes makes the Pokémon X and Pokémon Y versions just mid blowing packages. Its better to grab both games together because some pokemons are exclusive to each of them.

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Vivian on April 28, 2014:

I voted excellent, but I rather say it is EXTREMELY EXCELLENT!!!

Mark Morgan (author) on October 19, 2013:

Thanks Sara clarke for your appreciation.

Mark Morgan (author) on October 19, 2013:

Thanks Jennifer for your appreciation.

Sara clarke on October 19, 2013:

Very good review. After reading so many other pages online I found this one the best one. Thanks for listing all the features. I ordered both of the games via amazon and received them within two days. The games are just unbelieveably good.

Jennifer michaels on October 19, 2013:

Excellent hub Mark. You just saved the day. I bought both Pokémon x and y. They are just awesome. The whole day I just sat playing game whole day long..........its sooooooo goooood. Thanks dear!!

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