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Ni no Kuni walkthrough: Totally Tidy Tools


Drippy's fairy buddies haven't exactly proven their worth during the main storyline of Ni no Kuni, and the Smiley and Surly combo aren't much better in the post game. But they still need your help, even their ideas are terrible, and they're willing to pay up for the service…

Smiley and Surly have opened a weapon shop aboard the Iron Wyvern, but appear to be having a spot of bother…

Their problem is simple: they have no customers. It's difficult to GET customers when your shop is floating, en't it? Agree to Totally Tidy Tools and they'll ask you to go to several different places to ask people for ideas.

- First, they want you to talk to someone in the Fairyground who has an eye for comedy. The Fairy Godmother herself can help with this; talk to her for the Lullaby Lance idea. You can also check out the fairies in front of the comedy tent and they'll give you the Idea for Soppy Slapstick. Huh.

- Second, they want you to find some graffiti left behind by Surly that described a weapon. Surly is said to have scrawled these things while he was a littlie (disturbed fellow), so check out the Faycare Center. You'll find the Idea for Flawed Claws by checking the elephant slide in the left-most room.

- Third, they want a relic of the Great Sage Alicia's. Use Gateway to jump to Oliver's house and check the kitchen counter to get the Idea for Mom's Favorite Pan. Huh. (While you're here, check the dresser in her bedroom for a new story, The Young Woman's Journal.)

That'll do it. Take these ideas back to Surly for a reward: a Blossom of the Bard, a Pretty Parasol, 10000 guilders, and… no Merit Stamps. How cheap. They'll also give you the alchemical formula for more Pretty Parasols. A good thing, too - they're surprisingly awesome.

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