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Ni no Kuni walkthrough: The Master Alchemist


The world of Ni no Kuni is dotted with tiny locations of variable importance that you may never see while playing the game, and most of them are just storage spots for treasure chests. There's one little cave, though, that will bestow some real gems upon your inventory… assuming you have the patience to see its Errand through, of course.

A strange old man is said to inhabit a cave atop the Genie's Steps to the southeast of the Shimmering Sands.

Leave Al Mamoon and fly south, to the coast. Turn around and you'll see a cave set into the cliffs. Inside is The Master Alchemist, a somewhat kooky old bloke who asks you to create a War God's Ax.

Your first step to doing this is creating a Demon's Axe. The old man is cagey on the details, but if you check your Wizard's Companion you'll see that you need a Grand Ax, two Pairs of Black Wings and three Tachestones.

  • The Grand Ax you can get from the peddler in Perdida.
  • The Black Wings can be stolen from Relixxes in Nazcaa. They appear occasionally on the main map, though more often with other enemies.
  • The Tachestones can be stolen from Burly Hurlys in Northern Billy Goat's Bluff; land on the path leading up the mountain, just north of the trail leading to Perdida. Burly Hurlys appear in most battles, but stealing a Tachestone or three may take a while, as they more often carry Sundrops.

Take the Demon's Axe back to the old man. The Demon's Axe is just the base; now Oliver needs some rainbow-coloured fossils and… writings about the mysteries of this world. Huh?


The first is a Kaleidostone. You need to get five of these nifty fossils to make the axe. You can get them from Bedraggles, the golden dragons near the very end of Glittering Grotto. Fortunately, you can both steal the stones and get them by killing the creatures, which should make life easier. Bedraggles will spawn on the map and appear in other mobs, so attack everything you see. (If you complete the Errand The Runaway Fairies you'll get two Kaleidostones as a reward. It's much easier than trying to get five of them from these stupid dragons.)


The second is a Scroll of Truth. If you thought getting five Kaleidostones was painful, wait until you have to get five Scrolls of Truth. The easiest place to find them is on Tombstone Trail, where you can find golden Honky-Tonkers. The Honky-Tonkers only appear in the Trail's cave (where you had to use Magic Lamp to light candles), and they show up rather rarely, either as themselves or with groups of other creatures. Unlike Kaleidostones, you have to steal the Scrolls from the Honky-Tonkers. Expect this to take a few hours unless you're really, really lucky.

Combine these three ingredients and you'll get a War God's Ax. Present it to the old man and he'll give you two Clumps of Troll's Tears, two Glowstones, 5000 guilders and seven Merit Stamps. He also gives you some alchemical formulae for the other items in the War God set - and, what fun, they require many more Scrolls of Truth. Enjoy!

(While you're here, you can also get a Starspun Tunic from a purple chest and a Medal of Fortitude from a blue chest in the man's cave. Not bad.)


matt on April 02, 2013:

I can't get this mission, even post game says i need to skill up more in alchemy, even though I have done most, if not all of the Horace and the treasure map quest quest line and other alchemy quests. Don't think this is just post game there is probably more you need to do before it becomes available.

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