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Fallout New Vegas Sniper Guide Build/Walkthrough Part 1

New From Bethesda

Finding Your First 2 Sniper Rifles For A New Game.

Games with guns are always good fun and Fallout New Vegas is no exception, providing a large map full of often hostile creatures, and characters to be explored, found, fought and bested. New Vegas does contain a rather complex and interesting story when you play through it, and will have you losing track of time in no time at all. For the time being though I will be ignoring the story and focusing on obtaining the main tool of a snipers trade – a snipers rifle. This guide is designed for those people who like me, love to find a vantage point and vanquish their foes from a distance while looking through the scope of a high powered rifle. Sniping in New Vegas is a lot of fun and that’s what I'm hopefully going to help you get started with as soon as possible.

Note - Exploration is one of the key components of Fallout New Vegas, and while this is a guide I don't want to totally kill the exploration element in the game. Therefore while I will provide map locations for some places I mention, mostly I will not. I will give you the location name, it is up to you to find it. In saying this no place I mention is really that far from the road.

While this guide has been completed without completing any quests (With the exception of Back in the Saddle) you should be able to follow the guide while performing quests as you wish.

Building a New Sniper

For the purposes of this guide I have used a fairly standard build for my New Vegas Sniper. There are many different theories as to the best build for a sniper, and I am not prepared to weigh into that debate. This Sniper Build is more than sufficeint to achieve the goals set out here, and also to continue with achieving the the goals of Fallout New Vegas Sniper Guide Part 2.

The end goal of this guide is achievable with many different builds, the only difference being the level the player has achieved when the Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle has been obtained. Different builds will also vary the time required to achieve the objectives set out in Fallout New Vegas Sniper Guide Part 2. 


The 3 Skills I chose to Tag



Science (The third one is really up to you. However Fallout New Vegas Sniper Guide Part 2 requires a high Science Skill)


  • Strength 5
  • Perception 6
  • Endurance 5
  • Charisma 5
  • Intelligence 7
  • Agility 7
  • Luck 5



You get to choose two traits for your New Vegas Sniper. You can pretty much choose whatever you want here as I feel none of the traits are terribly beneficial to a New Vegas Sniper as the penalty incurred I feel outweighs the benefit of most of the traits available. Just pick what works for you. I went for:

Small Frame +1 Agility (which affects your guns and sneak skills) but you take 25% extra limb damage)

Good Natured this gives +5 to speech, medicine, repair, science, and barter but also gives -5 to Energy Weapons, Explosives, guns, melee weapons, and unarmed. Now I feel I need to explain this. I figure that as a sniper Ill be using Guns Primarily therefore losses in the other 4 catagories are negligible, while all 5 of the skills that are boosted are skills that I will be actively using throughout my playthrough. Plus with the +1 Agility from small frame The Guns skill is effected again so I actually only lose 3 points off Guns with this combination.


Do not read any skill Books until you have attained the Comprehension Perk

Comprehension adds +1 skill point when Skill Books are read, and also doubles the temporary skill bonus when using skill magazines.

Lets Get Started

So with the creation of my sniper complete. My Agility has increased to 8. And my 3 tagged skills are

Guns - 31

Lockpick - 32

Science - 39.

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Doc Mitchell gives you a few things when you leave but you still don't have much. First thing I do is head to Goodsprings General Store and buy a shovel for 13 caps, then head to Goodsprings Cemetry and raid the graves for some loot. Search the houses of Goodsprings for anything you can sell, even empty bottles if you have to. You can steal if you want to but it does affect your karma. Make sure you search all the Mailboxes as these often contain skill magazines that will come in handy later on. If you find a Locksmith's Reader magazine you're in luck, save it as you will need one at the end of the guide. Once you have some loot head to Prospector Saloon and talk to Sunny Smiles and start the Back in the Saddle quest, she will take you out the back and give you a Varmint Rifle and some ammo, shoot the bottles and end the tutorial (you can continue with it if you like just come back to Goodsprings when you're done and continue from there).

Go back to Chet at Goodsprings General Store and you should be able to purchase a Varmint Rifle Night Scope, Mine cost me 182 caps so hopefully you have looted enough stuff to sell to get it. (If you're into stealing, you can steal a lot of stuff from the store and sell it back to Chet. Go in at night and its easy pickings.) Once you've got it mod your Varmint Rifle and you have your first scoped rifle. But lets go find the real thing.

Broc Flower Cave - Home of the Ratslayer

Broc Flower Cave - Home of the Ratslayer

The Journey Begins

The first place we are heading to is called Broc Flower Cave. Go to your map and set yourself a marker based on the image over there >>

Now as tempting as it is to make a bee line and head straight there, Dont! Leaving Goodsprings loosely follow the road toward the bottom of the map discovering locations as you go and of course dispatching anything hostile that comes your way. If you range from left to right across the road as you make your way you should level quite frequently, and find some useful locations you can fast travel back and forth to in the future. A few locations you should find before you hit Primm are, Goodsprings Cave, Goodsprings Source, Jeans Skydiving, and Lonewolf Radio. If you find Lonewolf Radio make sure to loot as much as you can as its treasures come in handy quite soon.

When you come to a town called Primm, an NCR officer may greet you and warn you that the town is off limits, however we can ignore him because we don't mind being shot at, it means we get to shoot back.

By this stage you should have leveled up at least once. Level 2 will give you 14 skill points which you put on Guns taking it to 45. You can also choose a perk, take the Swift Learner perk for 10% XP anytime your earn it. For full Levelling details scroll down.

Snipers Best Friend

In Primm you can pick up the the robotic Companion ED-E. You will find it lying broken on the bench in the Nash residence, You can repair it without worrying about the skill checks, with the parts you found at Lonewolf Radio and perhaps the scrap metal lying next to ED-E if you need it.

The interior of the Bison Steve Hotel and Vicky and Vance Casino are at this stage of play heavily involved with quests which we are avoiding, so it might be best to stay out of those building in Primm, until you start playing through the story.

Fix ED-E up and initiate the companion protocol to gain ED-E's Enhanced Sensors perk which picks up hostiles at a greatly increased range. ED-E is also pretty handy at zapping hostiles when they get close as well and there is nothing wrong with more firepower, as well as providing you with an additional 210 units of storage which means more loot to sell.

Getting to Broc Flower Cave

After leaving Primm the Mojave is yours to explore. I suggest continuing to follow the road on your way there, and you will notice in the image above that while I followed the road on the way to Broc Flower Cave I ranged quite a bit to either side of it by the locations marked on the map. There is no location that you MUST go to in order for this guide to be a success however there are certain locations that will provide you with some worthwhile loot or worhty adversaries to help with your levelling, which I will mention shortly. While loosely following the road with ED-E you will be notified of hostile's in plenty of time, to get in some Sniping practice with your Scoped Varmint Rifle, however it's pretty weak and does use the same ammo as the first Sniper Rifle we are going after, so don't go overboard.

Level Up

Killing pretty much anything hostile that crosses your path provided me the Experience points required to level up and achieve. You may choose which skill to increase first out of Lockpick and Guns, however a high Guns skill helps you kill stuff better which is more fun to be able to do sooner rather than later. You can pretty much choose whatever perks you like but I will explain why I chose the perks that I chose.

Level 2 - 14 Skill points, put all points on Guns taking it to 45. Perk - Swift Learner, 10% more skill points means quicker levelling, which is okay with me.

Level 3 - 13 Skill points, again put all points Guns taking it to 58.

Level 4 - 14 Skill points. Here put 12 points on Guns taking it to 70, and 2 points on Lockpick taking it 34. Perk - Educated. +2 skill points every time you level up make this well worth it. Taken here at level 4, it is 52 extra skill points by the time you max out at level 30, or its an extra 4 levels (approx) worth of skill points.

Level 5 - 15 Skill points, put all 15 points on Lockpick taking it to 49.

Level 6 - 16 skill points, all on Lockpick taking it to 65. Perk - Comprehension, +1 extra skill point from Skill books, Skill magazine bonuses are doubled. You do not have to take this perk if you don't want to, however you will need to level up a few more times to achieve the objectives of this guide. For our objective Comprehension provides a big bonus in that we only need to get Lockpick up 80, as we can use the +20 temporary bonus granted by the Locksmiths Reader magazine to unlock the Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle footlocker.

Skill Books - By level 6 I had obtained 3 Skill Books relevant to our objectives. I had found 1 Guns and Bullets, and 2 Tumblers Today reading these books AFTER attaining Comprehension, adds 4 points to Guns taking it to 74, and 8 points on Lockpick taking it to 73.

I'll be continuing from here as if you have taken Comprehension and have found the skill books above. The only change in objectives if you don't take comprehension is that you will need to get your Lockpick to 90 for Locksmiths Reader to get it to 100.


Level 7 - 15 Skill Points, 1 point on Guns gives us the requirement of 75. 7 points on Lockpick gives us the 80 we need for the Locksmiths Reader bonus to kick us up to 100 to unlock the Gobi's footlocker. 7 Skill points on Science taking it to 46 in preparation for Part 2 of this guide.


So that's it, all going well, you are level 7 with 2 Sniper Rifles that given your high Guns skill, you will be fairly deadly with.

While we are talking about it, at level 8 I took the Intense Training Perk, and boosted my strength to 6. Strength of 6 is the requirement of the Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle for optimal use.


Comes in Handy

You will find an Advanced Radiation Suit In Crescent Canyon.

The Advanced Radiation Suit provides +40 radiation resistence, and can be repaired with normal radiation suits.

Skill Books

So here are the locations where you will find Skill books while pursuing our goals.

Guns and Bullets - Guns - Nevada Highway Patrol Station.

Tumblers Today -  Lockpick - The Prospectors Den, Wolfhorn Ranch

Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual - Sneak - Goodsprings (the house Trudy and Sunny Smiles seem to live in), If you go through Camp Searchlight, in the basement of the east chapel. 

D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine - Medicine - Mesquite Mountains Crater inside Hells Motel.

Grognak the Barbarian - Melee Weapons - Hidden Supply Cave

Pugilism Illustrated - Unarmed - Nipton Road Reststop

Wastland Survival Guide - Survival - Lone Wolf Radio, Mesquite Mountains Campsite, Matthews Animal Husbandry (this one is a little way off our path, but not so to not include it.)




Snipers Nest - Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle is hiding here

Snipers Nest - Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle is hiding here

From Cave to Nest

Broc Flower Cave is fairly straight forward, you go in kill everything find the Ratslayer and leave. The Giant Rats can take some killing, so be prepared for that, and try not get swarmed by them. You will find the Ratslayer leaning up against a table, in a little area that was obviously formerly inhabited by a human.

Depending on what level and stats you have acquired by the time you exit Broc Flower Cave, (I achieved level 7 and our objective stats while in Broc Flower Cave) you should be able to head straight to the Sniper's Nest, almost directly east from the cave.

In the above image I was standing at Broc Flower Cave with a marker set for Sniper's Nest, its not far with the Coyote Mines in between the two. If your going straight there then there isn't anything to exciting to worry about during the trek. If you need to level up a bit more, then the coyote mines might help you out a bit, or just go South a bit and you will find what you are looking for in things to kill.

the Sniper's Nest is nothing than an old wooden frame with a few sheets of iron for walls and a bit of a roof. You will find our target footlocker there along with some ammo, a few ammo boxes, and a sunset sarsparilla star bottle cap.

Your Lockpick skill by now should be at 80 (90 without the Comprehension Perk) and you should have a Locksmiths Reader skill magazine. - if you haven't found a locksmiths reader, fast travel back to goodsprings and talk to Sunny Smiles at Prospector Saloon. Tell her you are in need of caps, she will say something about raiding the schoolhouse safe, and give you a Locksmiths Reader as well as some bobby pins. Fast Travel back to Sniper's Nest. - Read the Locksmiths Reader boosting your Lockpick skill to 100, and go to work on the lock.

Once unlocked the Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle is all yours to play with. Our objectives have been met and you may continue as you wish, whether that be heading back to goodsprings to commence questing, or you can continue exploring and gathering more Sniper Rifles in Part 2.

Whatever you choose to do, I hope this has helped.

Happy Hunting.

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Alexander W. on June 13, 2012:

Thanks man. I love snipers because my dad was one in the marines and because I get an adreneline rush everytime I shoot one. And it helps in game with stealth

Theman on October 10, 2011:

This is the best thing ever.

tomsum from Australia on March 09, 2011:

Wow epic hub mate! Good work!

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