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Why Should You Get the New Loadout Mannequin in ARK

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In the world of Steam's survival sandbox game ARK: Survival Evolved, war is something that can easily happen, and even a small argument between players can end in a battle of colossal proportions. Although players can resurrect through cloning, it is difficult for them to fight in a short amount of time because they do not have the necessary equipment to do so. To allow players to enjoy the thrill of combat in ARK: Survival Evolved, a new structure, the "Loadout Mannequin," has been introduced in the new expansion ARK: Genesis Part 2. With this accessory, players will be able to rejoin the battle as soon as they are revived.


The reason why newly revived players cannot participate in battles right away is because the equipment system in ARK: Survival Evolved is so complex that it is very difficult to find and put on all kinds of equipment in a few minutes. However, the situation with the dummies is quite different. Players can put the equipment they need on the Loadout Mannequin beforehand, and when they are killed, they can be revived directly near the dummies and quickly join the battle.


In addition to being able to dress up in place of the player, the Ark: Genesis Part 2 Mannequin also offers a one-click dress-up feature that allows you to dress up in just 10 seconds next to it, something that is hard to imagine for veteran ARK: Survival Evolved players. The Loadout dummy in Ark: Genesis Part 2 is super useful and will be widely used in the future. In addition to armor, you can deposit virtually any object inside the Loadout Mannequin (be it consumables, ammo, tools, weapons, etc).


However, it should be noted that since the mannequin is a physical object, it can be destroyed by enemies, as can buildings. To avoid such accidents, players must be careful to hide the Loadout Mannequin so that they are not discovered by enemies, which could result in heavy losses.

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