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Neuroshima: Post Nuclear RPG Part 1: The universe.

Neuroshima - Never trust machines



Many years ago machines with AI defined humans as a threat. They started a nuclear war, destroy cities and environments. Only 1% population of USA survived. Soil, air water, everything is contaminated. There isn't any communication with other continents. Canada is managed by Moloch (deadly machines with common personality), Mexico and south part of USA are covered by neo jungle with mutated animals.

Now people fight every day - with hunger, thirst, diseases, other men, Moloch (machines), mutants. There isn't a government, media, industry, agriculture. Everyone have a gun but fire only in need because bullets are one of the currency. Sincerely there is no currency - the only barter. Everyone have a disease but drugs are limited. You can fight and try to survive next day or sit down, take Tornado (kind of hallucinatory narcotic, in a vision someone goes to the past to the war) and give up. The choice is yours.

Four style of gaming

There are four styles of gaming Neuroshima:

  1. Rust - men lost hope and will to fight. There is a lack of everything, even looting can't give enough resources. Battles are bloody and cruel, peoples suffer and lost belongings very often.
  2. Mercury - also there is a lack of everything, but this style is more mysterious. People fear to go outside, there are many dangerous creatures and enemies.
  3. Steel - this style is more optimistic. People fight with Moloch and mutants to clean the world. They rebuild cities and society for next generation. They hope that one day world will be the same as before the war.
  4. Chrome - let's play! This style is for heroes with great fantasy, courage and bounce. No one watch in past and snivel to better days. No one wonder too much about future. Characters usually don't worry about supplies or trouble to loot every dead man like in mercury style. Epic problems need epic solutions.


Cities and fractions

Salt Lake City

Main inhabitants of Salt Lake City are religious farmers and Mormons. How much religious? Very much! This is the biggest concentration of sects, worships and fanatical sermonizers. They try to reclaim everyone who they meet. And they take drugs, a lot of it. Second social community consists of retirees who are tired of life and fight, they grow vegetables in peace or risk going to old part of town to looting.

Expensive goods: weapon

Cheap goods: food, drugs


Vegas is a capital of gambling, sharpies and windbags. There is the only place you can lose everything you own through one night. A cheating, playing cards or roulette wheel is the way to spend time. The city is visible from many kilometres because it has got the last functional nuclear reactor so neons shine like before the war.

Expensive goods: electronics, weapon, food, service of specialists

Cheap goods: drugs


If you can survive on Hegemony's land you can handle everywhere. There are ruthless conditions and tough people. None takes care about morality, it counts only strength and cleverness. Probably it is an effect of a neighbourhood with deadly jungle. Or maybe fact that members of Hegemony's gangs are the worst thugs and criminals before the war?

Expensive goods: service of specialists

Cheap goods: electronics


People in Texas have rules. They don't like Chinks, Negros, mutants, homosexualists, thieves and Tornado. Except this, they are really the most honest and hospitable citizens of the USA. The most important of them are home and family. They have cattle, farms and live in clean, unpolluted area. And use more often horse than a car.

Expensive goods: service of specialists

Cheap goods: fuel, drugs, food, generally majority of goods


Mississippi is the larger American river, but it and 200 km around (the Belt of Death) is one big sewage poisoned by Moloch. There are all periodic table and many mutants. People aren't too much normal and they are resistant to radiation. Everyone wears big coats, rain boots and gas masks.

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Expensive goods: drugs, weapon, food, service of specialists

Cheap goods: fuel


Miami is swamp full of alligators, mosquitos and mutants. Hunting is a popular hobby of citizens, so everyone looks like Clint Eastwood. The richest men live on top floors, earn from drugs and slaves' trade. Rest population live in shelters and search treasures in slime.

Expensive goods: weapon

Cheap goods: drugs, food, generally majority of goods


Detroit is a city of cars. You can cheaply gain or beef up a car, also take part in one of many races. There aren't ordinary races. Do you know movie "Death Race" with Jason Statham? This is similar but there is only one rule - a driver is untouchable. You can do landing operation and kill enemy crew except for a driver or cannonade or use fishnet. Many men in their free time dig junkyards which cover a big area of town.

Detroit is under control few gangs. They aren't so dangerous like in other cities, because like good entertainment than killing. And don't worry about Moloch and other serious issues.

Expensive goods: fuel, drugs, service of specialists

Cheap goods: mechanics

New York

New York is like a time travel - you can feel like before the war. This is a usurpatory capital of the USA, has police, currency (NY dollars) and schools, where children learn a history of a country. They celebrate national holidays and organise parades. They virile rebuild the city and prepare to fight with Moloch. The main threat is mutants and rats which live in gutters and Moloch's machines as well. Citizens hate drugs, especially Tornado. NY is strongly radiated area so people live in metro's tunnels.

Expensive goods: food

Cheap goods: service of specialists, fuel

Appalachian Federation

AF society is divided into castes. Noblemen are very honorary but only for each other, use military rules of Savoir Vivre, duel by swords, give and get lands. Much worse they treat farmers and slaves - for example gun and whip. The Appalachian Mountains are coal and iron field, and very cheap fuel.

Expensive goods: mechanics

Cheap goods: lack

The Outpost

People in the Outpost are specialists with one subject: scientists, soldiers or supporters. But everyone has a technical education. They fight with Moloch actively. It is difficult to locate them because they live in a mobile city, but you can communicate with them by a wide net of spies and couriers. They are the best American technicians and scientists, well armed and equipped. They are very disciplined because live in military rigour.

Expensive goods: fuel, electronics, weapon, food, generally majority of goods

Cheap goods: service of specialists, drugs


Nuclear bombs destroyed mainly cities and strategic objects. This is a reason why countryside is in better condition, although became a desert. Now only people live here are Indians and others who are survival masters. They can gain food and water but have a no-waste policy and try spare everything.

Expensive goods: fuel

Cheap goods: mechanics, electronics, drugs, weapon, ułsługi speców, generally majority of goods


How long you can survive?

Live after a nuclear war isn't an easy task. You count every food ration, drug, bullet. You shouldn't take a bath in a lake because fishes can be mutated to Lewiatan size. Never trust machines and from time to time people also. Everything depends on of your ingenuity, crafting and little selfishness.

In part two I will describe the creating of character and part three the main mechanic.

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