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Nature Scavenger Hunt


What child doesn't enjoy a nature walk? Taking in the cool breezes as you become one with the world is awesome. Sometimes, though, kids get fidgety and can lose focus. A nature scavenger hunt is a great way to keep them focused on a walk, while building up their observation skills and teaching them about nature at the same time.

Difficulty Level

Simple: For young children, under the age of 7, playing by regular bingo rules is perfect. Just have them cross out five in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Challenging: For kids over 7 or for any kids who are up to the challenge, have them cross out all the boxes in order to win. (Make sure they get a nice reward when they're finished.)


This printable nature scavenger hunt comes in the form of a bingo game. Simply print out the bingo card here and have your child take it along on your next nature walk or hike. As the child spots the different items that are on the bingo card, they can cross it off. You can even set up the hunt to be simple or challenging.

Visit the URL below to print out the bingo card

Visit the URL below to print out the bingo card

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For more information on how to set up your own scavenger hunt, or if you need scavenger hunt clue ideas or maybe even some high-tech clue ideas, visit the rest of my hubs.

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