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NCAA Football 14 Rivalry Game Trophies

Rivalry Trophies for NCAA Football 13

Listed below are all the rivalry trophies and are accurate to the best of my knowledge. I also have a list of the achievements available on this game as well.

Rivalry Trophies:

  • Washington vs. Washington State (Apple Cup)
  • New Mexico vs. New Mexico State (Battle of I-25 Trophy)
  • Houston vs. Rice (Bayou Bucket)
  • BYU/Utah/Utah State vs. BYU/Utah/Utah State (Beehive Boot)
  • West Virginia vs. Virginia Tech (Black Diamond Trophy)
  • Colorado State vs. Wyoming (Bronze Boot)
  • Air Force/Army/Navy vs. Air Force/Army/Navy (Commander-In-Chief's Trophy)
  • Virginia vs. Virginia Tech (Commonwealth Cup)
  • Iowa State vs. Iowa (Cy-Hawk Trophy)
  • Iowa vs. Minnesota (Floyd of Rosedale)
  • Nevada vs. UNLV (Freemont Cannon)
  • Arkansas vs. LSU (Golden Boot)
  • Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State (Golden Egg Trophy)
  • Texas vs. Oklahoma (Golden Hat)
  • Kansas vs. Kansas State (Governor's Cup)
  • Kentucky vs. Louisville (Governor's Cup)
  • Minnesota vs. Penn State (Governor's Victory Bell)
  • Illinois vs. Ohio State (Illibuck)
  • Notre Dame vs. Boston College (Ireland Trophy)
  • SMU vs. TCU (Iron Skillet)
  • Notre Dame vs. USC (Jeweled Shillelagh)
  • Cincinnati vs. Louisville (Keg of Nails)
  • Penn State vs. Michigan State (Land Grant Trophy)
  • Michigan vs. Minnesota (Little Brown Jug)
  • Kansas vs. Missouri (Marching Drum)
  • Notre Dame vs. Michigan State (Megaphone)
  • Missouri vs. Nebraska (Missouri-Nebraska Bell)
  • Alabama vs. Auburn (ODK-FOY Sportsmanship Trophy)
  • Michigan vs. Indiana (Old Brass Spittoon)
  • Indiana vs. Purdue (Old Oaken Bucket)
  • Michigan vs. Michigan State (Paul Bunyan Trophy)
  • Minnesota vs. Wisconsin (Paul Bunyan's Axe)
  • Bowling Green vs. Toledo (Peace Pipe)
  • Purdue vs. Illinois (Purdue Cannon)
  • Florida vs. Miami (Seminole War Canoe)
  • Notre Dame vs. Purdue (Shillelagh Trophy)
  • New Mexico State vs. UTEP (Silver Spade)
  • Cal vs. Stanford (Stanford Axe)
  • Illinois vs. Northwestern (Sweet Sioux Tomahawk)
  • Iowa State vs. Missouri (Telephone Trophy)
  • Arizona vs. Arizona State (Territorial Trophy)
  • Clemson vs. NC State (Textile Bowl Trophy)
  • LSU vs. Tulane (Tiger Rag)
  • Cincinnati vs. Miami (OH) (Victory Bell)
  • Duke vs. North Caroline (Victory Bell)
  • USC vs. UCLA (Victory Bell)
  • Akron vs. Kent State (Wagon Wheel)
  • Rice vs. Tulsa (Williams Trophy)

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NCAA Football 14 Question:


klosboss5 on October 08, 2018:

kansas mizzou i played at kansas go hawks

Ricardo DeCoach on February 24, 2017:

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Lots of traveling trophies out there. I'm trying to get all these, even when it goes against my fav team. I seen that Perdue thing. He got it right twice and missed it twice.

Blah on November 28, 2013:

Tulane and LSU have a long history. Been a rivary since the 1900s. Wikipedia it!

TexasTechsan on May 08, 2013:

What about the "Chancellor's Spurs" traveling trophy between the Texas Longhorns and Texas Tech Red Raiders. It's been exchanged since 1996, longer than some of the others on this list.

Tulane vs LSU ?!?! on September 20, 2011:

What kind of game is that it is completely unfair!!

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