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My thoughts on "Dragon’s Dogma"

Just a robot girl that likes thinking and plays a bit of RPGs when there's nothing else to do.



First of all I should say how much I love this video game. I like all the aspects of it, especially the combat and character development. The former is very smooth and responsive, and the latter allows for a substantial build diversity and thus replayability.

I would like to explain how I play any video game in general. If I am sure I can beat a certain video game, I won’t play it. Why do something that is known in advance? It is like reading a detective story when you know, that it is the gardener who killed everyone. That is just pointless. Some may say they enjoy the language and the word play, which in terms of video games would be the graphics, soundtracks, etc. But there are hundreds of games where those aspects are at the top level, given the current state of the gaming industry. However, when there is a chance to fail, not failing gives me a sense of accomplishment. I feel satisfied I have achieved something where one could have not.

Below are my thoughts on what would make the game more balanced and rational.

Point 1

A level cap based on where you are in the main quest line.

I feel I can go straight to the Rotunda of Dread, kill some Elder Ogres with the fall damage, and get overpowered. That removes almost all the challenges. You should be allowed to get the maximum level only after you beat the first form of Daimon. Something similar should be done with the Vocation ranks. I have an approximate example of it.

  1. Level 10 cap before Gran Soren and Vocation level 3 cap in every vocation.
  2. Level 20 cap before Coming to Court and Vocation level 5 cap in every vocation.
  3. Level 50 cap before the Gregory fight and no Vocation level cap.
  4. Level 100 cap before the first Daimon fight.

That would partly eliminate the well-known BBI challenge where you start the DLC as soon as possible and never go back. Something has to be sacrificed though. Nevertheless, the BBI will still be challenging due to the exponential progression of the experience amount required per level. And I should honestly say I find it a bit tedious when you can barely scratch an enemy and you abuse some positioning or throw blasts to kill it. Something around level 50 will be a sweet spot. I also believe the BBI challenge has appeared because of how easy the main game is and that is obviously not right.

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Point 2

Animated use of consumable items.

The classic example would be the Dark Souls series, where you have to find a safe spot to use an item. Healing from the pause menu is cheating in every game and every sense. Using an item should be a meaningful choice with consequences.

Point 3

Inventory lock when climbing, when grabbed, knocked down, etc.

It is desperately needed. Otherwise it looks like: "don’t eat me - sir Cyclops - I have to take another sip of my healing potion.'' Well you can do all the things that devs allow you to, but for me, it makes no sense. I play to experience the life of my character, to feel the combat as if I were there. So I want it to be more or less realistic. The current possibilities for both points 2 and 3 are never realistic.

Point 4

Possibly reworking the leveling system.

What I mean here is that the game forces you to play a specific vocation to get the desired stats. Especially if you want to min-max them. For example, you would like to be a Warrior, but you have to play an Assassin to have the maximum strength.

I do not have a suggestion that I could consider the best for this point. I like that the stat growth is considerably reduced once you hit level 100. So, it doesn't make much difference what vocation you play after that. Yet I would want more freedom during the whole game. Getting allocatable stat points per level would, on one hand, help achieve that, but on the other hand, the uniqueness of Dragon's Dogma would be lost. So, it is disputable.


Earlier, video games were better, hah. Seriously, they were not that casual as the majority of the modern ones. The developers did not stress the graphics to make a video game worth playing so other aspects were payed more attention to. I honestly think that Dragon's Dogma is close to them. Yet, I would want it to be just a little bit closer.

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