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My Top 5 Female Computer Game Characters

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5 Samus Aran

Samus Aran, one of the most well-known female video game characters, is a powerful fighter who has become a beloved part of the gaming culture. She is often mistaken for a man throughout the game due to her lack of female traits. In fact, she hardly displays any female physical characteristics or personality. That makes her a gender-neutral character. Her traits do not fit any stereotype of a female computer game character.

Before Samus Aran was introduced to the world, she was little known to the public. While most people had no idea she was a female, informed gamers were delighted to learn that she was a bounty hunter. While the game's booklet implied she was a man, her role as a female protagonist soon made Samus Aran one of the most popular computer game characters today.

She has a unique physical appearance, as her power suit grants her extraordinary abilities. When equipped with a speed booster, Samus can turn into a metal sphere and drop bombs to kill enemies. She can run at incredibly high speeds thanks to her shine spark, a form of super jump that lets her leap great distances and clear great heights. In the ending sequence of the first Metroid game, Samus appears as a brunette, if you were lucky enough to complete the game, you really were in for a surprise.

The character has also appeared in several comics, including the Super Metroid serialized comic. Though not a blueprint interpretation of the game, Samus has made many cameo appearances in other games, such as Famicom Wars, Tetris, and Super Mario RPG. She also appeared as a morph ball in Dead or Alive: Dimensions, which was a spinoff of Team Ninja Metroid: The Other M.

The original booklet of Metroid states the bounty hunter as a "He".

The original booklet of Metroid states the bounty hunter as a "He".

4 Lara Croft

Lara Croft is one of the best-known female computer game characters. Her franchise has become a cultural phenomenon, the only female video game character to do so. The character is a combination of filthy-rich, aristocratic, and adventurous, and she was even named ambassador of scientific excellence by the British Ministry of Science. While her success has been largely attributed to her innovative games, there are many reasons why Croft is a popular female computer game character.

The character's popularity has been due in large part to her appealing looks and unique voice. Croft's appearance has been inspired by pop singer Neneh Cherry and the comic book character Tank Girl. Several prototypes were made before settling on an image that resembled a tough-looking South American woman with a braid. However, Crystal Dynamics, the developer of the series, wanted to make the character seem more realistic to women. This was achieved by altering Croft's physical proportions and adding ways to interact with the game environments.

Lara Croft is also one of the most famous video game characters, and she holds two Guinness World Records. As one of the first female characters to make it big in the gaming world, Lara Croft's popularity has risen and fallen since her introduction in 1996. The reboot, however, has increased Lara Croft's popularity, and her popularity has grown again and spawned a large fan base.

Lara Croft about to tackle a puzzle

Lara Croft about to tackle a puzzle

3 Chun-Li

One of the most well-known female video game characters is Chun-Li, the main protagonist of the Street Fighter series. Since their late teens, she has known the main characters, Ryu and Ken, and has developed a romantic interest in Ryu. In the series, Chun-Li and Ryu compete against each other in various combat situations. However, Chun-Li often criticizes Ryu's focus on training and gets annoyed with his desire for revenge. In the live-action Street Fighter movie, she was given the name Zang/Xiang.

Despite her flamboyant style, Chun-Li is one of the few female video game characters whose popularity has endured. She was one of the first playable female characters in mainstream video games and is best known for her ox-horned hairstyle and blue qipao dress. Her goal in the game is to kill M. Bison, a notorious cyber-terrorist and the leader of the Chaos Raiders.

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Since her debut in Street Fighter II in 1991, Chun-Li has gone on to star in several other Capcom fighting games. She has battled the villainous M. Bison in the Marvel vs. Capcom series and is the rival of SNK's Mai Shiranui in Street Fighter. Her popularity is such that she has even appeared in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars and Street Fighter X Tekken.

Chun-Li has a legendary kicking move known as Hyakuretsukyaku. This technique allows Chun-Li to throw multiple kicks in one move. Her unique move is as iconic as her costume. The Hyakuretsukyaku is her signature move, and she can perform multiple kicks in a row with just a kick button.

Chun-Li in one of her favorite poses

Chun-Li in one of her favorite poses

2 Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Lockhart is a stunningly beautiful character in the game Final Fantasy. She has dark brown hair and reddish brown eyes, as well as long legs and a slender waistline. Her martial skills are also impressive, as her large breasts can easily knock out her opponents. Unlike most female characters in the video game world, Tifa is not a sexy teen or college student. She has a thin nose and a beautiful face.

The character Tifa Lockhart has a fascinating background. This young woman was born and raised in Nibelheim, a doomed town in the Final Fantasy game series. She has an empathic warrior spirit and the love interest of the main character, Cloud Strife. She rarely talks about her feelings and tends to put other people's needs ahead of her own. Her background makes her an interesting character to watch as the story unfolds.

Her character is a strong, independent female video game protagonist. She has been compared to Lara Croft, a popular female role model of her generation. She is a strong, capable, and relatable female role model in gaming and has become one of the most popular leading female characters. She is a game industry favorite who has inspired millions of gamers around the world.

The ever beautiful yet deadly Tifa Lockhart

The ever beautiful yet deadly Tifa Lockhart

1 Princess Peach

The first game featuring Princess Peach was Super Mario Bros in 1985. This character has always been referred to as Princess Peach in Japan, but her name was changed to Princess Toadstool in the English manual. That changed with the release of Super Mario 64. In this game, Peach's original name was Princess Toadstool, but the name "Princess Peach" remained in the Japanese manual.

Although Princess Peach may be a damsel in distress, her role as a video game character has grown to be far more versatile. She's played a role in many Mario-themed sports games and appeared in a DiC cartoon series. Peach even has her own Wii remote. The Wii remote is one of the best Wii peripherals ever made, and what more could you want than to combine it with your favorite Princess theme.

The series of video games featuring the princess has become extremely popular. Peach's character has been reimagined from a simple damsel in distress into a video game heroine. She has her own line of games, and she even appears as the main character in Nintendo's mascot. As a gamer, Princess Peach has become a part of many players' fantasy lives, making her a popular and beloved female video game character.

The lovely Princess Peach

The lovely Princess Peach

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