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My Top 3 Video Games for the Holiday Season

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I Am Not Making A Halloween List!

With horror games right and left, Halloween is a very easy holiday to find games for. plus the specifications for a good Halloween video game are minor, as long as it as some horror element then it works. However what about Christmas? What makes a good Christmas or Thanksgiving game? Well before we can start our list first we need to set up a few rules and ask, just what makes a Christmas game? or for that matter what makes a Thanksgiving game?

The Specifications

I don't want to leave anybody out such as Hanukah or Bodhi Day, so I am going to follow suit of the government and business and just refer to it as the Holiday season. It's fine, besides the more i think about it, all of these end of the year holidays support the same feelings of togetherness and (anymore anyway) giving and receiving,

So in short out rules are as follows

1- Supports the feel of giving and receiving.

2- Displays cheery colors like red, green, blue and so on.

I could list timing but if Friday the 13th the game could be considered a Halloween game and yet take place in the summer then why can't we find a good Holiday game in of similar standard's. With that let's get started.

No 1: Anything With Seasonal Events

Is this cheating?

Is this cheating?

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This makes the most sense when you think about it. Whether it be Animal Crossing DC Universe Online or something else, as long as it has seasonal events then it will probably cover any holiday you can throw at it with brightly colored decorations gifts that you can give to fellow players or NPC's and in some cases like DCUO you may in fact have to save the holiday's! perhaps this was a easy choice but in the end I feel it is a great choice for the holidays.

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No 2: Batman Arkham Origins

This might take some explaining

This might take some explaining

This may seem like a bizarre one to list here but hear me out. In the game, our hero Batman must must save Gotham city on Christmas eve meaning he is literally trying to save Christmas itself. As you explore the massive city you will often notice the decorations of the season as people try and have some holiday cheer, even the Penguin a small holiday tree stashed in his base when explore it. Alfred maybe the only family the bat has but you can tell Alfred truly cares for him as Batman risks his life for everyone. When for the finale bit of icing on the cake, when speaking to Alfred it is revieled that while in Bruce Wayne's absence Alfred was tasked with delivering toys the the Gotham orphanages. A bit of good action for a video game perfect for the holidays.

Save Gotham yourself!

No 3: Party Games

Doesn't have to be Mario Party but shouldn't exclude it ether

Doesn't have to be Mario Party but shouldn't exclude it ether

This should be more obvious then it is. I can't think of a better genre for the holidays then party games. They are best played with friends and family, they are very brightly colored and will even often times have holiday themed courses or mini games and even if they don't who cares. At least in the case of Mario Party you give and receive gifts or at least give each other a hard time all for the sakes of having a little fun. There plenty to choose from for the holidays so pick one and don't forget to have fun.

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To Wrap This Up

Once you remove the idea that they have to take place at a certain time of year and or that they have to look a certain way, like Halloween, suddenly there are many options to pick expanding fro beyond what I have listed here, that being said, I think i picked some good ones for those interested. But what do you goys think if have anythoughts at all please comment in the section below. I'm Wanderin Jim and I hope you all have a super happy day.


Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on October 18, 2020:

Interesting compilation.

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