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My Funko Pop! Collection

VP (Vynyl Pops) likes to collect geeky and funky stuff like Funko Pop! figures. She has a hand boiler!

My First Funko Pop!

My First Funko Pop!

Beginners You Won't Make A Fortune With Your Collection Of Funko Pop!

Chances are you will not make a fortune collecting Funko Pop! figures. If you do decide to begin collecting, do it because you really like them, not because you think it will turn into a fortune. Since I've started my collection a month ago I don't have the experience to understand which versions and characters might become valuable. I am not going to focus on that, in fact, I am going to assume that my Funko collection won't ever be worth more than I paid for it. And it might not even be worth that much. I am just going to get the characters I like and be happy I have a collection.

I may, some day, be able to spot a great value or find a rare or vaulted item, but that will happen when it happens. It is not going to be my goal. It's not like I am adding a Picasso or a Monet to my set, they are vinyl collectible figures. I am not going to fund a college education with them. I am going to enjoy displaying the ones I like and choose to buy. Yes, it is nice to dream, but I want to be realistic. I don't want to spend more money than I can afford thinking I am going to profit from this. Of course, it would be fabulous if that did happen.

Funko Pop!s To Be On The Look Out For

Some Pop! figures are worth more than others. There are some that are limited editions and only a certain number of them will ever be made. Those will probably grow in value, but I would only get them if they were among the characters I planned on getting to begin with. I don't want to make crazy and impulsive buys, I want to enjoy the collection I have and the additions I make to it.

One of the decisions I have to make is about the box. Do I want to keep my figures in the box or do I want to take them out? Right now they are in the boxes they came in. These boxes aren't sealed so no one would know if they came out anyway. Only I will know. If I do take them out of the box I will keep the box and make sure it doesn't get damaged. This way if I do decide to sell one of my Funko Pop! I can put it in the box it came in.

Friday The 13th  Jason Vorhees

Friday The 13th Jason Vorhees

Certain Funko Pop! Figures Will Increase In Value

There are a few Funko versions that will go up in price very quickly after they are introduced. Among these figures are the the ones designated as Chase variants. These are common Pop! figures with something different about them. It could be eye or hair color. Other ones that will increase are limited production ones that are certain companies or special event promotions. They are exclusive and will not be available once they are sold out. So those are good ones to look out for, but I won't be buying them unless they are in my planned collection.

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Halloween Michael Myers 03

Halloween Michael Myers 03

How Do I Intend To Grow My Collection?

Deciding what characters I want to collect is much more difficult than I thought it would be. I love so many different themes and shows and musical groups. So right now, I don't have a plan. I hope to have one soon.

The Funko Pop! figures I have aren't actually a cohesive theme. The very first one I got is Peter Brady #695 from The Brady Bunch. My daughter loved The Brady Bunch and her heartthrob was Peter. I saw this little guy on sale on day and bought him for 4.00. I called my daughter and told her. I thought she would be excited about it, but she didn't even want it. So, that's how I got to be a collector. I kept Peter around, in fact, he's on a shelf next to my Mini-Me Figure from Austin Powers. Mini is not a Funko, but he is my first love. Anyway, I spotted some spooky ones in a store and decided right then and there I really get a kick out of these things. I've seen them in the office and always admired everyone else's collection, and figured it was time for me to have one of my own.

Freddy Krueger Nightmare on Elm St  02

Freddy Krueger Nightmare on Elm St 02

The Other Pop!s In My Collection Are Horror Figures For Halloween

I got the classic scary figures to celebrate Halloween. Freddie, Jason, Regan From The Exorcist, and Michael Myers. Those are enough to scare the pants off anyone! They are from the best scary movies ever and I watch those movies time and again, so it's only fitting that those characters are among the first in my collection. Now I am thinking of getting some Christmas ones to keep going with the holiday theme for the time being. That can change at any time. The number of choices out there is pretty unbelievable. I can see why people have such large collections, it's difficult to find one you don't like.

Regan The Exorcist 203

Regan The Exorcist 203

Peter Brady seems so innocent next to these guys. I have to get some mild mannered company for him to sit with on the shelf. A member of the Brady Bunch doesn't mix well with the horror characters I bought. I will just move them up to the next shelf so Peter and Mini Me can hang together.

Are You New To Funko Too?

If so let me know. Tell me how many you have and which direction you see your collection heading.

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