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Entropia Universe Review

Review of Entropia Universe (video)

Planet Rocktropia

Planet Rocktropia

My first items

My first items

on the 3rd week of my acc i got lvl 4 SG.

on the 3rd week of my acc i got lvl 4 SG.

How i am now.

How i am now.

Entropia Universe - The game with no end

Hello, my name is Miguel Ferreira (my ingame nickname is comedyspit), and i will present to you a brief review of this unknown/underrated (by most gamers) game called Entropia Universe Developed by Mind Ark.

Entropia universe is an MMORPG(Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) mixed with FPS (First Person-Shooter), and it is also a Real Cash Economy Game. "What is a real cash economy game?" A real cash economy game is a game where the only currency that goes through every player's hand is real money from this one player or has been passed down by another player, an important point to add is that you can withdraw money to your bank account so there is a chance of making money but it is difficult. EU is a virtual environment where you can actually go from your starter planet to other planets you haven't visited before, you can even dock your ship into the space station and give it a rest. The currency of Entropia Universe is PED (Project Entropia Dollar), i think you are dying to know the exchange rate, it is 10 PED = 1 Dollar. A curiosity that you should know too is that Entropia Universe is in Guinness Record Books in 2004 and 2008 for the most expensive virtual objects to be sold (space station sold for the price of $300,000).

Planet History (My point of view)

Planet Calypso (My birth planet):

Developer(s) MindArk



Engine CryEngine 2

Platform(s) Microsoft Windows

ReleaseJanuary 30, 2003

Planet Rocktropia:

Planetary system: ROCKtropia

Developer:NEVERDIE Studios

Manager:NEVERDIE Studios


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Planet Arkadia:

Developed by Arkadia Studios.

Next island:

Planet Name: Next Island

Planet Partner: Next Island LLC

Developer: NEVERDIE Studios (2008-2011), Next Island LLC (2011- )

Planet Status: Released

Release Date: 2010/12/08

Planet cyrene:

Planet Name: Planet Cyrene

Planet Partner: Creative Kingdom

Developer: Digital Scryers

Planet Status: Released

Gameplay experience:

To put it simple, play as you can, if you can't deposit you can play without depositing, if you can deposit, then you do it.

People who do not deposit can still have fun and learn the ropes and come back at a later point in time where they can deposit and explore the multitude of worlds beyond.


It is a very social MMORPG RCE where you can find all types of people so i will advise you to be careful who you do your trades and who you trust, like in real life, you will find people who will try to take advantage of you and people who will rage at you for no apparent reason.

Just dont mind them.


In Entropia Universe you will have about 5 professions minimum where you will be making a living and those are:

Sweat Gatherer: Sweat gatherer is a free skill, every player can sweat by using the tool VSE Mk1, it is used to gather "Vibrant Sweat" from animals which are used to craft, etc..

Hunter: Hunter is the profession that you can become that will turn you into an individual that will hunt animals, monsters, robots, whatever it is, and the loot you will receive will have a markup (market value % or +) and to be able to profit or at least get the peds you spend back you need to find buyers that pay markup. Being a hunter is not just go around shooting everything, the best way to hunt is through efficient hunting and eco hunting, i will start by efficient hunting, efficient hunting is in fact, hunting, but doing it while you have missions and daily challenges, therefore you are working to get reward at the end of both, not only you are getting skills just for hunting, you will get skills for doing missions and challenges. About the eco hunting, well, the first thing you want to do become a eco hunter, is to hunt while your weapon is maxed, and by this i mean using a gun recommended for you level, also a brilliant thing to do is to count the shots and multiply by the number of "ammo burnt", this way you will get cost/mob, by knowing the value of cost/mob you will know every time you get back what you spent, if you didn't get enough back or if you did a profit on that mob.Also i would recommend you to write everything down, this way you will be saving knowledge every time you go on a hunt. One of the most important rules is: Never sell your loot to TT, why? Because every time you are selling loot to TT you are eliminating the possibility of transferring extra pec to you, if you sell everything for the markup value you can actually get your ped back or even better, you can have a profit run. As soons as you understand this you will be hunting wisely and with more loot back than if you weren't aware of all these details.

Trader: Most common profession which is based on trading, in this subcategory of profession you will learn and see that there are several groups inside this subcategory which have their own distinction and i will add every single one of them and explain the differences. First i want to talk about the resellers they buy stuff cheap, and sell it at a higher price in order to make profit on auction, these players create inflation on the market. Beware of this players, some of them may be greedy and just want to get the most ped out of you. Secondly, you will find people who own shops and will buy your stuff for a low markup value % or + so they can put in their shop at the normal markup and have both, the client and the trader some profit out of the trade. Third group is about stackables, that is materials and mined resources, those are stackables that have a markup value, the stackables traders buy the materials or mined resources at a value that is lower than the markup, the seller, you will have some profit because you will not sell it to the trade terminal (TT), the buyer collects a decent amount of stackables that when big ammounts the markup will make them profit on auction or sell it to crafters.

Miner: Miner profession is quite interesting, you have some tools + mining probes which will enable you to "dig" resources from the underground, best locations to mine are in pvp zones which are free of mining taxes which will have you make more peds than if you were in an estate with 3 % taxes.

Crafter: Crafter is the most difficult profession because crafters use material from mining and hunting in order to craft the item they want to craft, not only do they have to buy or get the materials themselves, they have 3 types of rates when crafting which are: Success rate, Near Success and Failed. The success rate will give you the material or it can give you a bigger amount of the product you want to craft, the Near success will give you back a small % of the materials you spent in crafting. The failed rate will be a complete failure therefore not returning anything. So as you can see, crafting is quite a difficult choice of profession because you are playing against the odds every time.

Transportation services/Taxi: Some players or group of players, have motherships or other types of vehicles that can help you in the transportation of materials in a safe way for example, warp transportation, which is about 20-25 ped or you can just take the normal transportation and take risks from 5-10 ped. These players charge for the fuel (Oil) + time + land fees. So if you like flying in space, this is your thing.


Well, Healer consists of using healing devices to cure one's self or someone else. It is not very expensive to learn but will take some time.Normally,if you are high level healer, people may invite you to go on their hunts to heal and receive a % of the loot each monster they kill. This is good, it is in fact, an extra profession that pays off if your hunt goes well. If you are interested inform yourself about healing devices on entropedia or contact a ingame friend of yours to know what you should use as a first healing device.

This is a never ending game:

You can just escalate your character or stay at the tier so to speak, you are the one who do the calls, just do it smart.


The controls to move your character are preety simple, WASD to move like most of the MMORPG these days, you can jump, swim, you can customize your own set of keys for shorcuts, in summary, we have a good organization on the controls with no flaws. You can set up buttons on screen to equip sets, weapons, spawn vehicles etc...

Challenge level: Extreme or Normal

F2P: Extreme

P2P: Easy-Hard (sometimes extreme) depend on what tier you are, if you are uber (high level high gear ava).

Is it fun?

Yes. I recommend you to play this game, and i will present several reasons to justify my answer.

- You are capable of meeting good people, that you might have fun with everyday.

- "You can do whatever you want", you can explore unexplored lands and be one great explorer, you can travel between space itself to visit other planets and find other types of living beings or robots.

- You can get a horde of mobs after you to go kill people (Someone did this to me, was preety fun, until i died)

- This will probably make you imagine things so stupid that you want to download this game right now and don't even finish reading the rest of my work.

- Ignore the last part of the last phrase, do not stop reading, it is important to get a full idea of the game before trying it out, and by that i don't mean that i will spoil the game, no, i just want to make sure you will enjoy it.

I will refer the things that i liked about the game and the things i disliked ( probably going to mention something i wrote before)


I love the graphics, the gameplay, the idea behind the game,


I dislike the greediness and toxicness of people, the low prices of sweat and manipulation of market.

Non depositer way of playing

If you are going to be a non depositer, you have a tool for sweat, you can pick up naturals from the ground, like fruit (very rare) the price is not high, but you will have a big challenge on your way, it will not be easy but you can build a good reputation by achieving your own goals, without spending a dime. Write your own path among other citizens and be known for your expertise and hard work!

Age Average:

The age average on this game is from 18-50+ years, as it is a game that needs money, there will be no children here. You can play the game and enjoy it.


I rate this game 6.5, due to all the reasons above written on the like/dislike section, please comment or evaluate this review

Good luck, and pick your planet wisely! - information about monsters, items, etc. - website that helps you gain some extra ped - keeps track of globals/where they happen and can help you gain some extra ped when hunting on events through their app, tracker suite.


4 stars

Did you enjoy?

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2015 Miguel Ferreira


Faucon ioji VanAlkel on September 17, 2015:

Just read through your review!

I'm a long time Entropia player myself (abut 6 years in the game) and I'm currently running a community called the Entropia Revival Project.

Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to review us. If you're in game some time, look me up :) I write a lot on the game and I'm on world frequently. If you plan on doing more reviews and videos, let me know and maybe we can sync up. if you want to check it out. We are a community after all, and I do my best to try and support that :)

Jacobb9205 on February 14, 2015:

Miguel Ferreira, No problem and good luck my friend! Entropia Universe is annoying, I didn't play for a few months and they locked my account? I deposited and everything... Still waiting on a reply

Miguel Ferreira (author) from Portugal on February 14, 2015:

Thank you, feedback is always great and welcome. I am thinking of making a guide to making PED's exploring ways to help people who don't depo or need some extra ped.

Jacobb9205 on February 12, 2015:

Great review and use of images and videos love it!

Miguel Ferreira (author) from Portugal on January 12, 2015:

You are right see, but for example, i am 18 years old and i study at night, i haven't got a job yet, but when i do, ill be able to play like you do and enjoy a bit more the game.

Asbest on January 12, 2015:

In my opinion the best way to play the game is like a p2p game.

You can say like: I pay 10$ per month and not more. Go back sweating if you run out of PEDs early. This way you would spend less money then on games like WOW and your money wont just disappear! Like written above you get at least skills worth smth for spending PEDs. And if you spend that money wisely it will last very long and probably stack up in the beginning.

And that's imo the key-fact about this game: If you don't want to loose money you have to be patient and nonimpulsive. It isn't a game where you log in and just go shooting some stuff. You always have to think about what you do! But if you do, you can have so much fun and be part of that awesome community like i have never seen one in another game before.

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