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My Birthday Plans for Tomorrow

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Birthday Plans


My Birthday Plans

So tomorrow is my 42nd Birthday and originally, I had plans to go to dinner at Golden Corral a couple of towns over from me with my wife, children and family. However, those plans got royally screwed up due to the fact that my wife has to work tomorrow. The irony of course, I'll be working too except working from home trying to keep my son and daughter from driving me nuts.

Incidentally, I didn't want to do anything big tomorrow. I told my wife ahead of time that I didn't want a cake, I pretty much bought my own presents in the form of video games. One is coming out tomorrow. Well, midnight tonight actually.

My real present is God of War Ragnarok coming out on the 9th of next month. So I'm gaming on my PS4 playing Dragonball Z Kakarot until I beat it. Currently, I'm on the Frieza Saga and I've already gotten to a point where Vegeta is in the Revitalization Chamber healing from his fight with Zarbon.

So I kept asking myself, "since the wife has to work, you have no car, nowhere to go, your mother isn't going to show because she's afraid of the parking situation at your complex which, has gotten immeasurably complicated, you're going to be home with your kids tomorrow. What do you want to do?"

I kept thinking about it and I finally came up with an answer. Tomorrow, what I am going to do is, I'm going to spend money from home. Simply, I'm going to order out for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner which means that Doordash is going to be paying me 3 visits tomorrow if I can help it.

Second, I'm going to put my PS4 up and pull my PS5 out. Asterigos: Curse of the Stars drop on all current gen consoles midnight tonight. I'll spend time working on that game and playing Yugioh Master Duel putting together my next deck which I think I'm going to make it my D/D and D/D/D deck. My gamer soul is hollering out to me to create that deck.

In a small way and this is a little off topic, but I've been able to save up money letting my wife clean up her own messes. See, back where she's from, her grandfather cleaned up after her no matter how big the mess. I did that for a little while too until it started me money.

So I got a pretty penny saved up right now and going to spend a bit on myself tomorrow, on that, my special day. I was never really a person that liked to go out places with a crowd, I'm an introvert and a loner. I like doing things by myself.

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I know having a family changes that dynamic a great deal, but I also thought that if anything happens to me being out by myself everyone else in my circle is spared. I know the logic sounds a little selfish, but I'm going on what I've always known.

You know, the only real reason why I wanted to go to Golden Corral was because my wife made the suggestion to me on my birthday last year and I shot it down. I wanted to go as an act of goodwill and because she suggested it.

My birthday plans may not be much, but the fact that I'll make my own fun is good enough for me. I've always been a simple soul, someone who can get by on less or for less. I've always been the 'easy to please' type.

At least with my wife out of the house tomorrow, I'll just be home with my children which makes dealing with them easy to manage. My wife always has the hard time with them; me, not so much.

Looking back, I used to make my birthday complicated. But turning 42 really makes me feel like you want to do something that involves you and not everyone. Besides, I don't plan on spending time outside the house tomorrow so even though I pushed my wife out the door to go to work, I did it more for me than her.

So, I'll still do my writing tomorrow on my sites and plan to partake in my own self-amusement but tomorrow I plan to do nothing but chill, eat, write and game. Not necessarily in that order.

Like my Post? Leave me a message and I'll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy writing.

P.S. Next year, I'm going to the Mall of America for my 43rd Birthday.

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