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Munchkin Review: Munchkin 3 - Clerical Errors

New Race and Class!

This is the second expansion to the original fantasy-themed Munchkin deck. This expansion doesn’t add any new rules but does add a new Race, the Gnome, and a new class, the Bard. Gnomes are treated like Halflings but they have different abilities, like being able to playing a monster to help you in one combat or getting bonuses for items beginning with G or N. The Bard class is able to draw one extra Treasure, after discarding another Treasure. However, its most impressive ability is a chance to force another player to help you in a combat, as long as it’s not for the win.

The Gnome can actually be really powerful, particularly in short bursts. Being able to play a Level 20 monster, especially in a fight for the win, is unmatched. The G and N bonuses aren't game changing but can help a player pick and choose what equipment cards you like best. Playing as the Bard gives more variety in Treasure selecting and having a teammate with little cost is always fantastic.

The Opposition

There are a handful of interesting Curses in this deck, including the namesake. Curse! Clerical Errors immediately summons the top monster in the discard deck, makes it undead, and attacks the victim, along with any other monsters in a combat. It's not necessarily bad to play it against yourself if you're a Cleric, since you can discard 3 cards to get +9 which outweighs the +5 Undead Bonus.

The card Curse! Dying Curse forces the victim to take the Bad Stuff from the monster in the discard pile, without giving them the chance to run away. You can immediately kill another player, or have them suffer the more infamous Bad Stuff such as The Wight Brothers and suffer major damage to your levels and so forth.

However, possibly the worst, is the Curse! Hungry Backpack. Near the end of every turn, the victim has to roll a die and lose that many cards from their hand, unless they roll a 6 which gets rid of the Curse. This Curse can be compounded with Curse! Today is not your Day!, never allowing the victim the chance to naturally get rid of the Curse and cause a permanent leak to your hand.

There’s a new Level 20 monster, called Kali, in this expansion, which gets an additional +5 if you don’t have at least 2 things in your Hands. But possibly worse is the Level 18 Auntie Paladin. She gets a +5 if your character is male, but an additional +5 if your character is a Cleric, meaning it can be a Level 28 monster against Male Clerics. Neither monster allows low-level munchkins to run away for free.

However, there is a card that makes it a lot easier to deal with these kinds of monsters. By playing the Typographical Error, it causes the monster to become a Level 1 without changing the Level or Treasure rewards. Building up a single monster and then remove it easily with this card for the maximum rewards.

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Assets and Treasures

There’s a handful of good Treasures, as well. The Two-Handed Sword, which essentially gives you an extra hand with a +2. The Vorpal Blade just gives a +3, but against anything with a name that starts with a J, it becomes a +13. It's particularly humorous when someone is playing the custom Poser card, enabling combat against someone who's name naturally begins with a J.

There’s two really good protections against Curses. The first is the Occasionally Reliable Amulet, where whenever a Curse hits the munchkin, the munchkin rolls the die. You have a 50/50 chance of blocking the Curse or losing the item, and if you roll a 6, you gain a Level as well! The better of the two Curse-protectors is the Headgear the Magnificent Hat with a +2 Bonus. Whenever a Curse hits you, every other player rolls a die and the Curse gets reflected onto the lowest roller. In all honesty, the Magnificent Hat is possibly one of the best cards in the entirety of Munchkin.

Final Thoughts

Clerical Errors is a substantial expansion and in my opinion, worth the money. It puts in two new Race/Class cards, which helps change the game when you play without really unbalancing the game. Also, the new cards seem to help downplay the Cleric class from the original deck, which in my opinion was a bit more valuable and powerful compared to the other classes

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