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Most Beautiful and Worthy Pokémon Cards to Collect from Recent Releases!

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I love Pokémon and have been watching the anime/cartoon ever since I was a little child! Pokémon is still popular!

The Pokémon Trading Cards Game (PTCG) has been released for over 20 years. For those that collected Pokémon cards from a long time back, those rare cards are worth a good amount of money on the Pokémon market today. Most of us don't have enough money to start a Pokémon cards collection from the older cards. However, recent Pokémon card releases are very awesome and will for sure get you some nice chuck of change in the future. Read this article to find out which Pokémon cards are beautiful and worth collecting!

Mewtwo & Mew GX (Secret)

The iconic duo legendary Mewtwo and mythical Mew make a perfect tag team to destroy your opponents. Generation I Pokémon is always worth collecting because they are easily recognized by old and new Pokémon fans alike. This full holographic rainbow card is holding on to its value even a few years after release. Nowadays, this card is still affordable in the Pokémon universe at less than $100. However, if you keep on waiting, Mewtwo & Mew GX (Secret) might just go up in price and out of your price range!


Machamp V (Alternate Full Art)

Ever since the release of PTCG Astral Radiance expansion, Machamp V's Alternate Full Art card's price has been on the rise. If you collect Pokémon cards, you know that the alternate art versions are the most beautiful Pokémon cards with very detailed holographic colorful art. This card features Machamp using all of his four arms to hold a variety of produce, plates and other miscellaneous items. The background closely resembles a small town in Italy. First generation Pokémon are always in demand because of nostalgia. This beautiful card is no exception. At over $100 a card, the Machamp V Alternate Full Art is the most expensive and collectable from the PTCG Astral Radiance expansion.


Charizard V (Alternate Full Art)

A beautiful and worthy recent Pokémon card list is never complete without the beloved Charizard. This fire Pokémon is loved by fans everywhere. The Kanto fire starter Pokémon is one of the most collectable cards out of all the available Pokémon. The alternate full art version looks like he is engaging in a heated battle with Venusaur. Even though Venusaur is extending out his vines to catch Charizard, everyone knows that Charizard is going to win this battle because of his fierce battle technique. Charizard is a Pokémon card that you must collect if you want a good collection. The alternate full art holographic version is really a good one to add to your collection.


Snorlax (Secret) Gold Version

The Pokémon gold card is gorgeous in person. The realistic gold effect makes it look very expensive. Gold cards are always sought after in PTCG. This full art Snorlax features the fat Pokémon in his full glory. Furthermore, not a lot of Pokémon gets the gold version. So, when you see your favorite one released in any set, grab it shortly after the expansion releases.

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Arceus & Dialga & Palkia GX (Alternate Full Art)

All three legendary Pokémon from the fourth generation appeared in one card. This Pokémon card is not only powerful but incredibly beautiful as well. Instead of going for a full color version like other alternate full arts, this Pokémon card goes for a more monotone look with all three legendary Pokémon in a stone statue color. This is really different from other cards and worth collecting for sure. Iconic legendary Pokémon such as the Arceus, Dialga and Palkia commend high price tags as individual cards. Imagine all three legendries together in one special card. The value of this beautiful card will increase even more in the future.


Charizard GX - Hidden Fates: Shiny Vault

This shiny version of the Charizard is extremely gorgeous with many fans hoping to get their hands on it. The near mint card sells for over $400. This Pokémon card is definitely not for the fate of heart. However, the iconic shiny Charizard with the signature all black color is sought after by all Pokémon card fans. Even though not really played in the game, this Charizard is a collectable piece. Send it to PSA or Beckett and hope to get a high mark to skyrocket the value of your shiny Charizard to an even higher level. After a decade, this Pokémon card will surely be even more expensive. The older rare Charizard cards are all worth good money nowadays.


Charizard VMAX (Secret) or Charizard V (Secret)

It is no secret that Charizard cards are the most beautiful and collectable in PTCG. If the shiny Charizard from Hidden Fates is out of reach but you would still like to have a beautiful Charizard in your collection, try the Charizard VMAX (Secret) or Charizard V (Secret) cards. These two cards are each over $100. Expensive, but affordable compared to the shiny Charizard from Hidden Fates. If you love rainbow holographic, go for the Charizard VMAX (Secret). If you want the all black shiny Charizard, the Charizard V (Secret) card is a good alternative. Nonetheless, you can never go wrong with a beautiful Charizard card in your collection.


Mewtwo V (Full Art)

Do you remember the super popular mobile Pokémon game, Pokémon Go? PTCG is now finally releasing a small expansion that is based on the mobile game first introduced six years ago. One of the most sought after cards from this expansion is none other than the first generation legendary Mewtwo V (Full art). This holographic card features Mewtwo floating into two buildings reminiscent of downtown Tokyo. This expansion is just released on July 1, 2022. With the partnership of Pokémon and PTCG, rare cards in this set is going to be valuable in the future.


Generation I Pokémon are the most popular with collectors. This is because the older fans grew up with gen I Pokémon. Starmie is one of Misty's most used water Pokémon in battle. Although not particularly strong, Starmie can help in most situations that require some water. With the introduction of trainer gallery cards, your favorite Pokémon teams up with their trainer in one beautiful card. Misty and Starmie are featured on the Starmie V trainer gallery card. With a sleek black border, this textured card is very sought after by fans. Collect this card while the price is still not too high. Misty being one of the most loved female protagonist, this gorgeous trainer gallery card will be even higher in price in the future.


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