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Monster High Lagoona Blue Dolls - Complete List Of Dolls

If your favourite character from Monster High is Lagoona Blue then this page will be ideal for you. We are going to take a look at all the Lagoona Blue dolls that we have seen released from Monster High. We will take a close look at each Mattel doll and tell you where you pick these up from. So if you are a fan of the Monster High ghouls then you will no doubt enjoy our list of dolls.

Lagoona Blue is one of the main characters from the Monster High story. She was around when the dolls first came out back in 2010 and she has been very popular ever since. Lagoona is the daughter of the creature from the Black Lagoon. She comes from down under hence her Australian accent. In the shows she is dating Gillington Webber and she is good friends with lots of the other popular ghouls at the school. Over the years Mattel have brought out various dolls based on this characters, so now let’s take a look at the long list.

Original Lagoona Doll


The First Lagoona Blue Doll

So the very first doll we were given was this one from the basic range of dolls which first came out. You can also get characters such as Frankie Stein, Draculaura and Clawdeen Wolf in this range. Getting hold of this original doll can be quite tricky now hence the fact that the price for this one is often quite high. It is now seen as something of a collectors item.

The doll itself looks just like you would hope and expect. She comes with long flowing blonde hair and a typical outfit of black and aqua. She also has little fins on her legs which are a nice touch. Around her neck she wears a cute little seahorse necklace and she also has earrings and a little pink flower which she wears in her hair. As with the other dolls in this first range you also get a diary or journal which comes included. Along with this one you also get a little purse shaped like a fishbowl which contains her pet fish Neptuna.

One thing you often find that you get included is a little brush and this is the case with this release. So as you can see the first doll is very impressive, fans love to get hold of this one as it is quite rare now. Mattel were very careful to make sure that all the original doll releases were of a very high standard and since then kids have been hooked on them.

Ready For Dancing


Dawn Of The Dance

The second big release from Mattel came early in 2011 and again featured all the main characters from Monster High, they are all ready to go to the high school dance in this one. Lagoona Blue was here featured in a lovely elegant blue dress. Of all the ghouls released in this line Lagoona looks to be the most beautifully dressed and as such sales of this one were very strong. Now once again as this is an early doll it is seen as very collectable and when you see these for sale the price does tend to be quite high.

Taking a look at the doll then as you can see she has incredible hair in rather a unique styling. She wears little bits of jewellery that look a little bit like bubbles, and she has a nice wrap around her arms. Along with this one you get a little purse designed to look like a seashell and also an iCoffin which is the Monster High version of an iPhone we are assuming. As a bonus with this set there is a limited edition DVD called ‘New Ghoul At School’. This is again one of the real classic releases from Mattel and one that is now very much sought after by collectors. Dawn of the Dance was the first themed line of dolls released by Mattel and of course since this one there have been many more.

Ready For Bed


Dead Tired Pack

The next release came over the summer of 2011 and was not just a doll but a play set that features a nightlight. This range featured some of the main characters wearing their Pjs ready for bed. In this one Lagoona has her hair up ready for bed and is wearing aqua blue Pjs. She has pink slippers which have a picture of her pet Neptuna on them.

The real feature of this set though is the hydration station which she sleeps in. This is like a water chamber that actual glows when you switch it on. It has three different setting which glow gently and act as a nightlight for children. When you open up the little door there are little shelves for her things which come with this set. You get a little Neptuna pet, a mini journal, some soap, an eye mask and a few other bits and pieces. The doll in this line is not really all that exciting but the hydration station which of course lights up really is impressive and is something that was very popular when Mattel released it back in 2011.

Class Room Doll


Monster High Class Rooms

Next up was another release from 2011, Monster High Classroom. This features the ghouls in their natural habitat, the class room. The outfits in this one were a little more understated as you would expect as it is what they wear for school. The doll in this set features Lagoona wearing her hair down with a little braid in there to. She has on a little blue dress and then a cream jacket over the top. With this set you also get a change of outfits and this is a pair of jeans and a little strap top.

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As this one is based on school life you also get a locker which comes in the form of a pink coffin. You get a pack of stickers so you can decorate the locker in any way you choose. Included with this pack you get a book of mad science and a few accessories which are designed around the mad science theme such as a three eyed frog, an egg and a pen for her diary. Although this is not seen as one of the most desirable dolls there is still plenty to it and the little accessories are nice.

Lagoona Schools Out Doll


Schools Out Lagoona Doll

Next up was another release that came out around the same time as the Class Room line of toys. The schools out dolls were designed to show what mood the ghouls were in when they leave school. So in this one we see Lagoona all set to go out shopping with her friends. Her hair is down here and it is set in a nice wavy style. She wear a small turquoise dress with little buttons up the front. As is the norm the little fins are evident on her legs.

With this one you get a little journal similar to the one you find with some of the other early releases. She is carrying a pink bag in this set and she is also wearing a nice little watch with a blue face. This is probably one of the less popular dolls as Mattel seemed to release a large amount of very similar dolls over a very short period of time, despite that though people did still go out and buy it.

Beach Living


Skull Shores

The Shull Shores line of dolls was the final release for the year of 2011. This theme features the characters on a small deserted island. As you would expect they are all dressed for the beach and are looking to make the best of the sunshine and maybe go for a swim in the tropical sea. The doll we are interested in here features Lagoona in a little pink and black wrap around skirt and a black and turquoise top. Her hair is down and she has a little chain around her head with a pink flower on it.

As with all the other dolls this one comes with a few accessories. One is a little treasure man of skull island. As is so often the case with any Monster High doll you also get a little brush, plus you also get a little drink for her with a straw. Overall not a bad doll although again probably not one of the better ones that Mattel have released over the years.

Lagoona Blue Gorgeous


Dot Dead Gorgeous

The first time we were given a Lagoona doll in 2012 was in June so quite a gap from the previous release. The Dot Dead Gorgeous line included characters such as Operetta and Spectra and they all feature the ghouls in little cocktail dresses. The hair in this one is quite nice, it’s swept over to the side and then curly. She wears a floaty pink skirt with a blue and black top. The necklace is also impressive as it has a few layers and looks really good.

For the accessories with this one you get a yellow bag which looks like it has seaweed dangling from it. You also get a little iCoffin, a little makeup box and also a picture. As seems to be standard issue you also get the typical hairbrush. One of the cute little features of this one are the earrings which don’t match, one is a pearl with things dangling from it and the other is a plain looking pearl. Overall quite a nice release and another that seemed to sell very well.

Roller Skates On


Get Lagoona Online

Monster High Roller Maze

The latest release we have seen is the Roller Maze theme. This one features ghouls such as Frankie, Operetta and Abbey. The theme is based around a roller derby where the characters are decked out in the roller-skating gear. As you can see from the picture the doll comes with some aqua colored skates, knee pads and a rather impressive looking helmet. She is wearing a little black dress with a yellow scarf wrapped around her neck and shoulders. This one seems to be one of the more basic dolls and the price of this one does indeed reflect that. Despite the fact that it is basic though we think this is a nice addiction to the list of dolls as it is something that little bit different.

As you can see there really is an extensive range of dolls you can buy if you are a fan of Lagoona Blue. As she is one of the original characters of Monster High it is no great surprise that Mattel have looked to get her involved in lots of the popular themes that they have brought out. In recent times we have seen a vast array of new characters and Mattel have been looking to use more of these new characters when they bring out new themes for the dolls so we may find that we see a little less of Lagoona in the coming months and years. Chances are though that just like the other main characters there will still be a few more new versions of her brought out in the future.


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