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Model Train Resource: Online Videos of Great N-Scale Track Plans

The author has been enjoying model trains for decades and enjoys helping others with his hobby and introducing newbies to it.

A bridge on the Juniata Division of the Pennsylvania Railroad.

A bridge on the Juniata Division of the Pennsylvania Railroad.

You already know that N scale track plans allow long train consists traveling over grand vistas in relatively small spaces compared to HO scale. The builders of these pikes share that knowledge, and have showcased their efforts online with these videos. Why don't you relax and take a few minutes to admire these model railroading layouts.

Pennsylvania Railroad

Constructed by Dave Vollmer on two hollow core doors, the 8'8" x 6'8" Juniata Division is a fictional part of the Pennsylvania Railroad Middle Division between Enola and Altoon, Pennsyvania. The pike is designed for moves and is currently in Navarre, Florida. Dave represents both the PRR circa 1956 and its later incarnation as Conrail in 1980. He uses many types of N-gauge train sets with steam, diesel and electric locomotives. Note the extensive use of trees and the small town.

Steel Mill

Only the sharp-eyed will spot the diesel switcher buried among the blast furnaces and other structures on the incredible steel mill layout of professional architect Jonathan Fritz. It is based on 1950s operations around the Great Lakes and is heavily influenced by Bethlehem Steel's Lackawanna Plant and US Steel's Gary Works plant. You'll find a track plan of the layout as well as pics and info at Jonathan's website. Be sure to click [model info] at the top of his website. He also makes and sells a line of N-scale structures, including those for steel mills.


A selection of N-gauge layouts at Trainfest 2010 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Billed as the largest operating model railroad show in North America, the exhibition featured a project layout from Model Railroader and several modules based on N-Trak. This standard allows individual railroaders to construct mini-layouts in their homes. They can join them together to allow for incredibly long consists, including one freight behemoth with over 56 cars. Passenger train buffs can enjoy the Amtrak diesel pulling 13 passenger cars at the 3:45 mark.

Chicago and North Western

Built in only 28 x 49 inches, this Alco Line is based on a town in southern Minnesota. It features both steam and diesel locos with slow running and large sound that makes them appear bigger than they really are. It was constructed by Rocket Car Media in Los Angeles. You can download a pdf of the N Scale Magazine article discussing the layout and showing its track plan.

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Pacific Northwest Logging

Scale Model Arts and Technologies built this 10 x 14-foot layout for a customer featuring a lumber mill and coal mine. The region's scenery get their due with a water feature crossed by three rail bridges, pine-tree covered hills, exposed rock cuts and a mountain that disguises a 24-inch radius helix. The two main lines total 330 feet, and uses 1.5 percent maximum grade and 20-inch minimum radius. Click Specifications near the top of the web page to see the track plan.


Suggest a Video

If you know of any good free, online videos showing n scale track plans, n gauge train sets or n gauge layouts, please put the link in the comments below. If I get enough new links, I'll compile them into another article.

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These are fun videos to see for people who love seeing large model train displays.

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